Estus Flask Shard


The shard of an Estus Flask.
Shards are deeply soaked in Estus. Graft the shard to an Estus Flask to increase flask uses.

Over the ages, countless souls rested their bones as they drank from the original flask.
And now this shard remains, serving as a vestige of their hopes and dreams."

Estus Flask Shard Is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2



These items are used to increase the amount of uses your Estus Flask will provide. The Emerald Herald in Majula is the only one who can do this.
There are 12 Flask Shards in total, but the maximum number of upgrades is 11. Once your Estus Flask provides 12 uses, you can no longer improve it.



Things Betwixt

  • After the bonfire, you will find many fog gates at your right and left. At the second fog gate at your left there is a petrified statue that blocks it. You will need a Fragrant Branch of Yore to get inside and the shard is located at the bottom of a pit before the area with the gender-changing coffin.


  • On a corpse inside the well outside the mansion. You have to strike the stone on the well for the corpse to come up from the well.
  • On a corpse after the Skeleton in the basement of the mansion, after you obtain its key.

Forest of Fallen Giants

  • On a body on the platform where the (early) optional Pursuer fight happens (accessible through the wall close to the bonfire).

Lost Bastille

  • In the metal chest behind the 'McDuff's Workshop Bonfire'. Follow a small pathway around the back from the courtyard with the dogs.

No-man's Wharf

  • In the passage on the way to No-man's Wharf there is a petrified hollow. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to get past him and pick up the Estus Flask Shard on the corpse nearby.

Huntsman's Copse

  • On a body near the lever that opens the shortcut to the boss gate. Enter the cave in front of the boss gate, behind the waterfall, kill the skeletons and follow the path at end to the left. A lever will open a shortcut to the bonfire and the body with the Shard will be next to the lever.

Shaded Woods

  • One found in a room opposite the Old Akerlarre bonfire.

Upper Gutter:

  • Next to the chest with the visible Auros Armor climb up the ladder and collect it from a corpse on the platform

Brightstone Cove Tseldora:

  • From the Chapel Threshold bonfire, head back towards the church. Instead of going inside, head to the right and jump off. Follow your way down the platforms towards the bottom, where a priest guy shooting spells at you is, standing in front of an entrance way (near where the mass of spiders come from). Inside that little room is the Shard.

Drangleic Castle

  • Central Castle Drangleic bonfire, the room below the Alonne Captain where he is trying to snipe you.

Shrine of Amana

  • On a corpse at the end of a walkway between the second and third bonfires, guarded by an Ogre. Also where Sunlight Blade is located.




  • On a corpse inside the well outside the mansion. You have to strike the stone on the well for the corpse to come up from the well.
  • On a corpse after the Skeleton in the basement of the mansion, after you obtain its key.

Forest of Fallen Giants

Lost Bastille

  • In a metal chest Behind McDuff's Workshop Bonfire, there is however no quick path from that Bonfire to the Chest unless you've already made the trip and opened the portcullis. On the other side of the portcullis there's a courtyard, there is a gap between the wall (left) and the path to the portcullis, though that gap you'll find the chest.
    • If you follow a hidden wall path from the room under Straid's Cell, you can complete two jumps and be able to access the shard as well as the first bonfire. Jump onto the platform with the corpse holding an item, then with a bit of luck you can land on the wall of the rampart above where the chest is.

Shaded Woods

  • One found in a room opposite the Old Akerlarre bonfire.
  • One found in Weaponsmith Ornifex's locked room. Requires the Fang Key to open the door into the room containing the Shard.
    How to find this room; Start from the the Shaded Ruins bonfire;
    • Run past the Great Basilisk to the open area with 1 Lion Clan Warrior and 1 Cursed Vessel.The ground under the Vessel will break if you or an NPC walks on it. You can jump down the hole and you will be right in front of the door, but be wary of the 4 Basilisks waiting below for you.
    • Head to the same open area as before but go past the hole as well and past the next Lion Warrior. Instead of going into between the 2 towers, walk past it in to a grassy area, among that area there's a another fall trap, this one takes you down onto the plateau,from there you may walk down the corridor to the locked door.Be careful of the pools in the corridor as they degrade equipment very fast.
    • Following the bridge from the bonfire, hug the left side. If you look off the edge you can see a hole in the wall usually used to exit the cave. With light enough burden you can jump into the hole from the bridge.

No-Man's Wharf

  • In a chest inside a one story building, to the left of the stairs that leads down to the side of the docks with the ship. There are two sleeping Hollow Varangian (Varangian Sailor) and numerous poison jars. The item is contained in a metal chest at the corner of the room.

Harvest Valley

  • After the second bonfire, move towards the wind mill, progress until you meet your first Hammersmith (Undead Steelworker) (Fat green hammer wielder) and take path to the right. After clearing the room with pots and 2 more Hammersmiths. Proceed through the doorway. Turn right, down through the corridor filled with poison, the shard is located at the end.
    • Setting the windmill on fire in the next area also drains this hallway of poison.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

  • Before the boss fight Prowling Magus, and Congregation, there is an illusionary wall to the left of the boss fog wall with the shard inside.
  • The second is on a corpse in a building opposite the lower brightstone bonfire.

Drangleic Castle

Shrine of Amana

  • Between the second and third bonfire down the path blocked by an Ogre, a Amana Aberration (Lizard Man), and 2 Amana Priestesses (Amana Shrine Maiden). The path becomes very narrow and snakes, so use caution when navigating.
    • You can use the Pillars to intercept the projectiles, hide and move from pillar to pillar (if you want you can wait until they stop shooting before you move to the next one). This way you can bring a torch to clearly spot the path.


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    • Anonymous

      01 Aug 2018 18:14  

      Wait... In SOTFS,there is a Estus Shard between Heide's Tower of Flame and No-Man's Wharf,which is not only guarded by a petrified statue,but also a Mastodon.

      • Anonymous

        18 Jul 2018 10:14  

        "After gaining the Soldier Key, go up the stairs in the Cardinal Tower and open the door there. In the second room you will find a chest with a Shard and a Small White Sign Soapstone."
        Opened the chest but no shard inside. thought maybe something went wrong with the name. Thus I tried upgrading my estus flask, but I don't have a estus shard. Was there a patch or something that changed the location or is this a bug?

        • Anonymous

          29 May 2017 08:38  

          you dont need the soldier key for the estus shard in the cardinal tower, just smash the door with a sword :)

          • Anonymous

            05 Nov 2016 16:27  

            I believe that the shard which is listed as being behind the secret door near the Wandering Magus boss in Brightstone Cove has been replaced with the Preistess Garb Set.

            • 29 Aug 2016 04:56  

              I´m not too far into my scholar of the first sin playthrough but at least the one in the forest of the fallen giants isn´t there anymore. In general locations of things have been changed

              • Anonymous

                29 Aug 2016 04:56  

                Dunno how but I got 1 Estus Flask Shard left, having 12 uses of Estus Flask and cannot upgrade the Estus Flask any further with the shard... Bug?

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