Banedigger (Mounted Overseer)

HP NG: 1,200
NG+: 2,250
NG+7: 2,700
Weakness Magic
Resistance -
Respawns Yes

Banedigger (Mounted Overseer) is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Banedigger (Mounted Overseer) Information


"From atop gigantic monstrosoties capable of exerting tremendous amounts of dark power, weak overseers watch over the Laborers of Harvest Valley. The mounts have as much in common with demonic steeds as anything humanoid.

The giant and the rider is counted as a whole piece of entity rather than two seperated entities, generally it shoots a dark orb projectile (but it isn't a hex, therefore cannot be silenced with Profound Still), if you're getting too close, it'll use melee attacks instead, oddly you can use it to break barricades, with the help of Yearn spell."






Strategy Tips

  • Try attacking from the above as they can't aim up.


Move Set

  • Dark Orb: Immune to Profound Still, due to projectile not being spell.
    • Dark Damage
    • Can be blocked.
  • Melee: Used at close range.
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked/Parried.



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    • Anonymous

      10 Aug 2017 00:41  

      The can't aim up thing is complete bull****. They can aim up just fine and have one-shotted me many times by doing just that whilst I was farming for Sunlight Medals for the Master of Miracles Trophy

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