Giant's Kinship


Each King has his rightful throne.
And when he sits upon it,
he sees what he chooses to see.
Or perhaps, it is the throne,
which shows the king only what he wants.

Scholar of the First Sin added the following:
The flames roar, but will soon begin to fade, and only a worthy heir might burnish their light. What is it, truly, a claimant of the throne could desire?

Giant's Kinship is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Used to gain access to the 2nd boss fight at the Throne of Want for the Lord Soul, Nashandra.
  • This item is necessary for completing the game cycle.





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    • Anonymous

      I got to the throne of want and thought "YES I'M ABOUT TO BEAT THIS" then I noticed after defeating Throne Watcher and Throne Defender Nashandra did not spawn and I got a little angry and then I remembered that the Ashen Mist Heart lets you go into the memories of the withered and someone told me you can go in to this tree's memory and I knew that's what I had to do

      • Anonymous

        Just some thoughts about DS2, english isn't my native langague so its almost certain there will be errors. Beginning by the Giant's Kinship and the Throne of Want, the latter is a tool built by the giants, its purpose i'm not sure about, maybe overcome the curse or even death or just such a powerful tool capable of granting wishes and the former would be like a security key to prevent the throne being used by an unworthy. Nashandra knowing of this idealized a world of "soulfull" people and the opportunity to rule everything, consuming the souls of the world just as Manus did in Oolacile, but she wasn't powerful enough to reclaim the throne and the key. So this point is where Vendrick enters, the undead curse was plaguing the land, kings who had come before Vendrick failed to ended it, so a young Vendrick gathered the 4 Great Souls from the Old Ones and built Drangleic upon their souls. In a beautiful day a beautiful woman came to the kingdom of Drangleic and told the king about the giants and how to end the curse. So he departed to take hold the throne and its key. After taking both of them, if the legends about the throne was really true then Vendrick would put and end tp the undead curse and Nashandra would have a great source of energy to fed on, but Vendrick realized the true nature of Nashandra and his nature was evil and dark. Before using the power of the throne, he then found himself in a crossroad: use the power of the throne to end the undead curse but taking the risk of Nashandra becoming the most powerful being of its time or kill his queen and save the world, he did neither of both, in the end he still loved his dear Shandra. While so as Vendrick was seeking a way to end the curse so was his brother Aldia, after failure after failure in his experiments, Aldia has come to the realization that the curse wasn't in fact a curse but the true nature of the mankind like Kaathe told the Chosen One, somehow Vendrick come to know this as well as he tell us in the Memory of the King. So before went to the Undead Crypt, Vendrick destroyed the Giant's Kinship from this era and tasked Aldia to create a way to someone someday do what Vendrick hadn't done, sit on the Throne of Want, so here enters the Ancient Dragon and the Emerald Herald, Aldia tasked the Ancient Dragon to grant the Ashen Mist Heart to the one who would take Vendrick's will , then Vendrick take the route to the Undead Crypt with his right arm Velstadt, after various aspirants to end the curse, then one day the Bearer of the Curse would have the choice to end the curse or accept the truth, so the Throne of Want here has the same function as the First Flame before. Just some thoughts on this amazing game. I used to understimated it in my first playthrough, but as I went deep into it my opinion have become to change.

        • Anonymous

          Why would one need to be friends with the Giants to access the throne of want, the kingdom was build over the throne. So did the things that made the throne want to just screw with people or what?

          • Anonymous

            Is it just me or is that boss really hard to get by the way my name is Creaper494 on the ps3 add me if you want I don’t really mind

            • Anonymous

              Giant lord is in the memory past the king door in forest of falling giants Cardinal tower. Take ladder down and look for the side room that leads outside and you'll see king door.

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