Sunlight Medal


A medal depicting the sun. Offer it to the altar to strengthen bond with your covenant.
The slight warmth of the medal makes valor brim within one's bosom. The brave fighters who bore these medals are gone, but the sun never sets. On this day begins the contest to find the Sun's truest son."

Sunlight Medal is an item in Dark Souls 2.








  • The easiest way to obtain sunlight Medals is to put your sign outside of the Demon of Song entrance. The fact that Felicia the Brave can be a hassle to keep alive through Shrine of Amana in order to help you defeat the boss will make placing your sign here very fruitful.
  • Another good spot to farm for medals is the Guardian Dragon boss fight. I, personally, was able to farm 20 medals from the fight, and was even getting summoned after completing the game with tier 32 Soul Memory.
  • Another lucrative area for medals is in Huntsmans Copse, at the Bridge Approach bonfire, most players are happy to have a hand for the Undead Chariot boss fight (and the trip there.) Typically short wait times for summoning.
  • For late game sunlight medal farming, the bonfire before Nashandra is a good place, since you can be summoned to Nashandras boss fight, Throne Guardians boss fight, Aldias boss fight or to the Dragonrider Twins boss fight.
  • You cannot drop these with a phantom present (need confirmation, got one from a Banedigger while a white phantom was present in my world).
  • To get these early in the game, defeat the Dragonrider immediately and give Licia 2000 souls to access Huntsman's Copse. Defeat the Skeleton Lords and then run to the Altar of Sunlight. Join the covenant and place your sign in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Many people will summon you for help with either the Last Giant or the Pursuer. When soul memory gets too high, progress normally through the game until you start getting summoned more frequently.
  • Another option is to rush straight to Straid and purchase Agape Ring. Once you get this, proceed with the previous note. You will be able to indefinitely farm medals at The Forest of the Fallen Giants.


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    • Anonymous

      23 May 2021 16:44  

      Guess you can't get them from being a shade, I just got summoned in as a shade for a boss but didn't get a medal upon completion.

      • Anonymous

        21 Feb 2021 15:46  

        PC, SotFS.
        30 in 3-5 hours if RNG is good, NG+

        Jester Cap
        Prisoner's Tatters'
        Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2

        Join Company of Champions (enemies won't disappear after X kills)

        Go to the Brightstone Cove Tseldora -> Royal Army Campsite.

        First - destroy the cart. It will appear only on death.
        Just kill first Falconer. Better with some magic, one shot. If he drops anything - could be Sunlight Medal. Go back to campfire and keep killing this Falconer again again and again.

        • Anonymous

          15 Feb 2021 23:56  

          If anyone is wondering it took me 12ish hours to farm 20 of these ****ing things for the stupid sun sword. I farmed the falconers in the shaded woods.

          • Anonymous

            14 Jan 2021 05:22  

            My own personal favorite place to farm these is the final boss arena. Throne Watcher / Defende or Naashandra. For one, it keeps it interesting. You never know which boss you'll be fighting (though it's usually watcher/defender). For two, there will always be players challenging the final bosses, even at the highest soul memory. And even at the highest soul memory, people will still want help with the two-on-one boss fights. Admittedly, the biggest drawback to this farming spot is the run to get there. But if you can tolerate that, this might be the spot for you.

            • Anonymous

              13 Dec 2020 12:10  

              I find the 5 Falconers on the path to Drangleic Castle from the Ruined Fork Road bonfire to be a good spot because they're easy to kill, and have respectable drop rates.

              The banediggers (the big dark orb dudes in Harvest Valley) also drop sunlight medals, but they have a lot of HP, have terrible drop rates, and are sort of far from bonfires.

              • Anonymous

                28 Oct 2020 16:14  

                Sunlight Spear is the last Miracle I need to have all achievements. My Soul Memory is 9 million almost 10 million. Can anyone help me on Xbox One? GT: MajesticCow9700

                • Anonymous

                  26 Oct 2020 19:45  

                  PSN De0ar, Soul Memory 10,1M. I need 16 of these, If anyone have same SM and need help, we can summon for summon grind medals like two golddigers

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Oct 2020 17:48  

                    Sadly I didn't farm these up before heading into ng+ and getting halfway through it. If anyone is wiling to help I would greatly appreciate it. Xbox One Gamertag: DarkSoulsDepres

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Sep 2020 01:04  

                      An excellent boss farming location in SoTFS PC version is the Ivory King fight. I was constantly summoned at a SM of 3.5 mil. People seems to struggle with this boss into higher SM brackets as well. You also don't run the risk of being summoned for anything else, as the bonfire exclusively serves the Ivory King arena. Some hosts don't have all of the Eleum Loyce knights which makes the fight much harder. I'd consider leaving those hosts and waiting for one that has at least 3 knights.

                      • 13 Sep 2020 15:53  

                        Good method for farming betwixt is in a fresh new game +, don't go to a bonfire, just use your aged feather to return to the games first spawn point after killing the four that are there. After 20 rounds of this there were no longer any drops that weren't a Sunlight Medal so If I saw a drop it was a given I had made progress +1 sunlight medal. This was using the discovery up gear and the covenant

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Sep 2020 09:09  

                          (Sotfs) so i only play offline and decied to farm these at betwixt fire. Jesters/pharma/prisoner
                          top/gold ring 1 took ~3h 30 mins. 1 shotting the falconers, using homeward teleport spell

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