00_level 11 icon-strength 3
icon-vigor 5 icon-dexterity 7
icon-endurance 6 icon-adaptability 8
icon-vitality 5 icon-intelligence 14
icon-attunement 12 icon-faith_22 4


The Sorcerer is a starting class in Dark Souls 2.

Knowledgeable sorcerer.
Casts sorceries with high
intelligence and attunement.



Sorcerer Starting Equipment and Items

Weapons: Dagger, Sorcerer's Staff
Armor: Black Hollow Mage Robe, Imported Trousers
Spells: Soul Arrow
Items: Lifegem (x10)


Notes and Tips About Sorcerer

Notes: A class that is almost entirely focused on ranged attacks early on due to their low physical stats (probably meant for dexterity weapons). They are the archetypal mage, with better dodging abilities than defense. They can be a difficult class for new players due to their extremely low strength, leaving them unable to use any shield effectively, but the dagger has great critical damage at the start. This leaves them vulnerable at close range, however, once you focused on leveling up Endurance, Attunment and Intelligence, their magic and pyromancy can be very devastating, since pyromancy now scales with intelligence, decent on some bosses, vulnerable to melee at early level, however, they also start with daggers, combined with the one found in the beginning, you now have two daggers, you may raise your dexterity to 10 in order to perform power stance, and they receive good scaling with early weapon Fire Longsword(requires 10 Strength and 9 Dexterity), however, their low Faith makes them extremely difficult on learning miracle and hex, or vise versa in case of Cleric, which is trivial. This is considered to be a strong late-game class, weak from the beginning, devastating at the later.

Oddly, they possess the Black Hollow Mage Robe, which is considered to be a rare armor piece, all they need is to find the missing hood

See builds for more information.


Bandit  ♦  Cleric  ♦  Deprived  ♦  Explorer  ♦  Knight  ♦  Swordsman  ♦  Warrior

    • Anonymous

      20 Nov 2018 20:03  

      in dark souls 1 the heavy mage build was the only way to play high stats & a great sheild if you did not want to get killed in pvp! how ever in dark souls 2 the fact the sorcerer starts with such horrible physical stats & enemies stop re spawning after you kill them a certain amount of times the heavy mage build is dead because you just cant farm enough souls to get the stats you need! with out going into ng+ this also means the giant dad build is dead unless you go into ng+2 or 3!

      • Anonymous

        09 Nov 2018 20:18  

        This class is the best by far. I went from starting level to level 75 in literally 6 hours. Just have have to farm souls from the first enemy to the last.

        • Anonymous

          04 Oct 2017 06:35  

          I’ve always preferred the Sorcery/magic/wizard class in all RPG games. The Dark Souls Sorcery doesn’t have it easy, this is true but only if you’re focused on trying to kill everything in sight and/or wanting to use weapons over magic. Sorcery in Darks souls to me is more about focusing on dodging, avoiding getting hit as much as possible and focusing primarily on range or stealthy backstabbing with a heavy critical weapon. Anyway, I really like this class! Only thing that troubles me about the sorcerer class in DS2 is the magical projections are exceptionally prone to hitting the floor or walls in “around the corner” style locking on and attacking.

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