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In Dragon Remnants, after the jumped cliff it states there is no mimic in SOFS version, This confirmed UNTURE as I found a minic in SOFS version.

" At Dragon Shrine, after you kill the enemy shooting lightning at you, you go up the steps and kill a 2-handed and a shield/1-handed knight. Do not go through the door yet, look around for an area to jump off of next to two chests. One is a mimic so be careful (The mimic is removed in Dark Souls II: SoFS). After killing a Drakekeeper and the NPC invader Dragonfang Villard, the Petrified Egg will be on an altar.
Give it to Magerold of Lanafir in Iron Keep, and after speaking with him you can then request to join the covenant. "

In the bosses section you may want to change the 4 Old Ones as being optional. It is possible to skip them all by having 1 million souls in your soul memory. If you have 1 million you can progress past the Shrine of Winter without having defeated the 4 Old Ones. This may also make other bosses optional as well but I haven't tested that yet.
‍‍‍Anonymous(Don't have an account here)‍‍‍

Female armor icons. It's really a nit-picky thing, but would be super greatly appreciated.
‍‍‍Don't have an account‍‍‍

Add this to the Human Effigy page. I could not edit it for some reason. * An excellent method (gaining 8 effigies at a time) is killing the skeletons under the Majula Mansion. In NG+ (?) and above, 8 skeletons will spawn in the basement. With full item find gear, they have a 100% chance of dropping effigies. Simply go from the Far Fire down to the basement and use a powerful AoE (Lifedrain Patch, Soul Geyser, Flame Swathe or Wrath of the Gods) and they will all die quite quickly. Once they have been killed, simply use an ascetic at the bonfire and repeat as needed. This is faster than the Forest of Giants method as the route between effigy source and bonfire is shorter.

‍‍‍In my opinion the black sidebar is far too big and bulky, and the space between the sidebar and the content is too small. It's really distracting. Great site otherwise, keep it up.‍‍‍
Don't have an account

‍‍‍Discussion pages. Weren't these a staple on every wiki already? What happened to them?‍‍‍
A guy who likes to discuss things and not make the pages look like a mess.

‍‍‍Huge note you'll want to add somewhere: If you have any pre-order/DLC weps, and the game server goes wonky and takes then gives them back to you, YOU WILL LOSE ALL MODIFICATIONS/UPGRADES MADE TO THEM.‍‍‍
A victim of a server hiccup

In the NPCs section ( ), please change the note on Jester Thomas from "spear knights" to "Grave Wardens." It is driving me CRAZY
Also, in Sweet Shalqoir's NPCs page notes, it says that she only sells 10 of her various items. At some point she sells infinite
In Steady Hand McDuff's notes in the same section, it says he "sell's" items. Please change it to "sells."

‍‍‍Please re-structure armor to reflect new upgrade levels. I'd like to know +6 and +9 for early acquisitions; +5 was useful in DS but no longer.‍‍‍

‍‍‍In the trading nest, I can confirm petrified dragon stone from trading a small smooth and silky stone.‍‍‍

‍‍‍Can we do something to increase the loading speed of this wiki? It's incredibly useful and contains a lot of information but takes ages to load.‍‍‍

‍‍‍The wiki is great, but using it on a mobile browser is an awful experience because of the design. The black bar on the left eats up all the space and the actual content is displayed in a column that holds max 2 words per line, which makes it unreadable. A more friendly design for mobile browsers would be great.‍‍‍

‍‍‍The chat feature should not run by default. I often open dozens of browser tabs at once, so I end up having a chat box open on EVERY one of them. The chat should really just be on it's own page.‍‍‍

‍‍‍Not so much a suggestion as a theory. Golems in Dark Souls 2 were created by the use of the defeated Giants. However, the Iron Golem in Sens Fortress in Dark Souls 1 had a hole in its stomach just like the Golems from DS2. So my theory, possibly, is that either somehow a Giant was sent BACK in time from Drangleic to Lordran....or perhaps the Giants/Golems are NOT affected by the rekindling of the age of fire?‍‍‍

