The Crestfallen's Retreat


The Far Fire -> They way to the Forest of Fallen Giants is to your right if you face the near cliff. Go down that path. You will find a closed gate (there is a bigger one to left side of the small one you will see first, that's the one to open) but there is a lever right next to it in the wall to open it. At the end of the hallway there is a little wooden bridge, go over it and right after that down the ramp. You are now in Forest of Fallen Giants. Just go straight ahead over the little river and you are at the bonfire.


  • no bosses

Bonfire Ascetic Use:

Burning a bonfire ascetic here respawns the following items/enemies/bosses:


Burning a bonfire ascetic here spawns the following new items/enemies:

  • Item
  • Item
  • Enemy
  • Enemy


Special Notes:


Notable Summoning/PvP Spots:

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