Head of Vengarl

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
3100 8,000 Shaded Woods Vengarl's Helm

Head of Vengarl is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Head of Vengarl Information

  • Upon entering the misty area in the Shaded Woods, run along the left side of the area, staying as close to the wall as possible. This will lead you to the clearing where you'll find his head.
  • Fallen soldier of the monarch, he is left to ponder the world and learn new things every day while watching the night sky. He has moved past his days of battle, pondering what ever happened to the kingdom.
  • He warns you of his body, separated from his head and wielding a blade solely made to take lives. His body is later found in the Lord's Private Chamber, after defeating The Duke's Dear Freja. Defeating his body in battle will grant you the rest of his armor set.
  • Note: In Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin his body can be first found and fought in the Shaded Ruins area, in the small hall that's connected to the area of Manscorpion Tark via a passage with the petrified Lion Warrior.
  • After defeating his body, seek out Vengarl and he will sell Red Rust Scimitar, Red Rust Sword, Red Rust Shield
  • His near death experience appears to have had a calming effect on his otherwise aggressive nature. He says "I am grateful for these peaceful days,but Such contentment lies only in the Here and Now".
  • Drops Vengarl's Helm when killed. Alternatively he will give it to you if you exhaust his Talk dialogue.
  • If one does too much damage to him he will stop vending items and state, "You again..." as the player approaches
  • He can be used as a vendor after being killed by paying 3000 souls to his gravestone. He will reset when the player rests at a bonfire, thus requiring an additional payment for every subsequent use and bonfire set.
  • Can also be summoned in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC
  • To be summoned, he must be talked to, and you must also kill his body after The Duke's Dear Freja boss fight (I did not talk to him, only killed the body. Summon sign still appeared).




Shaded Woods. Take the right exit from the Forked Road bonfire to enter the foggy woods and stick to the left wall. You'll find the merchant in the center of a stone clearing.




  1. Vengarl's Helm




Name Use Quantity Price
Lightning Urn Explodes, inflicting lightning damage Unlimited 400
Gold Pine Resin Apply lightning to right-hand weapon Unlimited 1500
Ring of Soul Protection Nullifies death and petrification, but breaks 1 8000
Claymore   Unlimited 4300
Greatsword   Unlimited 5000
Red Rust Sword*   1  
Red Rust Scimitar*   1  
Red Rust Shield*   1  
Destructive Greatarrow Greatarrow inflicting break damage Unlimited 180
Magic Barrier   1 2700




- First Encounter

  1. Leave me be.
    I like it quiet. Leave me be.
  2. What business have you here, traveller?
    You may call me Vengarl. If I deserve a name, in this sorry state.
    Tis rare to flap these gums. This is pleasant.
  3. Long ago, I was hired to defend the kingdom.
    I remember a long, brutal fight, and then… Somebody killed me. Or so I thought…
    I came to, and found myself like this.
    I don't know what explains it, but it's not so bad, really.
    And now I watch the days go by, and gaze at the night sky, thinking of the finer things, far removed from war.
    I'd grown weary of battle, but did not realise it until now.
  4. I know not what brings you on this journey, nor will I deign to ask.
    You may bear a great burden, but don't we all? I prefer to stay my distance.
    But I want to warn you of something. My body.
    I see visions; my body, headless, raging without me.
    My body, wielding my sword, a sword forged only to kill.
    My body will show no mercy. If you see the wretched thing, stay far away.
  5. I learn new things every day. Things never learned in battle.
    And, thanks to you, I've recalled the joy of conversation.
    If I can help you, if you require something, do speak up.

- Using the talk option

  1. I cannot lie. Sometimes I wonder what's become of the kingdom.
    I was a hired hand, yes, but we soldiers stared death in the eye together.
    And for His Highness…I am afraid…
    But, perhaps it is for the best. We knew not what we fought for.
  2. I was born in Forossa. It's a land in the distant east.
    When I was born, we were already mired in prolonged conflict with our neighbours.
    Eventually, our kingdom fell, and our people scattered.
    I've been a sellsword ever since.
    All I ever knew was war, and I can imagine no other way to live.
    What a fool I was.
  3. I am grateful for these peaceful days.
    But such contentment lies only in the here and now.
    Why must life be so confounding…
  4. Thank you, for lending an ear to my ramblings.
    Here, take these. I have no use for them.
    Go along, and resume your journey.

- After defeating his body
Ah, it was you, who vanquished my body.
It is my body, you see, and I can sense what happens to it.
I do not mourn for it. Good riddance!
If you wish for help, summon me. I am rusty in battle, but will fight by your side.

- Meeting again
Back again? Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

- Leaving without using his services
Farewell. I will retire to my silence.

- Leaving after using his services
Farewell. May we meet again, one day soon.

- Leaving without exiting the menu
Safe travels, then…

- When attacking
How dare you!
You fiend!
A murderer now, are we?
As you wish. (HP below 50%)

- When returning after aggroed
There you are…!

- When killed by player
Life goes on…




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