Belmont Build


This is a build inspired by the Belmont Clan from the Castlevania Series

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Fire Whip+10, Old Whip+5, Notched Whip+10
  • Left Hand: Idols Chime+5
  • Head:None
  • Chest:Elite Knight Armor+10
  • Hands:Elite Knight Gloves+10
  • Legs: Elite Knight Leggings+10
  • Spells*: Force, Emit Force, Wrath of the Gods
  • Rings: Ring of Blades+2, Stone Ring, Chloranthy Ring+2, Bracing Knuckle Ring+2
  • Items**: Throwing Knives, Black Firebombs, Holy Water Urns

Build Strategy

In order to use this effectively, I feel as if I need to explain some things first:
There are two ways to play this build: Old School, and New. If you want to go Old School, it will be harder, as you have to use the whip in one hand, you can't backstab, and you can't parry, you HAVE to play like the Castlevania Games. If you wish to just use the equipment and play your way, then you don't have to abide by those rules, but I would wager that it's more fun the other way.
If you wish to go old school, you want to play smarter than your average player. You want to bait enemies in attacking, so you can get some counter damage. Even with the Stone Ring, you won't break poise easily, so you can't just attack willy nilly. Also, you only have one attack that has a broad range, so you want to avoid engagements with more that one enemy. Use the range of the whip to your advantage, and don't get too close.
If you wish to play your way, then the only advice I can give is some of the stuff I said above. Bait attacks, counter, and stay away. Use the Notched Whip to make people panic, use the Old Whip when the the enemy's fire defense is high, or when the Fire Whip doesn't do anything to them. One good thing about the 2 handed moveset is that you can break poise much easier, so you don't have to bait as much. Use your spells to make people back off, or when they start running.
This build is really fun! I didn't win that much, but I had more fun with this than I did my main build. It's definitely a challenge, so be prepared to die a lot. I do think that using this can make you better at the game, as you can't spam R1 the entire time. Have fun!

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    • If any of you have some suggestions, feedback, or questions, please ask! I'm willing to improve this over time, as SotFS has come out, I wouldn't be surprised if they changed a few things that could make this even more difficult.

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