00 level 12 icon strength 15
icon vigor 7 icon dexterity 11
icon endurance 6 icon adaptability 5
icon vitality 6 icon intelligence 5
icon attunement 5 icon faith 22 5

Warrior in Dark Souls II is a Starting Class. The Warrior is meant for players who prefer high damage and Slow paced classes. It starts with a Broken Straight Sword and an Iron Parma as its starting weapons. The Starting Classes of Dark Souls II will only give you a head start on certain stats. This is because you will be able to freely change your playstyle and build as you progress through out the game.


Battle-scarred warrior. High strength, dexterity. Skilled with weapons.

Warrior Starting Equipment and Items in Dark Souls 2

Weapons: Broken Straight Sword, Iron Parma
Items: Lifegem (x10)
Armor: Hard Leather Set 


Warrior Class Build for Dark Souls 2

The build that is listed below is a set of equipment and recommended stats that we see fit for the Warrior Class in Dark Souls 2. For more builds, check out our PvE Builds and PvP Builds pages to find various builds that have been created by the Fextralife team and its community.

Pure INT Build/Moonlight Great sword

  • This is one of the good Warrior builds that you can find in the PVE Builds page made by "Frank the Tank" that primarily focuses on intelligence. It's a great build for both PVE and PVP which uses the Moonlight Greatsword for close range combat and magic spells for long-range. So if you want a build that uses both melee and magic as its main primary attacks, then this is the build for you.
  • Moonlight Greatsword will have around 610 damage (Before crystal weapon is even applied.)
  • Staff of Wisdom will have over 550 damage
  • Pyromancy Flame around 480 Damage.



The Llewellyn Set is chosen due to its surprising lightweight and good defense. If you care little about poise, then this armor set is for you, and has the potential to be one of the best light armors in terms of physical defense when fully upgraded. Helm - Black Hood +5 (Give increased cast speed +2 INT +2 Faith)


Spells (10 Slots Free)

These are not set in stone. Feel free to change some out to what you feel comfortable with.

  • 1x Crystal Magic Weapon (2 casts)
  • 1x Soul Geyser (2 casts) Boss killer / Large Enemy
  • 1x Crystal Souls Spear (3 Casts)
  • 1x Soul Spear (4 Casts)
  • 2x Great Heavy Soul Arrow (26 casts) General Area Clearer Spell
  • 2x Flame Swath (8 Casts)
  • 2x Great Fireball (10 Casts)


The Attributes you'll want to focus on are Strength, Intelligence, Attunement, and Dexterity. You'll want to make these as high as possible to make the most out of this build. Leveling intelligence and Attunement will increase the damage when it comes to magic. While Strength and Dexterity will give you decent close-range damage when leveled. Here's what you can base on for your starting points, and what you can possibly end up with as you progress:

Stats Starting Points Ending Points Bonus Points
Vigor 7 10 None
Endurance 6 15 None
Vitality 6 15 None
Adaptability 5 5 None
Strength 15 18 None
Dexterity 11 18 None
Intelligence 5 99 Gets +2 from helm
Faith 5 7 Gets +2 from helm
Attunement 5 40 None


Warrior Class Notes and Tips for Dark Souls 2

Notes: A well-balanced class, their decent armor and shield make them a solid choice for complete beginners. Their high attack stats mean that they can wield most of the Black Armor items right away and most early game weapons. One should swap out their broken sword for a more powerful weapon when they can find one, since it's rather weak and pointless to upgrade, alternately you can infuse it with Old Mundane Stone or Poison Stone to put its low stamina consumption as your advantage. The Morning Star can be obtained extremely early in Majula for those without the pre-order weapons. Their Intelligence and Faith are low, but balanced, though they require 5 more Attunement (and 10 Int. for Magic Weapon or 12 Faith for Heal) to use a spell.

See builds for more information.


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    • Anonymous

      What a tank, all you have to do is get the Morning Star on the ledge in Majula and you are off to a great start.

      • Anonymous

        Bad starting weapon? Yeah, not exactly denying that. But two hand that iron parma and abuse it's jump attack to flatten the hell out of anyone you encounter. You'll get a dagger in the tutorial and a morning star later on, and then lenigrast will sell you a battle axe that can wreck the rest of the game.

        • Anonymous

          Definitely the mos solid choice for beginners, and a great starting point for many a build. That starting strength and dexterity is a delight.

          • Anonymous

            There is some nuance to this class because while it may start with a bad weapon but if you get your hands on the morning star in Majula or get lucky with a petrified something you should be pretty set for the early game

            • Anonymous

              I started with the warrior wasnt that hard, found the falchion, started to max intelegence, soul greatsword, falchion +10.

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