HP 8,770 | 10,524 (NG+)
Weakness Strike, Lightning
Resistance Dark, Poison
Immune Bleed
Respawn NO

Nashandra is a Boss and NPC in Dark Souls 2.



Queen Regent of Drangleic, who takes her monstrous form immediately after the player defeats the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender boss. She wields a scythe and uses dark magic against the player. Most of her attacks have the potential to kill in one hit. She also summons wisps that will curse you similarly to the Cursed Vessel in the Shaded Woods, though they are much faster and can directly damage you. They can be destroyed with any attack.

Nashandra can also be encountered at Drangleic Castle as an NPC, guiding you to seek the Ancient Dragon and the Giants.


Drangleic Castle. Encountered in human form sitting in a faraway throne, right before the dual Dragonrider boss fight arena. Disappears after obtaining the Giant's Kinship.

Throne of Want. To access Nashandra, you need to have defeated Throne Watcher and Throne Defender and obtained the Giant's Kinship and the King's Ring.


  1. Soul of Nashandra






Counter Measures

Dark Nova Nashandra charges and releases an explosion of darkness, damaging and knocking back all who are around her.
Hint: She uses this move around 50% HP.
Back away as soon as you see her charging the dark energy.
Vertical Dark Laser Nashandra lifts her hand and releases a laser which starts near her and ends far from her in a straight line. Easy to dodge (best to roll away right before she uses it). Can be blocked but will likely kill you with a 2nd hit due to the stamina drain.
Horizontal Dark Laser Nashandra lifts her hand and releases a laser that moves horizontally covering 1/4 of the area.
As of the new patch, this move is much faster than before but can be blocked.
It's possible to block the laser, but it drains a lot of stamina.
The laser is pointed into the ground, so you can back away from it.
If you're more or less close to Nashandra, it's not difficult to roll under the laser.
Scythe Swing Nashandra swings with her scythe once, usually if you're not directly in front of her, but to her sides.
Nashandra can also swing twice slowly then swing again after a second.
Can be dodged and blocked.
Plunge Nashandra strikes once and hits the ground with her scythe, as if she's stuck, this helps you land some attacks. Can be dodged and blocked.
Lifedrain Patch Nashandra projects a few orbs that inflict curse and also drain HP continuously if you're close to them. You can break the orbs with weapons or spells. Ranged attacks are preferable.
As the arena is quite large, you can simply move away from the orbs and wait until Nashandra comes closer, out of the orbs' range. She barely moves if you're close so it's a good strategy, especially with fist weapons (which can't break the orbs)[Caestus, at least, can break the orbs - confirmed on a power stance dual Caestus run. Bone Fist also breaks the orbs with ease, at least with the 1-handed running attack].



Basic Notes

  • Attacking the grey wisps the boss summons will make them disappear, but it may also cause Curse buildup, which will cause you to lose HP. That being said, it's a good idea to at least kill the one nearest the door when you enter, in order to give yourself some room to attack.
  • Wait for her to swing, then dodge. An easy way to do this is to roll toward her scythe; it will pass over you and land in front of her, which allows you to attack her.
  • You can summon NPCs for this fight; in SotFS, there are 5 available NPCs to choose from, but you can only have a max of 3 with you at once. Using NPCS will allow you to stand back and shoot her with a bow; this can be time consuming, however, and the summons will likely die before she does. The available summons are:
    • Benhart of Jugo. Found to the left of the boss fog. Only available if you've progressed his quest.
    • Head of Vengarl. Found to the right of the boss fog. Only available if you completed his quest.
    • Bashful Ray (SotFS). Found in the Ruin Sentinels/Stone Soldiers room, near one of the golems in the back.
    • Pilgrim Bellclaire (SotFS). Found outside of the Dragonrider's boss room. It is advised to clear the path between this room and Nashandra's before bringing him down.
    • Bradley of the Old Guard (SotFS). Found to the left of the fog gate only if you've progressed to the point where Aldia is set up to be the final boss.
  • It may be worth keeping your Human Effigies in the hotbar as they can restore your cursed health mid-fight. You'll need space to use it, plus a healing item afterward.
  • The Dark Pyromancy Flame seems to be effective, as the more Hollow you are the more powerful it gets. At full upgrade, 2 Flame Swaths can drain a significant amount of her health.

