Ring of Life Protection is a special protection ring in Dark Souls 2.
ring_of_life_protection.png "Divine ring that watches over one's life.
Created by the students of Ivory Rhones,
sage of Lindelt

It's great protective power will protect you
from any loss upon death, but after
its power is spent, the ring will break."


  • Nullifies death, but breaks.
  • Durability: 340
  • Weight: 1.0



  • You will retain souls and humanity upon death. You may, however, still be cursed and thus lose your humanity even if you don't die (for example during the Nashandra boss fight).
  • You may also treat this as a method of taking off Black Dragon Set as it requires dying (but not necessary to be hollowing) to take off the armor.
  • This ring CAN be repaired at a blacksmith for 14000 souls in SotFS version. This makes it a very useful way of remaining human without burning through your Human Effigies. Essentially, this ring allows you to purchase unlimited human effigies for 14000 souls in SotFS version, with an added bonus of not having to retrieve your souls.
  • If you die without this ring equipped, you can equip it, and essentially die a second time and your original bloodstain will NOT disappear except if you died when you're invading as Red Phantom. This is most likely because you are not dropping a new bloodstain when you die with this ring on. This also applies to the Ring of Soul Protection. This is a great way to retrieve souls if you do not want to wear this ring 100% of the time, and instead simply equip it when it's needed.

    • Anonymous

      21 Jun 2017 14:45  

      Infinite farming at shaded woods. I think I have close to twenty so I'm always human and never lose souls. Also the cost of the dlc is worth it so just buy the original game to keep repair cost reasonable as these rings completely change the game.

      • Anonymous

        Broken12 Sep 2016 18:16  

        If the ring is broken, it can be repaired free at the magical pagan tree (if you own the dlc and have access to shulva).

        • Anonymous

          Holy *****06 Sep 2016 16:06  

          the devs really erfed the holy shoot out of this. it has only cost 3000 to repair and you could have 3 of them! now you only have one and it costs 14,000 to repair!

          • Anonymous

            Hot *****.29 Aug 2016 11:02  

            From soft really nerfed the crap out of this ring. You could have two per play through, and could be repaired for 3000 souls each. Now you can only have one, and it costs 14,000 souls to repair.

            • Anonymous

              Dark Souls 2 v SotFS29 Aug 2016 11:02  

              They really nerfed this rinng in SotFS It only cost 3000 souls to upgrade in Dark Souls 2 and you could have up to 3 of them

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