Cosplay PVE Build

180 30 15 12 17
24 12 12 9 40

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls 2.

  • Build Name: Hand of God
  • Build Author: H-A-N-D-Of-God
  • Starting Class: Deprived,
  • Starting Gift: Any
  • Build Focus: PvE


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand 1: Archdrake chime
  • Right Hand 2: Hand
  • Right Hand 3: Hand
  • Left Hand 1: Hand
  • Left Hand 2: Hand
  • Left Hand 3: Hand
  • Armor:
  • Head: Archdrake Helm.
  • Chest: White priest chestpiece
  • Hands: Archdrake gloves
  • Legs: Archdrake boots.
  • Spells*: Bountiful Sunlight, Soul Appease, Sacred Oath.
  • Rings: stack the +2 life ring with the Third dragon Ring
  • Items**:


Build Strategy

A Powerful Tank/Cleric designed to deal good damage and soak up damage from bosses. Not very good for PVP
The First thing you should focus on is putting points into your faith, as this will be one of the key factors in your success. Then put as many points as you can into HP, STR, and END. You can choose which order you want to put the other stats in at your leisure. Then find the Archdrake chime, as it will be your main catylyst. Felkin the outcast will sell it to you if your faith and int are both above 8
Since you will be a high strength character, you can use the Bastard sword until you get the Zweihander, either through killing the spiders in brightstone cove Tseldora, or by finding the one in the Iron keep. Any shield you want to use is fine.
For your armor, the White priest chestpiece, And the Archdrake boots/gloves/Helm.
Any rings you choose will suffice, but I personally stack the +2 life ring with the Third dragon Ring.
NOTE: Since this is a faith build, you can infuse your zweihander With fire or lightning if you wish to do more damage.

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