The Knight is a starting class in Dark Souls 2.

Traveling knight.
High HP and adaptability.
Tough to take down.

Soul Level Vigor Endurance Vitality Attunement Strength Dexterity Adaptability Intelligence Faith
13 12 6 7 4 11 8 9 3 6

Weapons: Broadsword
Armor: Falconer Armor, Falconer Gloves, Falconer Boots
Items: Lifegem (x10)

Notes: A more tank-oriented class than the Warrior, he trades some magic and attack stats for extra HP and dodging ability. This makes close combat a little easier but increases the levels necessary for learning spells. They have no particular strengths, but do START with a better sword. Though they don't start with a shield (probably because they're meant to start off 2 handing), it's easy to obtain the Crimson Parma or buy the Silver Eagle Kite Shield from Maughlin the Armorer. Intelligence and Attunement are slightly lower than Warrior, Faith on the other hand is one point higher than Warrior, invest 6 more Attunement and Faith to use Heal.

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