NPCs + Items Strategy

Another simple strategy that works for all builds is to wear the Ring of Restoration, Ring of Binding, Dark Quartz Ring (or Dispelling Ring) & Cursebite Ring and buy at least 20 Lifegems  from Melentia and 30 Holy Waters in the Blue Cathedral. When the battle starts, simply strafe around her once you are able to target her, but watch out about the holes on the platforms if you get too far back.

Destroy the two closest curse constructs and run directly in front of her (continue holding forward running into her). If you are close enough her attacks go right over your head and you can swing away while your NPCs attack. A great club +10 with lighting resin added. This will do about 600+ attack on NG and kill her rather quickly. Use stamina recovery items to make its faster.

Don’t worry about her dark energy constructs and their curse status because you are going to be using the Lifegems to immunize yourself against the curse drain; use a Lifegem as soon as you get cursed and after her next attack use another; between the Lifegems and the Ring of Restoration your health will be fine and you can use the Holy Water to keep out of range while using a good shield or simply use your regular attack strategy while strafing. Don’t forget to pop a lifegem every 20 seconds for the curse damage or in case she hits you with an attack so you don’t have to stop to use your Estus flask.

Ranged Strategy (Solo)

I stayed along the outer perimeter shooting Fire Arrows at her, unlocked, with the Hunter's Blackbow +10. The distance baited Nashandra to use her laser attack almost exclusively. Dodge that by simply moving clockwise or counter-clockwise out of the way and then firing more arrows. Once or twice I would kill a curse wisp if it was in my path, but if you use the tip above for negating curse effects you don't have to concern yourself with them. The person above who said using bow is time-consuming is not accurate. I made short work of her with a couple dozen fire arrows. Never took a hit, never was in any danger. I've since replicated this on my second character. By moving slowly around the edge of the field, you basically limit her moves to one (the laser attack) and it's laughably slow and predictable.

Ranged Strategy (NPCs)

The Range strategy is probably the easiest way to beat the Last Boss. As said above, by distancing yourself from her, she is limited to the laser beam attack. The laser beam attacks in two ways. If one stays still, it will shoot directly and slowly climb upwards. If one walks around her, the laser will start to follow you slowly. My build is a Bandit, with a Dragonslayer Bow +5, and around 200 Lightning Arrows (bought it from Chancellor in Drangleic). Before the fight, it is advised to summon the two phantoms that are provided before the boss battle. If you let the two phantoms fight her alone, you should have enough time to take quick shots at her hp before both of them dies. I have gotten her HP down by over a half thanks to them. Once your phantoms are dead, try to strafe around her and try your best to avoid the wisp, and take several shots at her once she tries to summon more wisp. It took me around 1-3 mins, and probably used up around 50 or so arrows to finish her off.

Miracles + Lightning Spear

Miracles and Lightning Spears: I used a maxed-out Dragon Chime with Lightning infusion and I destroyed her in about 5-6 hits with Greater Lighting Spear and Sunlight Spear. (With 50 Faith and a +5 Lightning Dragon Chime, it took me 14 Great Lightning Spears, while Benhart and Vengarl kept her occupied, The entire fight took less than a minute. - MultiracialLion)

I was able to defeat this boss by baiting her into firing her laser, running in and casting Firestorm right on her. Firestorm would damage her a few times, I would dodge backward to avoid her attacks, bait the laser attack, and repeat. After using 4 Firestorms, finished her off with two Flame Swathes. As for the curse clouds, I would destroy one or two just to give myself room to bait the attack.

Pyromancy + Gower's Ring

Easy Pyromancy + Gower's Ring Strategy: Before entering the fog I popped 4 regular lifegems to negate most of the health drain inflicted by curse. I used my Dark Pyromancy Flame +10 and made sure to have Gower's Ring of Protection equipped (I have 30/30 INT/FAI). Upon entering the fog I immediately ran right up towards Nashandra, turned my back to her (IMPORTANT so that Gowers ring works), and unleashed 2 casts of Chaos Storm which took her to a little over quarter health. By this time she had set up her curse clouds and began whacking me with her scythe. Gowers ring negated all damage from her sword and the lifegems were doing a good job of negating the curse damage. I then cast fire Tempest twice to finish her off (after one cast she was all but dead the second was safer than turning to face her to use any other attack). It was all over in seconds. You just have to make sure you keep your back to her so her attacks do no damage thanks to Gowers ring. Nice and easy.


