Giant Lord

HP ~5300 (Standard Game)
Weakness Dark
Resistance ?

The Giant Lord is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Giant Lord Information 

The Giant Lord is a boss in Dark Souls 2, who is

within the Memory of Jeigh, which is found behind the King's Door in The Forest of Fallen Giants next to The Place Unbeknownst bonfire.

The Giant Lord appears to be the leader of the Giants who invaded Drangleic. He's quite a lot bigger and more slender than most other Giants. Unlike every other Giant, the Giant Lord wields a huge sword as opposed to the crude clubs most commonly seen in use by the Giants. He drops the Giant's Kinship, which will allow you to enter the final boss fight (having beaten the Throne Defender & Throne Watcher). It is required for progression.



  • Boss of the Memory of Jeigh after examining a tree in the Forest of Fallen Giants.



  • Giant Lord Soul
  • Giant's Kinship
  • Souls: 75 000 (Standard Game) 112,500 (NG+) 300,000 (Max. difficulty with bonfire ascetics) 360,000 (Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1) 390,000 (Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2)





Counter Measures

Stomp Akin to the Last Giant's stomp, it has a slight tracking and will inflict massive damage if it connects. roll
Swing The Giant Lord swings his sword from the front towards the back of him. This attack can and will hit you if standing behind his right leg. This attack can be followed up with a sword slam in front of him. roll
Frontal Slam The Giant Lord takes a step forward and slams his greatsword into the ground in front of him. This attack has a tricky roll-timing and is often used when you approach him to engage the fight. Sorcerers should take extra care, as he will use it when you are at range. roll
Frontal Stab The Giant Lord stabs his sword in front of him in a quick motion. roll


NPC Summons



  • Wait for the fire bombs to land, then approach the boss. If you are melee stand near his feet and circle him dodging his swipes and stomps. If you are range you can move to a platform left of the boss and safely shoot from there, while occasionally dodging his downward swing. Can be poisoned. Try not to move too far back to where the fire bombs land while you are fighting him or you might be hit by the barrage.(It does not stop even after the boss battle ends).
  • Try not locking on, as the tight quarters can make it difficult for you to see what's going on. Instead, if you stay right by his feet there's actually not much he can do, besides a stomp that's highly telegraphed and easy to dodge. Just wail away and it shouldn't take long.
  • Fire Tempest & Chaos fire storm are very effective. Giant does not move around a lot and this makes the boss fight very easy, suggest having an Elizabeth Mushroom and enough defense if things get dicey.
  • Using any form of fire (combustion, greater combustion) and with an upgraded +10 dark pyro flame you can do 600 dmg+ per hit with great combustion and 600+ with firestorm. Just hug his feet and watch his stomps. Takes a matter of 2 minutes tops to topple this boss.
  • Using Great Resonant Souls with Dark Caitha's Chime +10 and Abyss Seal under 53int+faith deals 955-1005 damage (requires all 14 shots acquired in NG to take down Giant Lord so ignore the lesser giants, wait until the statue head breaks the ballista on the right and then go straight to Giant Lord, once you reached the upper platform then you're mostly safe), while Dark Hail with Dark Sunset Staff +5 under 53int+faith deals 1500 damage if all orbs hit the Giant Lord.
  • This boss is extremely easy if you go for dexterity build.


Video Strategies

Giant Lord: Ranged, Sword & Board and Power Stance
Melee(one hand)
Melee(two hand/strength)


