Heide Knight

HP NG: ~1250
NG+: ~2,125
NG+7: ~ 5,200
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns No (Yes in Heide's Tower of Flame)

Heide Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. They are first encountered after climbing a ladder beyond the The Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire. 


Heide Knight Information

"Heide Knights served as protectors for the ancient Heide kingdom. However, their land sunk into the sea long ago, and only time distortion could explain their presence in Drangleic.
Heide Knights' equipment is made of a special alloy that is incredibly durable. Even after thousands of years, weapons and armors found in game have not deteriorated.
Heide Knights are non-hostile until attacked by players.
Heide Knights have high HP, swift attacks and movement, and deal significant damage. They can surprise and stagger players with their combos.
Heide Knights, although proficient in close ranged combat, have no ranged attacks. They can also be parried and backstabbed.






Strategy Tips

  • The Lost Bastille: Don't let him fall off the edge. If you do, the item drops in the water and you can't get it.
    A good strategy for beating them is to bait their attacks and get in a couple swings, as well as back stab fishing when an opening is available. You can also try using a guard break as your opening attack on the knight; if it lands he will stand up and begin to stagger away in a dazed state, leaving him wide open for an easy backstab. Or you can back off from him, and when he start running to get you, you do a power attack staggering him and then roll away from him.


Move Set

  • Sword Move Set:
    • Slash: usually comes in two's and three's. they swing around clumsily but also fast. 
      • blockable
    • Backslash: If you stand behind them, they will quickly slash behind as well. They also do this after backstabs.
      • blockable
  • Spear Move Set:
    • Jab and Spin: They will jab once before spinning with their spear
      • blockable 
    • Swing and Stab: they with swing twice before jumping forward to stab you with the spear
      • blockable



  • In Scholar of the First Sin, they appear in Heide's tower, and, while generally non-hostile to begin with, some do attack on sight, and the rest will become hostile and roam the area after the Dragon Rider is killed. They no longer have a 100% drop.
  • They attack fast but its easy to get backstabs on them if you keep moving right. Its also really easy to parry their swings. Unless your weapon can stagger them this is a really easy way to kill them without getting hit. 



  • The breathing noise they make is the same as that of King Vendrick. It is unknown what this means lore-wise.



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    • Anonymous

      02 Jul 2020 10:02  

      These guys are terrifying... Seeing them just chilling and suddenly breathing heavily while walking towards you like freckin possessed zombies is just awesome! Also, why are they impaled by arrows? Some Lore theories?

      • Anonymous

        27 Apr 2020 00:42  

        Perhaps someone should add the neutral stance to quick slash attack? Would be more than helpful for newer players to know about that one.

        • Anonymous

          12 Apr 2020 07:47  

          Can u get the sword if you died before picking it up after killing the first heides knight in the forrest of the fallen giants?

          • Anonymous

            09 Jan 2020 13:34  

            This enemies moveset along with its poise is grossly unfair. His attacks have no wind up making it impossible for the player to react. Very bad enemy design but what else do you expect with DS2.

            • Anonymous

              15 Nov 2019 23:50  

              Staggering them in SOTFS doesn't work, just stick to throwables if you can't kill them. I just tested this, also their attacks don't bounce off of shields.

              • Anonymous

                07 Jul 2018 19:10  

                Got the full set(and sword+spear) by joining the Champion Covenant and grinding the Tower for a few hours using Merchant Hat and Watchdragon Parma. Basically free of hassle provided you can defeat the enemy over and over.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Mar 2018 20:36  

                  This page on Heide Knights is incredibly underdeveloped
                  it doesn't tell you what their weaknesses or resistances are as well as not telling what move set they use and the strategies are pretty bad, they only work on certain knights with certain weapons
                  I mean c'mon it can't be that hard to get the information of what they're what they're weak to
                  I came to this page for the sole purpose of finding out what they're weak to so I can exploit it because I'm having trouble with one of the knights and I want those souls baby
                  so basically I give whoever made this page a 2/10 you sir, are a lazy-ass and I swear to god you better update this cause I need those exploits

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Nov 2017 18:38  

                    farming these guys for their armor is a pain in the ass now, ive clocked in over 24 hours of killing them, gained 3 swords, 1 spear, 2 helms. 1 chest, and 3 legs but not a single arms... based off what im seeing however, their drop rate is somewhere in the 5-10% range

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Apr 2017 17:49  

                      The first one is super easy to kill at Forest of Fallen Giants no matter what level he is on, I just climb the ladder and fire arrows down at him all day, but warning, when you use 4 bonfire astetics, he will starting dodging you so hope your a good shot!

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