  • You do NOT have to fight the Throne Defender, Throne Watcher, Nashandra, and Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin back to back. It is possible to use a homeward bone or feather IMMEDIATELY after the Throne Watcher and Defender battle ends (it helps to have it on your quick-slots). It worked for me, the Nashandra cinematic played, but as soon as it ended, I was back at the bonfire.
  • If you defeat Throne Watcher and Throne Defender before the Giant Lord, an alternate cutscene will trigger where Nashandra is already waiting in the boss room for the player, however, the cutscene dialogue is still the same.
  • Great Lightning Spear works really well just stay at a safe distance and use gear that allows faster casting, Should defeat her in a matter of minutes.
  • Using Ceastus during this fight can prove difficult, as they are unable to hit the cursed orbs to dispel them.
  • Using the Rebel's Greatshield with the Dark infusion is immensely helpful for anyone that has it, for it has 100% dark negation and will completely nullify her laser and nova attacks.
  • She shares similar moveset to Darklurker.


  • - When met in human form at Drangleic Castle
    • You have fought admirably on your journey, cursed Undead.
      I am Nashandra, Queen of Drangleic.
      A true monarch carries the weight of their souls.
      The last king of this land, King Vendrick, as he was called…
      He was less of a king than you might imagine.
      He found the strength to rule his people, and when the Undead were born, cursed…
      He found more strength, to face them.
      But in the end, he never took the true throne.
  • - When talking a second time during the first encounter
    • Visit Vendrick.
      We have no need for two rulers…
  • - When coming back and talking after the first encounter, having not activated other triggers
  • - When talking after killing or just visiting Vendrick
    • Drangleic is no longer.
  • - When talking after obtaining the King's Ring
    • Brave Undead, seek the throne.
      Follow the symbol of the monarch, and do what must be done.
  • - When talking after meeting the Ancient Dragon
    • Brave Undead, what did that dragon tell you?
      That thing is a prop, a false deity. Don't be fooled, my Undead.
  • - When talking while the Ashen Mist Heart is in inventory
    • Seek the forest, you, where those wretched Giants slumber.
  • - Boss introduction cutscene
    • Brave Undead,
      you have proven yourself to me.
      Now, be one, with the Dark…


  • According to the official guidebook, she is in fact Manus, or technically, a fragment of various reincarnated Manus.
  • By using the sky-walking glitch, you can get to Nashandra on her throne in Drangleic Castle. Hitting her with a melee weapon makes her laugh at you. After three hits, she will start to stand up, but disappear. (You can see the same effect without glitches if you shoot her with a Hunter's Blackbow or Sea Bow while a Hawk Ring is equipped.)
  • Nashandra is voiced by Harriet Kemsley, a comedy actress.
  • Nashandra can eat up to 100 hot dogs in one sitting


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    • Anonymous

      guys, she's literally the smallest fragment of manus. she is strong but what do you expect from a boss who is literally a fragment of another boss

      • Anonymous

        such a sad fact that she's so underrated she is literally on of the best looking girls in her human form so much so that Vendrick himself fell for her but sham, not enough cultured content of her is present for me to upgrade my grand lance and eventually thrust her to get her soul. Thus I am here to spread the word of Nashandra supremacy(s even if she has some committed some evil deeds here and there shhhh!)

        In the end reject Rotsussy, embrace royalussy!

        • Anonymous

          The reason the difficulty doesn't work for Nashandra but does for Gwyn is the setup. Gwyn is set up as a powerful god who lead the war against the dragons and basically built Lordran, but when you find him he's nothing but a hollow who can do no more than swing a sword.

          Meanwhile Nashandra is the daughter of the most powerful (when we meet him) being in Dark Souls 1, and her sisters are 1. a powerful abyss sorceress who can summon visions of well renowned and skilled knights, 2. An immensely powerful sorceress who is literally sealing away the path to the flame of chaos singlehandedly, and 3 powering an immense industrial complex created by a descendent of the old gods, and Nashandra herself was able to manipulate and trick Vendrick while largely being the one to lead Drangleic.

