Sunlight Medal


A medal depicting the sun. Offer it to the altar to strengthen bond with your covenant.
The slight warmth of the medal makes valor brim within one's bosom. The brave fighters who bore these medals are gone, but the sun never sets. On this day begins the contest to find the Sun's truest son."

Sunlight Medal is an item in Dark Souls 2.








  • The easiest way to obtain sunlight Medals is to put your sign outside of the Demon of Song entrance. The fact that Felicia the Brave can be a hassle to keep alive through Shrine of Amana in order to help you defeat the boss will make placing your sign here very fruitful.
  • Another good spot to farm for medals is the Guardian Dragon boss fight. I, personally, was able to farm 20 medals from the fight, and was even getting summoned after completing the game with tier 32 Soul Memory.
  • Another lucrative area for medals is in Huntsmans Copse, at the Bridge Approach bonfire, most players are happy to have a hand for the Undead Chariot boss fight (and the trip there.) Typically short wait times for summoning.
  • For late game sunlight medal farming, the bonfire before Nashandra is a good place, since you can be summoned to Nashandras boss fight, Throne Guardians boss fight, Aldias boss fight or to the Dragonrider Twins boss fight.
  • You cannot drop these with a phantom present (need confirmation, got one from a Banedigger while a white phantom was present in my world).
  • To get these early in the game, defeat the Dragonrider immediately and give Licia 2000 souls to access Huntsman's Copse. Defeat the Skeleton Lords and then run to the Altar of Sunlight. Join the covenant and place your sign in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Many people will summon you for help with either the Last Giant or the Pursuer. When soul memory gets too high, progress normally through the game until you start getting summoned more frequently.
  • Another option is to rush straight to Straid and purchase Agape Ring. Once you get this, proceed with the previous note. You will be able to indefinitely farm medals at The Forest of the Fallen Giants.


    • Anonymous

      24 Sep 2018 11:00  

      Looking for Sunlight Medals on my paladin character on PC SOTFS. Soul Memory is 6.9 mil. Character name is Knight Artorea

      • 15 Aug 2018 15:42  

        Is anyone interested do some Sunbro Co-op? I play on both PC (SOTFS) and on PS3 (Vanilla). I have several characters in different levels, from low ones till 17 million soul memory. My nick on PC is: King_Havel And on PS3 is: Dastiefeleid666 Praise the Sun! \o/

        • Anonymous

          12 Aug 2018 07:38  

          I'm playing SOTFS on PC. My nickname is King_Havel. SL 41 (16 million souls). Please reach me out if you need to farm medals or help me getting some for myself. Cheers!

          • Anonymous

            11 Jul 2018 17:27  

            Hi there, i'm at SL 245 with 11 millions of Soul Memory and i'm trying to get these sunlight medals to get the achievement. I'm playing Scholar of The First Sin on Steam, and i neel help and i can help others too. My profile is:

            • Anonymous

              11 Jul 2018 06:57  

              Am at soul lvl 313 NG++ and haven't been able to co-op since late NG. Can anyone summon me with a similar level for their boss fights please? Steam name UWG3 and from South Africa

              • Anonymous

                09 Jul 2018 16:13  

                SL 150 I could use some help farming these on pc, my steam is msg me if you could, cheers!

                • Anonymous

                  04 Jul 2018 20:08  

                  Anyone on ps4 also need help with this? We can co-op easy bosses like the rat king and congregation bosses over and over until we get to 30 each.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Jun 2018 01:10  

                    These things are a nightmare to obtain. is sunlight spear even worth it?
                    i love the mirracle in DS1 but so far miracles have been extremely underwhelming.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jun 2018 04:22  

                      Soul Memory Range 39 (11,000,000) on Xbox One DS2 SOTFS GT: Spank Your Buns. I need to farm medals and this is the last thing i need to platinum the game

                      • Anonymous

                        26 May 2018 03:41  

                        The trouble is if your soul memory gets too high, no one will see your sign anymore and you're forced to have to farm medals to get the covenant ranking rewards.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 May 2018 21:15  

                          once I cooped and helped somebody from bonfire to entire boss fight then I didnot get sunlight medal afterwards. Are you sure about getting this even not a member of the covenant ?

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Apr 2018 18:28  

                            Just curious and can't find this info anywhere. You don't have to be part of Heirs of the Sun covenant to get the medals to drop from enemies, do you? I've gotten rat tails and dragon scales without being in those covenants, so I figured that you don't. I just want to make sure.

                            • Anonymous

                              14 Feb 2018 23:32  

                              hey could use assist for medals on DS2 regular on Steam. Will check this comment for replies so leave one if interested!

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Feb 2018 14:00  

                                Hello, need help farming this on PS3 regular DS2 version! Or if someone could temporarily give me Sunlight spear it would be the best! Thanks

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