‍‍‍For the "Mad Warrior" armor set I noticed while farming the phantom for Bell keeper rank offline that on NG+ while wearing only the prisoner's hood and a covetous gold serpent ring +2 that it only took me a total of 21 kills of the phantom to receive the entire set as individual drops. On the 26th kill the "Berserker Blade" dropped. Compared to the drop rate described on the armor page, it seems that it is significantly higher in NG+ or after using a bonfire aesthetic. Also, with the Bell keeper ranks it took a total of 30 kills of the phantom to receive the second covenant rank. The first was still received at 10 kills. This seems to suggest that the rank still requires the same number of kills regardless of them being the black phantoms or hosts.‍‍‍
Guest (soon to make an account)

‍‍‍The page for Torches just says "Yo where da fuck da torch is"? It would be nice if you could rectify this.‍‍‍

‍‍‍Make it more mobile friendly. I haven't tried it on my new phone, but on my iPod (4G) it always crashed before the page could fully load. I couldn't view any information, due to the left side sections‍‍‍

‍‍‍Dyna and Tillo: When you trade Petrified Something you can get Twinkling Titanite. (2014/05/24)‍‍‍
Don't have an account

‍‍‍When opening a weapon/armor in a new tab from the drop down menus do not collapse the menu afterward so that it is easier to open multiple tabs of similar weapon types for comparison.‍‍‍

‍‍‍After using spice to decrease the cost of a sorcery weapon buff (eg. Great Magic Weapon) the duration of the spell goes down if you do not meet the actual requirements.‍‍‍

‍‍‍I don't wanna thered fixed bar for the chat....‍‍‍

In the page of Brotherhood of Blood there is no mention of how many Rank points you earn for each won duel or killing of a blue phantom from the Way of the Blue
Don't have an Account

‍‍‍I think the wiki should have a separate page for challenges so it makes it easy to find some thing new to do and bring the community together.‍‍‍

‍‍‍Just wanted to note that the Mad Warrior is not offline only. Had him invade many times while online and wearing the Delicate String‍‍‍

‍‍‍Try to remove the personal notes such as (I got through...) or (I did it by...) Etc, As it makes the wiki seem unprofessional.‍‍‍ Remove notes such as [PS3 version, can confirm on PC], or just say [Confirmed]. Remove irrelevant information, such as how to free the sirens on the Manslayer page, as it isn't relevant to the weapon and not required to obtain it. Once my account is confirmed, I'd be happy to look through some pages to remove such things. Also better moderating of edits, such as on the suggestions page. Someone posted a lore theory on here (the suggestions page) even though it doesn't belong.
ScottyOwl (Waiting to be confirmed)

for the dlc or whatever add posion bolts magic great arrows drak great arrows and a place wer you could buy lacerating arrows also new spell called crystal soul geyser.

The amount of Souls awarded in the boss fight graverobber, varg and cerah in not correct for NG (120,000). I fought them with two phantoms with the covetous silver serpent +1, jester's gloves and warlock mask, and still managed to leave the fight with ~52,000 (Started the level with 7,000 - 8,000 and minor enemies were killed in the path between the area with the summons signs and the fogwall - july29th2014). But needs confirmation on the correct amount...
Anon PS3

‍‍‍The Dark hex "Affinity" can be dropped by the gaseous dog-like creatures outside of Aldia's Keep. I did not need to equip any Item Discovery booster equipment and got two of them within 5 minutes.‍‍‍

I got the lucatiel's set at aldia's keep without summoning her 3 times - july30th2014. I skipped her summon at no man's wharf and black gulch, but summoned her at sinner's rise and iron keep. Though I encountered her at all locations and exhausted her dialog in all of them. One explanation is that I helped other player as phantom with flexile sentry battle in order to restore my humanity, and he HAD HER AS A SUMMON. Maybe defeating a boss with her even as a phantom counts towards her quest.
Anom PS3