  • The platform to the left of the boss is nearly safe, he will not walk up it unless you purposely kite him there.
  • The statue's head can separate the lesser giants from the boss field, eliminating the need of fighting those lesser giants under NG+7 difficulty. 95% of the time, you don't need to bother with the Giants at all. If one is still alive after the statue head rolls, you can kill the Giant or Homeward Bone/Feather out.
  • Stay with his left leg, because his sword hits you if you're near the right one.
  • It is possible to pull the Giant Lord into the fire bombs using range, but he takes no damage and more fire bombs appear when he aggros.
  • It is possible to farm this boss endlessly to acquire souls, simply use a bonfire acsetic on the bonfire near the withered giant used to access the memory and then grab the ascetic on the first raised area of the wall to the left. It is also worth noting that there are two twinkling titanite down the small drop next to the memory so you can grab them and use a homeward bone/aged feather then continue onward and kill the boss. There is also a divine blessing behind a column on the right just before the boss but be careful as it is within the area that gets bombarded by fireballs.
  • Weak to dark.
  • You cannot use the above farm to gather multiple Souls of a Giant, however you can use the Giant Lord Soul as a method of acquiring more souls per run.
  • In Vammar's Memory, on roof with two pyromancers is Bonfire Ascetic, so if you take Ascetic in both memories, it can be a way to farm Ascetics.
  • When farming him for souls, the use of the Tseldora Set is highly suggested with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2.
  • After NG+7, having 50+ vgr (with Sacred Oath) will leave you with some health left after most of his attacks. His Frontal Slam will one shot you (i haven't tested beyond 50 vgr)(Tested with 93 vgr and you can survive two hits).
  • The Dark infused Crypt Blacksword seems to be the hardest hitting weapon (that I've tested). Tested with str,dex,int and fth all at 40. More then that, the damage goes up by very little. A 2 hit combo of 2 handed light attacks does around 2000 damage (total) with Dark Weapon. The dark infused Sacred Chime Hammer does a good amount of damage also (although a bit less then the Crypt Blacksword) but the end lag of the 2 hand attack leaves you vulnerable after doing a 2 hit combo. Tested at bonfire intensity 99+.
  • The most effective method of farming him appears to be as a hexer buffed with unleash magic where at max faith/intelligence (recommended as he tends to kill in one hit anyway, making vigor and such useless) you can net a minimum of 1,400 damage per great resonant soul with the chime of want + dark clutch ring + abyss seal.
  • If you are melee only, it is highly recommended to go for 99 dexterity. Although most of the players will claim it is waste of points, dual wielding blacksteel katanas without infusion added, considering they are both +10 upgraded, you should equip Flynn's Ring and Ring of Blades +2. If you desire, get an chime in the right hand to Dark Buff left weapon, and also consider getting Dark Resin. If you do as listed, while dual wielding, the damage will work like this:

Each one of the attacks will deal 2x damage, so don't get worried if you see only 600. The first attack will deal 700 and 600 damage, depending which part of the Katana hit Giant Lord. The second one will deal 880 and 850. And the third one will most likely deal 750 and 600. And the best part of all is, this is done with NON infused weapon, which means if you decide to buff both hands, your 3-hit combo will be above 4 500. Tested on both Scholar and vanilla version.



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    • Anonymous

      27 Aug 2021 02:04  

      I feel so bad fighting this guy. He had a competely justified cause for war, unlike everyone else. Then they drag him into the dungeons, impale with a column and left to rot. Nobody even cared to say sorry.

      • Anonymous

        04 Jun 2021 11:45  

        The weaknesses section is utterly wrong, he might have a very slight weakness to dark but he's way more weak to magic.

        • Anonymous

          30 May 2021 13:01  

          Easy Killing:

          HUG his LEFT leg, stay in FRONT of it and don't bother rolling. 2h + light attacks x2 deals 2,000+ dmg. so.. NG+7 farming is a piece of cake.

          • Anonymous

            20 Apr 2021 08:00  

            Drakewing UGS makes this fight very simple, get him to stomp or swipe then line yourself up with both of his legs and use the special attack (R2) it will hit both legs for massive damage

            • Anonymous

              18 Jan 2021 09:24  

              the giant lord is one of the coolest looking enemies in souls history, I just wish they didn't make the normal giants so dumb looking

              • Anonymous

                06 Jan 2021 08:31  

                That swing that reaches behind his leg got me a few times while Im wailing on him. It starts to one shot me at NG+3

                • Anonymous

                  13 Oct 2020 16:49  

                  Keep locked on his left foot, stay behind him, if he lifts his heel he is about to swing at his back so roll between his legs to avoid it, then go straight back to his left leg. Stomps are easily dodged.

                  There is a bonfire ascetic on the first balcony when you get to the battle, use it to kill him for souls infinitely.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Jul 2020 14:37  

                    It's the best place to farm soul boss is easy to kill and gives lots of soul and troops in front of him gives extra soul

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Jul 2020 19:13  

                      His Swing from front to back that pivots him is telegraphed by hos left leg, as if hes getting on his tip toes. Walk directly in front of his toes and lock on to that left leg and ho ham, he cant hit you. Then get yourself under his balls behind him and he will do that attack again.

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Jun 2020 13:34  

                        got 75k souls from this dude, then died to a firebomb... said ***** it im going back to get them, popped a bonfire then came back and he gave me like 200K???????? LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Apr 2020 03:00  

                          My current build: warlock mask, Nahr Alma robes, Tseldora gloves and legs, CSSR +2 while in human form, I feel like that makes a difference. Per run I make about 570k souls, not sure about anything under intensity 8 though.

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Jun 2019 04:46  

                            With Nahr Alma Head and Robes, Jester Gloves, Tsledora Trousers & Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2 on SOTFS I am only receiving 380k souls.... And people in this comment section talking about 500k+ how?

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