Brotherhood of Blood is a PvP covenant in Dark Souls 2. It is a dueling covenant that is focused around 3 dedicated arena venues.

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Covenant Leader : Titchy Gren
Location : Undead Purgatory

How to Join Brotherhood of Blood

The covenant leader, Titchy Gren, can be spoken to in a small area found after the Executioner's Chariot boss fight. The player must have a Token of Spite in their possession before speaking to the covenant leader in order to join.



Upon joining the covenant, players can queue for duels at the three statues near Gren. Again, a Token of Spite must be present in the inventory in order to duel. The token will not be expended; it need only be present.
When facing the statues, the three arenas are as follows:

  • Left statue: A relatively long bridge that connects one side to another. Falling off the bridge will result in death.
  • Middle statue: A labyrinthine arena with two levels. There are stairs in the four corners of the arena which lead to the second level.
  • Right statue: A large circular stage with wooden scaffolding in the center. There are steps that lead to the top of the structure.

Note: If no one is currently available at a chosen arena, the player will be paired with a duelist in either of the other two arenas.



To improve rank for this covenant the player must achieve victory in the dueling arenas or vanquish blue phantoms summoned by members of the Way of Blue  during an invasion.
Being defeated in a duel will result in the loss of one rank point. However, according to Namco Bandai customer support, it is not possible to lose rank by failing an invasion.

  • When invading, defeat the Blue Sentinel summoned as help,
    and the devotion to the covenant will go up +2. (Added with Patch 1.10)
  • You do NOT gain rank from successful invasions.
Rank Requirement Reward
0 1 Token of Spite Crest of Blood
1 50 rank points Curved Twinblade ; aesthetic red aura as a dark spirit
2 150 rank points Crescent Sickle ; aesthetic neon red glow as a dark spirit
3 500 rank points Great Chaos Fireball, Gren Set



  • Using the 'Talk' option with Titchy Gren, after reaching rank 3 in the covenant, will cause him to give you his scythe and armor set.
  • If both players have full health when the duel timer ends in the arena, the duel ends in a draw, and the message "STALEMATE" will appear.
  • It is recommended that player record their own victories and defeats in dueling arenas, because the game does not.
  • As of regulation 1.08, healing items and spell restoration items such as Amber Herb can no longer be used during a duel. Repair Powder can still be used in order to counter corrosive weapon, or for infinite casts of special attacks.
  • You still can heal by casting healing miracles such as Great Heal or the healing pyromancy Warmth, or by certain equipment like the Ring of Restoration, Loyce Shield, Crown of the Ivory King, but also upon each successful hit of Butcher's Knife.
  • While fighting in the arena, with a duel that ends in both players defeat. The victory will be given to the player who died last.
  • Unlike other pvp, covenant arenas do not pair players up according to soul memory. Players can be paired up with anyone in the same play through. [I fought the same guy two times in a row using two different characters (150SL and 200SL). So keep in mind that Soul Level doesn't mean much here.]


List of Usable Items in Arena

Useable Items Unusable Items
Repair Powder Estus Flask
Firebomb, Black Firebomb Amber Herb / Twilight Herb / Wilted Dusk Herb
Throwing Knives Monastery Charm / Dragon Charm
Witching / Hexing / Lightning / Corrosive / Holy Water Urn Divine Blessing
Poison Moss Lifegem

    • Anonymous

      23 Feb 2020 16:05  

      I love being matched with people 5 times my level and who can deal more damage to me with a straight sword than I can to them with an ultragreatsword. Sure, I'm not very good at pvp to say the least, but at least give us fair fights.

      • 09 Feb 2020 06:39  

        How do I join this covenant if I don’t have a initial token of spite from it? Like the opposite covenant I found a token of fidelity so i was able to join.

        • Anonymous

          02 Jan 2020 16:41  

          garbage covenant full of overleveled scrubs and no matchmaking restrictions,meaning you will get matched against sl500s in your sl150 character

          • Anonymous

            21 Oct 2019 22:21  

            most unbalanced PvP covenant in all of Souls. don't even bother trying to search for a fair fight because all you'll find is somebody that is SL 250 and has a weapon that 2 shots you.

            • Anonymous

              17 Jul 2019 19:36  

              For people who don't want to play the game 3 times for the plat- I want to help in duels, we let each other win; I'm at about 4 mil total souls rn. PS4 DARKNiTE195.

              • Anonymous

                27 Jun 2019 12:19  

                For any newcomers who want to have a good PvP experience, please do yourselves a favor and DON'T fight in the arena. Trust me, there's absolutely no fun to be had here, just stick to the other PvP covenants and the Iron Keep bridge.

                • 04 May 2019 05:35  


                  • Anonymous

                    11 Jan 2019 04:14  

                    By far the worst covenant, no pryo trophy for me... need an update to let players rank by invading normally, after all, the whole point of this covenant is to go out and search for kills... alot of spear and straight sword users as well, both are broken with hitboxes

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Dec 2018 21:48  

                      Making succesful invasions not count towards your rank was a stupid idea. I never run into blue helpers and I have no intention of going to several million soul memory just to advance this charlie foxtrot of a covenant

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Sep 2018 13:14  

                        My first ever duel and I come up against the f**king Terminator, Duel starts and hes laughing at me repeatedly even when I start hitting him (I am using a greatsword +10 with Raw Infusion, outputting over 600 damage with each swing) takes me 10 hits to get his health to drop to about 60% and the guy is still just laughing, after another 10 hits he strikes me twice and Im dead..........git gud is different to git f**ked

                        • Anonymous

                          12 Jul 2018 18:48  

                          When you're only a SL65+ on NG and you join in the arena with a person that's probably SL200+ with a Crypt Blacksword infused with Dark and his first hit does 90% of your health so you just accept death and let him finish the job

                          • Anonymous

                            17 Jun 2018 06:36  

                            Damn, ever since the release of DS Remastered, I can't get anyone to show up in the arena, or even for coop.

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