          Not to mention a boss doesn't need to be easy to be emotionally hard-hitting and/or narratively satisfying. Just look at Gherman. By far the most emotional and personal bossfight in the entire franchise, two hunters fighting to the death in order to save the other, and it's actually an engaging bossfight. Being easy worked well for Gywn because Gywn was a subversion, but that's the thing about Subversions, they don't work when you do them multiple times, and Nashandra just fails on every front.

          • Anonymous

            I found her a little more interesting and fun as an encounter compared to Gwyn given he's just a really souped up sword dude. She has a little more going on in terms of attacks and the arena. Not the most fun bosses in either game.

            • Anonymous

              Way to easy for a last boss!? I just strafed around her and hit her in the back till she died, it wasn't even a mild threat – Severely disappointed!!

              • Anonymous

                I kill her in my second attemp im suprised rhat ir was easier than the troneh wwtcher an defender the first time i died was because y did not have estus

                • Anonymous

                  Anyone else find her extremely creepy the first time you see her in her throne room?
                  There’s something so uncanny valley about this random lady in a nice dress with dark eyes sitting upright on her throne in the distance.

                  • Anonymous

                    It's so weird, I remember that there was a stance in which you could find her in Drangleic Castle with a different face, a face similar to the a hollowed one.
                    I don't know why I have this image in my head. Played the game over and over again since I'm a big fan of this one over the other 2...

                    • Anonymous

                      This story was so underwhelming. You basically hear almost nothing about her until you reach the castle, then she appears in the distace and there's little interaction, then you enter the final area and the emerald herald tells you she's the main bad guy, then she just appears fully transformed out of no where.

                      • Anonymous

                        I actually found her more difficult than most bosses in this game due to her gimmick.
                        If you haven't stocked up on Lifegems, fight can essentially become a DPS race, where you have to kill her before you run out of healies and the lifedrain finishes you.

                        • Anonymous

                          I don't have an account to edit, but Nashandra doesn't come after the THrone Watcher and Throne Defender are defeated. You can defeat them long before meeting the requirements for her fight. The real requirements are:
                          - having defeated the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender (possible as soon as the player gets the King's Ring)
                          - having obtained the Giant's Kinship (requires the King's Ring to reach the Ancient Dragon who gives you the Ashen Mist Heart, allowing you to get into the Memory of Jeigh to kill the Giant Lord who drops the Kinship)

                          It is therefore possible to do the Watcher and Defender way earlier and to avoid the double bossfight this way.

                          • Anonymous

                            I used one of the king's crowns during the curse thing, it really helps, still get the damage from the curse, but can't be cursed. In the end no lost max health.

                            • Anonymous

                              I find it funny how in literally every other souls game the final boss has a cool title, whether it be False King, Lord of Cinder, The First Hunter, Slave Knight, or The Sword Saint, while in ds2 it’s just frickin Nashandra. Like they at least could have called her Dark Queen Nashandra or something like that.

                              • Anonymous

                                Part of me hates how they tried to turn Manus into the Bowser of the series, but I still think it's cool how she seems to tie in with that cult looking for Nito's power to kill the gods, and how that spans into DS3 with Aldrich.

                                And they say Filianore was an ass pull.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Ok so let's be clear about something

                                  Nashandra, while in fake human form, was calling ancient dragon a fake and a liar?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Ooooh please miss nashandra... Just a little bath water ma'am... Please I'm ever so thirsty... Just a little booty sweat madame please.... Oooooooghh

                                    • Anonymous

                                      If we look at it correctly, the player is the actual final boss of the game. Nashandra walks through the fog gate and challenges the player.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Fun fact: alt+f4 during the credits makes you start the credits over. Also, it seems that SOTFS version plays credits that are twice as long... after a while the credits stop momentarily and it says “ORIGINAL DARK SOULS II”... followed by more credits.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Nashandra: I am queen from faraway land I am not a weird skeleton monster created after manus died Vendrick: she hot so must be telling the truth Now the kingdom looks like it does when you see it in Dark Souls 2.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Disappointing generic skeleton lady. Given how impressive and unique manus was, why does his offspring look like something a bethesda employee would come up with for a dungeon boss?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              It was such an easy fight, I just stuck close to her and walked in a circle around her until she attacked, then I just attacked her, it was really fast using a raw great sword +10