‍‍‍For the notes section of the Covenants which are based around being summoned (Mainly looking at Bellkeepers) It seems worth adding in that you can be summoned from a bonfire but not invaded while sitting at one, I wanted to add this myself but the edit button for the page was disabled.‍‍‍ This fact has been proven here:

‍‍‍In the Boltstone page, it should be noted that 3 Boltstones are found in a chest in the Dragon Sanctum (Crown of the Sunken King DLC)‍‍‍
Courteous Crook

‍‍‍In the DLC, the lizards with poison-spitting statues on them can drop twinkling titanite. Please add to the wiki page, I cant edit it for some reason.‍‍‍
Aug 8th 2014
‍‍On the resonant weapon page it needs to be updated to say that the difference between "Resonant Weapon" and "Dark Weapon" is that you can apply Resonant Weapon to dark or enchanted weapons and cannot do so with dark weapon. Which actually in fact makes Resonant Weapon much more powerful if used properly.‍‍
By ?

Can you use Iron Flesh and Flash Sweat at the same time? Just in case for lava walking. Cannot seen to find out if people have tried this..
By ?!

‍‍On the Earthen Peak page, in the section about jumping to the collapsable ledge with the fire mage, it says that the corpse only holds a Radiant Life Gem. When I looted it I got a Radiant Life Gem as well as a Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +1.‍‍

the 'gas dogs' in front of aldia keep, drop the 'ultra black knight greatsword', just had it happen, (PS3, aug 24th)

the new BLUE smeltor demon is NOT fire damage, its magic. cannot do a fully block with the Gyrm's Greatshield

Twinkling Titanite
It is possible to (infinitely) farm TT I the cave of the dead, I found out you can get the normal drops, not judt life gem, when you are summoned as a normal phantom. Tried it all last night, got lots of souls and 12 TT in 2 hours.

Is there anyway somebody could post the base damage of spells before scaling, and also the damage range of the three resonantsoul spells from zero to max souls spent for each, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%-----Thanx.
Dec 2014

Jan 2015
Lost BastilleDogs and Lucatiel section
Another door leads out is unable to be opened from this side.
Whilst true, it is possible to the olther side of this door. Re climb the ladder and from the large circle window it is possible to jump down on the left hand ledge, from there you can jump across to the other side of the door. Watch out for the mummy though.

Belfry Luna
Vorgel the Sinner invassion will last 15 minutes during which time you are prevented from returning to the Lost Bastille by a fog door. Vorgel will again invade on resting at a bonfire.
Bell Keeper Dwarves occasionally drop rusted coins

Bonfire Ascetic
Burning the item is also a way to respawn exhausted enemies, albeit at a much higher difficulty.
Respawn exhausted enemies, only applies to enemies forward of the Bonfire and not the previous section. i.e. If there are three bonfires on a level and you apply the ascetic to the third bonfire, then the earlier sections the exhausted enemies do not respawn.
Also I would find it very helpful if there was additional information on Soul Memory i.e. what level of the game would you normally be at if your SM was 500K or 1.5M. Perhaps a ranges minimum, average and maximum SM's ...i.e. if you soul farming each level till all enemies are exhausted then your SM might be say 350K for No-mans wharf. Whereas a minimum SM, if you are only doing one run through on each level, would be much lower.
Knowing this information would help me in cooping as I'd be able to match my SM to relative levels of the game.
(This is notwithstanding the Feb 5th patch which will now highlight the top three areas players will have the best chance to connect with other players)
Mcr Decker
April 2015
Why can't I edit the walkthrough part of a page? When I select edit, all I seem to be able to edit is the initial section. I'd like to add hints to the site for others but am having some trouble navigating
Reply: There are two walkthroughs now, PS3 version and DX11 (new) version. You have to edit each individual page, here is a screenshot of where the different "edit" buttons are :)

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