Heirs of the Sun is a co-op focused multiplayer Covenant in Dark Souls 2. It is one of the most well-known covenants, granting the gesture "praise the sun," and  the Sunlight Spear, which have become icons of the series.

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Covenant Leader: The Sun
Where to Join: Harvest Valley

How to Join Heirs of the Sun

In Harvest Valley, after the 2nd bonfire (The Mines), take a right after you leave said bonfire and then another right towards the small area where the floor is covered with poison gas and you see two Dark Magic Giants. Kill the Steelworker Undead (the undead with the big hammer) standing across the bridge. Cross this small bridge and turn left to get into a small cave, but beware the Sickle Wielder that's standing around the corner. Continue until you reach the end and you'll find a broken statue similar to Dark Souls 1. Pray to it, and you'll be asked to join the covenant.



Heirs to the Sun is the sole co-op covenant in the game. Sunlight Medals are awarded for defeating area bosses in co-op; however, you and/or the summoned phantom must be a member of the covenant to earn them. Covenant members are easy to spot as both they and their signs placed by the White Sign Soapstone glow yellow. Earned medals can be offered at the Heirs of the Sun statue in Harvest Valley to increase one's rank. Medals are the only way to gain rank in the covenant.
Additionally, they can be dropped by Falconers in the Things Betwixt (NG+ only), Shaded WoodsBrightstone Cove Tseldora, and by Banediggers in Harvest Valley. 


Covenant Items

  • Sun Seal: Ring of the Heirs of the Sun covenant. Slightly increases miracle attack power.
  • Sunlight Medal: Medals earned by defeating a boss together with a member of the Heirs of the Sun.


Notes, Hints, and Tips

  • Unlike in Dark Souls 1, there is no Faith requirement to join this covenant.
  • Players in this covenant are often referred to as "Sunbros" by the online community.
  • This covenant does not have an NPC related to it.
  • Players might want to leave this covenant after obtaining all of the rewards, because there will be nothing else left to fight for and the covenant does not have a unique merchant. It is also still possible to engage in jolly co-operation using your soapstones, just without the grossly incandescent aura. It is more likely to be summoned while in the covenant, however, from the more noticeable sign and the fact that the world master gets a reward.
  • Farming the Guardian Dragon boss is especially fruitful. Frequent summons and the dragon's weakness to lightning make this an easy fight for any up and coming Heir of the Sun.
  • Players attempting to achieve max rank in this covenant should consider joining as early as possible. It is much easier to find, and succeed in, co-op opportunities in the mid-game than it is to do so in the late-game. 
  • Glitch: Sometimes you won't receive a Sunlight Medal, even after defeating the boss (PC). You are supposed to gain one from either summoning a Sunbro to your world or being a Sunbro and being summoned for a boss. There is no current solution or definitive reason why this happens
  • Glitch (FIXED): When being invaded, kneeling down at the altar will make you invulnerable. (I was invading as a Red Phantom and tried to backstab the host at the altar. Howerver nothing happened. He didn´t even get hit at all. Not from spells, items or different weapons).

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    • Anonymous

      14 May 2021 18:57  

      so, i think i have a bug, i am in the heirs of the sun covenant, i have the golden aura when i'm summoned, i help kill a boss and i get no medal. strange enough. i finally arrive at the grave of saints for the first time with the character and i am summoned as a gray spirit as if i am in the rat covenant. and i'm not even wearing any covenant ring. is my character completely bugged and broken and i can't get covenant items unless i farm them from enemies? else i'll just delete it and create a new one

      • Anonymous

        12 May 2021 11:48  

        Need to farm sunlight medals.....how annoying that you cant find a single one in a chest somewhere....willing to assist and be asssist for maximum meals haha message me: egsoxperfection (xbox)

        • 05 Mar 2021 08:08  

          It's possible to get here pretty early, from Majula at the start of the game:

          1. Head to Heide's tower of flame and defeat Dragonrider (can cheese if you want, I did)
          2. Exhaust all of Licia's dialogue
          3. Teleport to Majula, speak to Licia (she will now have moved to the walkway inbetween Majula and Heide's tower of flame), pay her 2000 souls to move path
          4. Head through Huntsman's copse, ignoring enemies. Defeat skeleton lords (Watch your health and used ranged attacks if you can, the skeletons are fairly passive)
          5. Head through Harvest valley, ignoring enemies. Arrive at shrine. Praise the sun!

