00 level 1 icon strength 6
icon vigor 6 icon dexterity 6
icon endurance 6 icon adaptability 6
icon vitality 6 icon intelligence 6
icon attunement 6 icon faith 22 6

Deprived in Dark Souls II is a Starting Class. The Deprived is meant for players who prefer to have equal stats on all aspects at the start of the game. It starts no Weapons, Armor, and items at the start of the game. The Starting Classes of Dark Souls II will only give you a head start on certain stats. This is because you will be able to freely change your playstyle and build as you progress through out the game.


Unclothed, origin unknown. Has nothing to fight with, except life-affirming flesh.

Deprived Starting Equipment and Items

Weapon: None

Armor: Unclothed


Deprived Class Build for Dark Souls 2

The build that is listed below is a set of equipment and recommended stats that we see fit for the Deprived Class in Dark Souls 2. For more builds, check out our PvE Builds and PvP Builds pages to find various builds that have been created by the Fextralife team and its community.

Melee/Ranged Lightning Build

  • This is one of the good Deprived builds that you can find in the PVE Builds page made by "Arnaud".
  • First, raise STR and DEX to be able to wield Heide sword. This will be your main melee weapon. Raise DEX to use a bow if you want, but in this build, bow is only to lure enemies at long distance. Later in the game, when you will find good shields with 100% damage reduction, you can go for 16 STR if needed. Raise ATN to have your first slots. Later in the game, raise it until 40 to benefit for greatests miracles. Raise FTH up to 54 whenever you can (mixing with VGR and END) it will raise you damage with miracle and sword of heide with no need for dexterity or strength.


  • Lightning Chime +10
  • Lightning Heide Sword +10
  • Black Bow +10

Armor (Saint's Set)


Stats Ending Points Bonus Points
Vigor 20 None
Endurance 20 None
Vitality 6 None
Adaptability 10 None
Strength 16 None
Dexterity 25 None
Intelligence 6 None
Faith 54 None
Attunement 40 None


Notes and Tips About Deprived

Notes: This is a class for advanced players

The sole advantage of the Deprived (beyond Soul Level 1 runs) is the flexibility that they offer, able to become any kind of character equally well. Especially relevant is that they can use soul vessels to totally change their direction without any of the inefficiency that there would be for other characters. However, this comes with the disadvantage of being forced to have all stats at at least 6, even those that aren't valued to certain kinds of character. For players with a specific build in mind and no inclination to change away from it, the pre-built characters offer greater specialization but less flexability because the pre-built classes can drop their stats very low in unimportant (for the class) stats and spend the points on more valuable areas. For example, if you are trying to build a non-caster where intelligence, faith and attunement aren't important, a pre-built Bandit will have far better stats when he starts than a Deprived at the same soul level because his INT is 1 and ATT is 2, with those points being distributed across other physical stats. While a Bandit starts at SL11, he has 22 stat points in stats greater than 6 meaning that for a Deprived to match him in those specific areas would have to be SL22.

The Deprived also have a comparatively tough early game with many competing priorities for their skill points. The inability to use most early game weapons particularly can present a problem for newer players, as even regular hollows can present a challenge when you have so low endurance and deal so little damage. Once the character gets over the hump however they can be some of the best characters as the player can change their style to suit their immediate needs or to make use of any particularly powerful weapons they find without penalty.

This character, while 'unclothed' actually starts with the Imported Set within the inventory. This allows you a small measure of defense until you can find better armor. The Dagger is the first weapon that you will be able to come across at the start of the game that you can use with the low starting stats of this character. You are also able to use either the Infantry Axe or the Hand Axe in two hands without having to upgrade your stats, useful if you're trying to complete the game at SL1 or you want to focus on other stats first.

See builds for more information.

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    • Anonymous

      People complain about not starting with a weapon as if there isn't a dagger given to you within the first few minutes of the tutorial area.

      • Anonymous

        Here's the catch with this stsrting class: vigor increases hp the most, but all other stats does do in a minor proportion each stat but in an important amount if put together. You re supposed to aim for upgrading all stats equally to take advantage of this extra health benefit that is quite important for a character that can't dodge well. With that in mind, your weapon of choice should be apt for a quality build that also retains a considerable amount of base damage once infused in mundane, wich would be axes, greatswords, maces and the like. Once you farm enough and set 30 points in every stat, difficulty drops hard.

        • Anonymous

          Dark Souls 1 gives you a club and a wooden shield probably because they realize how hard that game already is and how impossible it would be to beat it with no weapons to start.

          • Anonymous

            "This is a class for advanced players" is always so funny to me. As if the classes mattered at all. And don't hit me with "no weapons or armour". Armour is useless and there is a dagger in the tutorial, making this class equal to the explorer.

            • Anonymous

              so, no stick for the naked guy in ds2? well i guess having to PUNCH people in the face makes this class even better

              • Anonymous

                I started a file with this character. My reasoning is the same as anybody else's, I love the thrill of making a character who can be whatever story they chart out for themselves. A large but not imposing physical build. Scrapes of hair in the back, orange eyes, a Tattoo cyan colored. His name is Solomon, a man who wandered into Drangleic with no memory of anything before other than his name being Solomon. After rescuing a scrappy young woman who was petrified, Solomon took up Pyromancy, and as the flames danced in his hands, Solomon settled into his new life, cradling and understanding both the power, the pleasure, the protection, and perversion that the magic of the First Flame provides, from both his actions and what he learns in lore and myth.

                • Anonymous

                  I play every character in every Dark Souls as deprived. I like the idea that I'm starting with next to nothing and can go in whatever direction I want with my build. And after just finishing a play through on Dark Sould Remastered, I just started another Dark Souls 2 run, both of course as deprived (and with no starting gift). It's fun for my immersion.

                  • Anonymous

                    Deprived is life. Hands down. I don`t care about the stats anyway. I respec so frequent it`s just good to have equal stats than some dedicated stats for that.

                    • Anonymous

                      Yeah I can't even think of anyway to really say the DS2 Deprived is good unless you're going SL1 or challenging yourself using that covenant that makes the game insanely hard. Other then that its trash just use Explorer and start off "weak" per se but with extreme utility

                      • Anonymous

                        Wow you guys make Deprived seem so amazing when Dark Souls 2 actually has the most crap Deprived class in the series. DS3 actually has the OP Deprived being level 1 but has 10 (YES TEN) points in every stat.

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