General Information

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  • Recommended Levels: 110 to 120
  • Bosses: 3
  • Bonfires: N/A


Throne of Want Map




  1. Emerald Herald (Kings Gate, near the torch golem)

NPC Summons

  1. Vengarl
  2. Benhart of Jugo
  3. Bradley of the Old Guard


  • N/A



Throne of Want Walkthrough


In order to reach this place, travel to Drangleic Castle's "King's Gate" bonfire. Leave the bonfire room and head left, equip the King's Ring and the door will open, and you'll find Emerald Herald. She will explain her origins, and Nashandra's intentions to you, before sending you on your way. 


Follow the torch-lit stone path to the fog gate, where the summon signs for VengarlBenhart of JugoBradley of the Old Guard, are all available in close proximity. Proceed through the fog to start your final battles.

BOSS FIGHT: Throne Watcher and Throne Defender


If you have the Giant's Kinship, the second fight begins as soon as the first finishes. If you haven't acquired it yet, you'll have to return once you do to fight Nashandra and proceed to the throne.

BOSS FIGHT: Nashandra


However, if you have interacted with the Scholar of the First Sin and defeated Vendrick, he will appear right after Nashandra's defeat. Thus making the choice of leaving the throne possible.

BOSS FIGHT: Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin



The End

When the final boss is defeated, after the credits the player will be teleported back to Majula, where NG+ can be triggered manually at the bonfire there. By keeping up with the Scholar of the First Sin storyline, and killing Vendrick, you unlock a different ending as opposed to the ending scene after Nashandra.



  • If the player enters the Throne of Want before the Giant Lord is defeated only the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender boss is encountered here. This can be utilized to avoid back to back boss fights as the player is free to leave after.
  • Anyone summoned for the first fight will stay for the second if the player has the Giant Lord Soul prior to entering the Throne of Want.
  • Despite the fact that the golems move to form a bridge towards the throne of want in the ending cutscene, the golems stay in the same position after the cutscene ends, this makes reaching the throne in-game impossible.
  • Even with the Giant's Kinship already acquired, it is still possible to avoid back to back fights. To achieve this, use the Aged Feather right after defeating the Throne Watcher/Defender Boss.

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