          • Anonymous

            01 Jan 2021 12:29  

            if someone on Xbox One is reading this, please message me! these Falconers are such a bore and I'd be willing to help you out too! Gamertag: Rorosprite

            • Anonymous

              09 Oct 2020 19:42  

              [SOLO FARM - SOTFS PC] (cuz SL260)
              Bonefire Ascetic used: 6 (3 Brightstone Cove, 3 Shaded Woods),
              then NG+ activated for 4 more runs at Shaded Woods

              Falconers killed: ~596
              Banediggers killed: 48

              30 Sunlight Medal
              28 Golden Falcon Shield
              20 Falconer Helm
              21 Falconer Armor
              19 Falconer Gloves
              21 Falconer Boots

              Loot from pigs and Banediggers:
              2 Small Smooth & Skilky Stone
              48 Smooth & Silky Stone

              Most effective and fastest killing method (IMO): 3x21 Dark Orbs attuned with Dark infused Black Witch Staff+10 (Use anything that you have that boosts dark dmg to be OP, i just happen to use this staff cuz dark weap build - chime cant cast Dark Weap enchant)
              All the melee weapons, backstabs and whatnots were slow as f, even powerstanced Dark Sacred Chime Hammer+5 and Dark Crypt Blacksword+5 doesnt kill them fast enough + u might need to heal cuz they sometimes ignore any poise dmg and hit u (dunno why, bug maybe). I also don't recommend gathering them up and trying to kill them all at once cuz of this. Also, Soul Spear and Crystal Soulspear just goes over their heads if they get too close and they move pretty fast, whereas Dark Orb actually hits them point blank, though the downside is that its mostly 1v1, but slow and steady was still faster.

              Equipment worn:
              Dark infused Black Witch Staff+10, Watchdragon Parma, Symbol of Avarice, Prisoner's tatters, Havel's Gauntlets, Havel's Leggings, Third Dragon Ring, Covetus Gold Serpent Ring +2, Ring of Knowledge (cuz i had 55 int and 60 faith), Dark Clutch Ring

              Dont need to care about that mimic helmet dmg, its totally fine and u have estus anyways, but if u need to use estus cuz of the mimic head, u are killig them way too slow anyways (might be a good indicator if u are doing fine with clearspeed or not).

              • Anonymous

                09 Oct 2020 10:54  

                earthen peak, covetous demon, ps3, Dinojj_07, I know the covetous demon is easy but I think new players probably joined the covenant and then the boss. I don't really understand the requirements for online cooperation but I want to help other players and get sunlight medals. I'm not that far in to the game so I can't farm the Guardian dragon. 2:00am-4:00am. Hope this helps.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Oct 2020 12:00  

                  Let us remember the true heir of the Sun, the one whose soul was as incandescent as the Sun itself and whose good actions shone upon the dark lands...
                  Google 'All Dark Souls Bosses in NG+9 VS Solaire of Astora' , let's praise the sun one last time...

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Oct 2020 02:55  

                    Currently playing PS4, having some good luck with online play. PSN choko_unltd100. Currently sunbro SL 110 if anyone’s looking

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Aug 2020 17:14  

                      This cove,a,t is almost dead right now, people don't summon sunbros often, so having 30 sun medals is a hard work.
                      You'll have to farm them from fauconners...
                      I did it.
                      It took me about 6 hours, equipped with prisoners cloth dragon shield and covetous gold ring +1... i was at 0 soul when i started, on purpose cause i wanted to knopw how many kills were needed for 30 sun medals.
                      I finished with 226 720 souls, each fauconner give 260 souls so its 872 of them i had to kill.

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Aug 2020 21:18  

                        Is there's someone to coop and do some cuestionable actions this is ID: Artikus_Fingers SL:140 SM is 23 millions NG

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Aug 2020 14:45  

                          These comments still seem active! I play on ps4, psn SMJimmy . SM 3.32M and I'm gonna be locked there for a while. In NG, beaten most bosses and want to grind this out for the platinum

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jul 2020 11:55  

                            for the sunbros still playing on ps3: If you want a jolly cooperation, count on me.

                            SM: 8,000,000
                            ID: Cinder_Walker

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Jun 2020 13:27  

                              Anybody up for some jolly cooperation, I'm on xbox 360 username is "TBK 5506", Soul level is around 200 and i just started ng++

                              • Anonymous

                                03 May 2020 18:50  

                                For those wondering, best place to put your summons is near Fume Knight boss or at the Kings Gate bonfire. I'm at 7.5 SM and i get summoned every few 10-15 mins. Managed to get 15 medals as of now. Psn:brunohkpk Sl-200/ng+

                                • Anonymous

                                  13 Apr 2020 14:30  

                                  As of today (April 13 2020) I can farm some Sunlight Medal at the Fume Knight boss... I get summoned once every 5-10min (better than nothing). - Sotfs (not in NG) - SL 199 - SM 4 817 393 PSN: sangoku1811

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