Flame Butterfly


Bottle filled with dried red butterflies. Stimulation of these rare butterflies creates a small flame, allowing torches to be lit on the go.
These butterflies exude secretions which ignite upon exposure to air, protecting them from natural predators. Known and loved as handy fire-lighters, but feared as the catalysts of disastrous fires when found in swarms."

Flame Butterfly is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Relight torches without the need of a bonfire. (Light torch autonomously)



  • Sold by Weaponsmith Ornifex in Brightstone Cove Tseldora for 600 souls each.
  • One on a corpse behind 2 large pots in a house in No-man's Wharf. The house is near the large ship (after you have rung the bell).
  • Three on a corpse in the cave near the waterfall in Undead Lockaway, Huntsman Copse.
  • One on a corpse near Weaponsmith Ornifex
  • Three on a corpse on top of a tree in the Scorpioness Najka boss arena in Shaded Woods, you have to make her hit the tree to drop the body.
  • Five in a chest immediately following the boss fight with the Smelter Demon in Iron Keep.
  • 10 found in Drangleic Castle in the room/shortcut near Central Castle Drangleic bonfire, the room also contains 5 Repair Powder and an Estus Flask Shard.
  • 3 on top of the courtyard roof in the Lost Bastille (SotFS)

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