Dark Armor is a Chest Piece in Dark Souls 2.

Dark Armor

icon physicaldef 114 icon poisedef 16
icon strikedef 114 icon poisonres 31
icon slashdef 120 icon bleedres 35
icon thrustdef 109 icon petrifyres 0
icon magicdef 30 icon curseres 0
icon firedef 30  
icon lightningdef 20 icon durabilitiy 90
icon darkdef 64 icon weight 9.8
Requirements & Bonus
icon strength 22 icon dexterity 22 icon intelligence 22 icon faith 22 icon physicaldefbonus green
Armor Type  


"Armor of a knight subsumed by dark.
No one knows the true identity of these men who are said to freely manipulate dark. Old foreign legends describe them as poor souls who chased the lost art of life drain."



  • Obtaining the full set requires getting the King's Ring and progressing to Aldia's Keep.
  • The Armor can be obtained in Iron Keep. Travel to the second bonfire, proceed to cross the platform above the lava (where the guy normally smashes the bridge) and enter the room filled with falling platforms. Pull the lever to lower the platform into the lava, then follow up the stairs and along the platforms to the ladder. Climb up, and a mimic will be directly to your right. Also, if you continue to go up, the Black Knight Greataxe can be found.
  • Scholar of the First Sin: The mimic has been moved to The Gutter. From the first Bonfire in The Gutter move straight ahead over the first wooden bridge. Mind the hole on the first platform and move past it, over another wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge go right up some ramps and follow it to the top (should be two or three ramps). Look to the right as you come to the top and jump down to a platform filled with oil pools and some hollows.

    Dispatch the hollows and either avoid the oil pools or kill the Dark Suckers that spawn out of them. Look straight ahead to the cave wall and follow it (should be towards the left from where you dropped down.) Follow the wall and drop down to a new section of the cave that houses a small tower. Dispatch the hollows around the tower and locate the ladder on the side of the tower and climb to the top. Once at the top, jump over to an iron chest on a cave ledge. Turn around to face the tower again and you will see a hole/door in the side of it, run towards it (don’t jump) and you will fall into it.

    Inside is the mimic containing the Dark Armor chest piece. Killing this mimic may cause the item to drop a single floor down and not all the way down. If this happens you will need to role into the second floor from the hole in the floor the mimic is located on. Because of this it is advised to use a Lloyd’s Talisman to put the mimic to sleep and grab the loot that way.






Dark Armor Upgrade Stats

Name & Icon Upgrade Level icon physicaldef icon strikedef icon slashdef icon thrustdef icon magicdef icon firedef icon lightningdef icon darkdef icon poisedef icon poisonres icon bleedres icon petrifyres icon curseres Cost (Souls) Materials
Base 114 114 120 109 30 30 20 64 16 31 35 0 0 - -
+1 125 125 132 120 33 33 22 70 16 34 38 0 0 1150 1x Twinkling Titanite
+2 136 136 144 131 36 36 24 76 16 37 42 0 0 1420 1x Twinkling Titanite
+3 148 148 154 142 39 39 26 82 16 40 45 0 0 1720 2x Twinkling Titanite
+4 159 159 168 153 42 42 28 88 16 42 49 0 0 2290 2x Twinkling Titanite
+5 171 171 180 164 45 45 30 95 16 46 53 0 0 2580 3x Twinkling Titanite


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    • Anonymous

      When I was trying to get this item through the floor Melinda ambushed and killed me, now I can't get it to reappear and it seems it is gone for good, bs mechanic

      • Anonymous

        For everyone having this drop through the floor, quicksave and reload your game. It should respawn where you killed the mimic.

        • Anonymous

          the item falling through the gutter floor glitch is infuriating, but if you carefully drop down you can still get it.

          • Anonymous

            For some reason, the item can fall through the platform and below an inaccessible room which will make the item unreachable. This happened twice. I killed the mimic before it transforms and the item fell through the tiny gaps. I used a bonfire ascetic and I killed the mimic yet again but this time, I waited for it to fully-transform and killed it very quickly but alas, it also fell down the gap. I would try and lure it out of the building this time but I don't think I would fare well with the +2 denizens of the area as a SL 57. Why on god's green Earth would they leave this game like this is beyond my mind.

            • Anonymous

              In SOTFS, the armor is located in the gutter. Next to the chest where the butcher phontom spawns, u need to make a jump.

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