Forgotten Key


Key found in the Black Gulch Intricately designed, but of unknown origin. All manner of terrible things must have been cast into the Gutter in Majula, forming a settlement of filth and chaos"

Forgotten Key is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.






  • Found by defeating 2-4 (number vary by how many phantoms you have summoned) giants hidden underneath the Black Gulch.
  • From Black Gulch first bonfire, head left towards the oil pool and the worms. After defeating both worms, look for a ledge (approximately across the second worm hole). A torch is (very) helpful to see the ledge below. After dropping, turn around to see a smaller ledge with  a corpse. Turn around again and drop. You will land in a cave opening with the giants just ahead.
  • In the big room with the Giants, if you run along the edge to the left or right, you will reach a room containing a chest with Ring of Giants +1 and Petrified Dragon Bone. And from that room you can safely snipe them off with a bow or by using spells.
  • They are very weak against poison. The poison damage can reduce them to half health with one complete duration. It takes 4 - 5 poison daggers to get the effect going.
  • If you log out underneath the Black Gulch directly after beating one giant, the key will appear in your inventory upon logging back in.


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    • Anonymous

      Ok, but why two gigants have a forgotten key? And hot they are in this place, impossible them go in or out

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, you're forcing me to use a torch and set my brightness in the Screen Options as high as possible. What a god awful area.

        • Anonymous

          after the second worm their are 5 statues, fall to the right of the statues then you will land on a ledge, the door on that ledge needs the forgotten key too, but below that ledge is another one, it might take you a few tries to land on it but ounce you do follow the big whole and then there will be 2 giants, kill them and then you get the forgotten key and a ring, the easiest way to kill them is to poison them with throwing knives then use a heavy weapon and kill them within 4 hits.

          • Anonymous

            Jesus, the descriptions on this site are terrible. “In the room with the two giants...” like that’s obvious. If I could find that room, I wouldn’t need help finding the goddamn key!

            • Anonymous

              I'm confused...I definitely fought these two and got the forgotten key...I know because I have it and beat that DLC...but no giant's soul.

              • Anonymous

                For those of you confused by the phenomenally vague and stupid description for the location of the two giants:

                Between the two worms that shoot out of the caves about half way down the path to The Rotten boss, if you look over the edge of the cliff you'll see a ledge. A torch will help you see it. Drop down to this ledge, then there will be further ledges that you can keep dropping down onto until you eventually find a large cave opening. Walk into the cave and the two giants will greet you.

                • Anonymous

                  Also remember to keep the giant souls you collect throughout the game. Otherwise vendrick has 16x his normal defense.

                  • Anonymous

                    The room containing the giants is directly beneath the locked door you first drop on to. Look to the right (when facing the door) and you will see a small ledge under you. Make sure to walk slow, otherwise you might end up rolling off of this tiny ledge that leads to the cave with the giants.

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