Great Resonant Soul

Spell Type



13 Intelligence
26 Faith

Attunement SlotsSlots Used

2 Slot

Spell Uses



Short to Long Range

Great Resonant Soul is a Hex in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Hex, you must use a staff/chime or Special Weapons that can cast Hex.



"A hex that distorts the power of life.
Emits a large mass of dark at the cost of souls.

Can be used even without souls,
but at a greatly reduced strength.

Catalyst: sacred chime"

Acquired From

  • Pilgrims of the Dark rank 2 Reward
  • Purchased from Felkin the Outcast for 3400 souls



  • Costs 500 souls per cast for maximum damage. An upgrade to Resonant Soul, its damage is increased by roughly 55%. Does around same damage as Dark Hail at a faster casting speed, higher precision and longer ranges.
  • Succeeded by Climax in the resonant soul family of spells.
  • As of Calibration 10. it deals less poise damage.
  • ?


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    • Anonymous

      17 Jul 2021 13:37  

      for a game that uses "souls memory" this type of spell is a *****, DS2 system is so terrible, i cant think thats system passes on realise.

      • Anonymous

        09 Oct 2017 14:39  

        I really love this Spell! It’s a pity it didn’t cross over into DS3 along with its lesser version. Hexers are NOT an easy build to craft! Aside from needing high attunment, you need to balance the faith and intelligence to have an effective use. When you’re going by a set lvl standard, like 90-150, you have to make a lot of sacrifices as well as farm lots of spice.

        That being said however, Hexers were the glass cannon of the spell casters and being allowed access to both sorcery and miracles, it was easily interchangeable. I’m guessing it was over abused and Fromsoft just up and said, “Nope! No more dark wizards! We will only allow dark orbs and Dead Again!” I really miss Dark Fog also.

        • Anonymous

          23 May 2017 13:11  

          I don't want to spend that much souls, for me I prefer the Resonant soul which cost 100 souls only. This cost 500 souls for 55% one shot. so if the Resonant soul that cost 100 souls is 20% the damage when it was shot 3 times was 60% for 300 souls, much better. just my opinion sorry.

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