Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin

HP xxxx (Standard Game) 10,098 (NG+1)
Weakness Lightning
Resistance ?

Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin Information 

Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin is a boss in Dark Souls 2. Added with Patch 1.10, this boss is first met as an NPC, the Scholar of the First Sin.
To face this boss, you must first meet the Scholar at all three locations he appears. You must then defeat King Vendrick, followed by the Queen Nashandra. This allows Aldia to become accessible at the Throne of Want, triggering an alternate ending by defeating him then leaving the throne. The player can still achieve a normal ending by claiming the throne.



  • Boss of the Throne of Want, appears only if you have met him in all three locations and defeated both Vendrick and Nashandra
  • He will show up in the following locations in this strict order:
    1. When trying to light the fourth and final Primal Bonfire. Primal Bonfires may be activated in any order.
    2. Right before the Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire.
    3. Behind the Shrine Entrance bonfire.
  • Similarly to other NPCs, his dialogue must be exhausted to make him appear in the next location.
  • It doesn't matter which answer you choose to his questions.



  • ??
  • Souls: 0 (Standard Game) 0 (NG+) 0 (NG+3)



Attack Name Attack Description
Charged Large Fireball Aldia starts charging a large fireball dealing huge amount of fire and dark damages, and the flames surrounding him go out. Melee characters should be wary as the fireball will still track you regardless whether you are behind Aldia or not.
AOE Tentacle Aldia raises his arms/tentacles in the air and slams them into the ground. The tentacles resurface in a short area around him randomly.
Homing Tentacle Aldia raises his arms/tentacles in the air and slams them into the ground. The tentacles resurface in a straight line homing into the target. easily blocked with a shield.
Homing Fire Mass Aldia summons 3-5 fire/dark orbs above him which after a short period of time home in on a single target. Aldia can summon 3-5 more orbs after the first ones miss/hit the target.
AoE Blast When Aldia teleports, he will create a high damaging blast around him when appearing again on the arena (Much like Smelter demon AoE blast)
Fire/Unknown aura Aldia makes flames surround him in between attacks doing fire and an unknown type of damage. (1000 point fire resistant won't negate this (most likely Dark as with his other spells))



 Here is a playbook with helpful info on Aldia. He is about average difficulty overall, with some key things that are only learnable to people who have fought him. Aldia only has a few nuances that need to be noted, which I will explain below:

  1. Aldia tends to teleport. When he does, he may teleport on you, in which case you want to be standing about a foot outside of where the glow of his fire ends, as this marks the end of the AOE. This is a good way to give yourself time to hit him. 
  2. Aldia is only really vulnerable when he is not ignited with flame all around him.
  3. Aldia has a multi-shot homing fireball attack. It is advisable to sprint through this attack by juking the fireballs, but at a time when there is space, as the fireballs come in bursts of variable length.
  4. Aldia has an attack where he charges a fireball. To deal with this, wait for him to fire, and IMMEDIATELY sprint, then roll as it is about to explode on the ground. You should clear the attack nicely.
  5. Aldia has an attack where he summons a bunch of tentacles in a line. He telegraphs by pulling out a single tentacle and planting it in the ground. During this time, back up so you have room, and when the attack starts going, roll towards where the first two tentacles come out,. The tentacles have a maximum turning angle of about 45 degrees, so using that is helpful. It is also really helpful to run towards his right flank at about 90 degrees from the front of his face, so avoid the tentacles.
  6. Do NOT hit Aldia when he is surrounded by fire. This can cause damage to you, and he will absorb only about 25% of damage.

That's basically Aldia for you.


Melee strategy

Aldia has no attacks that must be rolled. When he does his Charged Fireball attack, you have around 5 safe seconds to deal dmg to him. Run away from the fireball and it should miss you. When he slams just one tentacle in the ground, the attack can be a really badly tracking tentacle attack, much like Fire Snake pyromancy. It can also be a little bit better tracking but otherwise same kind of attack that starts not from the tentacle that slams in the ground, but from any side of Aldia closest to you. Both can be evaded by running clockwise around Aldia when he is slamming the one tentacle. After this attack you have time to deal 1-3 swings at Aldia before the fire shield comes back up.
When he does homing fire mass, just run sideways to avoid the balls, or use a spell parry shield. When he does the AoE tentacle attack, look for opening after the second AoE effect is starting (red dots on the ground) and go deal some damage to Aldia. Every time Aldia has a fire shield on, use whip, spear or any other longer range weapon to deal damage. He does, however, take less damage then, much like any boss with a hyper armor.
Aldia has around 5 spawn points in the arena, one in the middle and 4 in the corners of the arena. Its recommended to run around the middle, and when Aldia starts to spawn run to him for couple free hits. If Aldia happens to spawn really close to you, run away so the AoE blast he creates when spawning doesn't hit you.

Video Strategy:

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  • It often freezes a lot and does not attack.
  • Rebel's Greatshield with Dark infusion will make this fight almost trivial, however, still does damage (very little).
  • Vendrick must be killed prior to killing Nashandra, otherwise you cannot meet Aldia as a boss, this including asceticed Vendrick.
  • Can be poisoned. (attempted 5 times to poison using arrows in 3 separate fights, very positive he cannot be poisoned)
    • (On my Hexer Build I used Dark Fog. Took 3-4 casts but he got poisoned)
  • Some of his attacks drain his aura of fire, during this time he is vulnerable, press the attack and fall back when his fire starts emerging again
  • Don't forget that by defeating him, you unlock a new ending to the game!



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