                                              • Anonymous

                                                This boss is easy alright, but if you wear the Black Witch Veil she's straight up harmless, because she can't even soften you up for the one hit she finally manages to land on you.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Apparantly... the bane of her existence is 99 life gems. Too slow, to the point where she can let you heal all the health you lost while cursed with a life gem. Beat her right after the watcher/defender fight (which I lost to by accidentally falling down) and I had no idea wtf I was doing. Still beat her, cuz 99 life gems makes all of the base games' bosses a joke

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    This is a badly designed boss. It would have been fine if they didn't change a rule that was set in stone, but they just had to make the curse drain your health. There are so many things they could have done to drain your health instead, but nope. They just had to change the *****ing rules instead of making a good boss.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      She is super easy, except her curses. Like most bosses, circle it, bait its most powerful attack (in this case, the laser beam), then smack it. I used Raw Drangliec Sword +5. Used 6 Estus Flask uses, but beat her first try.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Easiest boss in the game as a sorcerer with phantom summon. I was able to position far enough from the orbs that I wasn't getting cursed, Benhart tanked, and I just shot soul arrows until she died.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          ...that was it? Like, I just literally pelted her with lightning and fireballs while she did this *incredibly* unthreatening lazor attack? What the *****, game?

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I don't lock the target and move freely so the camera is hard to see. Being cursed that my HP dropped without braking and quickly approached death.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Patch 1.06 Gower's Ring will not work anymore.... HOWEVER Black Witch Veil set, gives 1000 curse resistance which is enough to negate 99% of Curse build up, tank that with a shield to negate all the dark damage, and the ladle you're good to go. Ladle is the most broken weapon in the game.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                For me personally it's easy to just stay out of the curse range, but if you're having trouble the ring of binding works really well in that situation

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Brave undead you have proven yourself to me, now be one with the- LIGHTNING!
                                                                  22222222222222 points if you know where that's from.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Piece of cake if you summon moon sword man just outside and use the cursebite ring with dark troches, cake walk!

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Cursebite ring. Wait until she does her laser. Jog around it. Hit her. Jog back. Repeat. Disappointingly easy.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        sooo....sitting on the throne is the Dark Lord ending basically then? And that is the true ending in DS2 right? A bit confusing what is going on when all the fire-linking in the game...doesn't result in a fire linking ending...

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Through use of a raw heavy crossbow +10 and a few dozen heavy bolts, I managed to take her down on my first try. I used Vengarl as a distraction, kept my distance, rolled to avoid the dark beams, and finished the fight in about 5 minutes. To counter the wisps, I popped 2 old radiant lifegems at a time, a total of 4 times, not even bothering to destroy them or use an effigy.
                                                                          Hope this help for agile builds!

                                                                          • Anyone know if killing Nashandra cancels the duel with Vendrick? I go to meet Vendrick, his clothes are on the floor, his life bar appears, but Vendrick does not appear. Also it is not possible to enter your memories ...

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Used +5 smelters utlragreat sword, both summons, lifegems to counter curse, and basically kited/tank and spank. Abused special attack like no ones business since shes weak to fire.

                                                                              • I used a caster with 64 int and a +3 magic infused Staff of wisdom. ( The one Straid uses) Summoned Vengarl and Benhart and just spammed Crystal soul spear and soul spears ( make sure you have some amber herb or Crimson water). It took less than 5 minutes.

                                                                                • The Black Witch Veil (only obtainable by lighting all the sconces in the Gutter) makes you immune to curse entirely. Casting resplendent life (large gradual restoration of HP) and having high Dark resistance (any/some of ring, magic barrier, etc) will nullify any damage dealt by the wisps, so you can just ignore them entirely. I personally wouldn't bother trying to block the laser. It's pretty easy to avoid.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    i beat throne watcher/defender but she never showed up, im just sitting in the boss room...? did i miss something?

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