Engraved Gauntlets is a gauntlet in Dark Souls 2.

Engraved Gauntlets

Engraved Gauntlets
icon physicaldef 29 icon poisedef
icon strikedef 29  icon poisonres 15 
icon slashdef 29  icon bleedres 15 
icon thrustdef 29  icon petrifyres 44 
icon magicdef 15 icon curseres 44 
icon firedef 15   
icon lightningdef 15  icon durabilitiy 55 
icon darkdef 15  icon weight 5.5 
Requirements & Bonus
icon strength 22 icon dexterity 22 icon intelligence 22 icon faith 22 icon physicaldefbonus green
12 12  C
Armor Type Gauntlets

Engraved Gauntlets Description

Stone gauntlets engraved with odd writing. Said to bring good fortune to the wearer. 
The wealthy merchant Fiorenza searched for these rare and precious gauntlets his entire life, but was not the one who found them." 
Effect: Rare chance normal attacks become critical hits 

Where to Find \ Location




  • Upgraded with Twinkling Titanite.
  • Gauntlets offer the highest petrification resistance and second highest curse resistance.
  • Effect: rare chance (5%) that normal attacks become critical hits (with 1.5x damage). A distinctive sound is heard when it happens.
  • Notes:
    • Gauntlets are compatible with bows, crossbows, spells, backstabs, ripostes, consumable throwing items, and even guard breaks (although no extra damage is applied in this case).
    • Counter damage WILL be applied to the attacks (assuming the attack that procs the effect is a counter) which can deal borderline ridiculous damage when combined with Old Leo Ring and a thrusting weapon with high counter damage modifier, such as Espada Ropera or Shadow Dagger.
    • Gauntlets have great synergy with items that hit more than once or quickly such as curved swords or Channeler's Trident.
    • Gauntlets also combine well with Vanquisher's Seal, resulting in more than 800 barehand damage with 2 handed strong attack with every critical hit.
    • Gauntlets are often used in pvp as that crit could be the deciding factor of the fight.

Upgrade Table



icon physicaldef icon strikedef icon slashdef icon thrustdef icon magicdef icon firedef icon lightningdef icon darkdef icon poisonres icon bleedres icon petrifyres icon curseres



+0  29 29 29 29 15 15 15 15 15 15 44 44  -- --
+1 32 32 32 32 16 16 16 16 16 16 48 48 820 Twinkling Titanite x1
+2 35 35 35 35 17 17 17 17 17 17 52 52 1020 Twinkling Titanite x1
+3 38  38 38 38 19 19 19 19 19 19 57 57 1020 Twinkling Titanite x2
+4 41 41 41 41 20 20 20 20 20 20 61 61 1630 Twinkling Titanite x2
+5 44 44 44 44 22 22 22 22 22 22 66 66 1830 Twinkling Titanite x3


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    • Anonymous

      Since it isn't mentioned on this page, I thought it'd be helpful to note that you do not need to meet the item's stat requirements to benefit from the critical hit effect.

      • Anonymous

        I'd rather have a tiny flat buff than RNG. If a duel gets decided by luck, how is that fun for either party?

        • Anonymous

          So it's effectively 1.5 x 0.05 + 0.95 = 1.025x dmg.
          Less than 3% sustained damage boost, so pretty meh vs a tanky target like a boss.
          Could be quite nice if it lets you one shot or get in a kill vs a mob before rolling occasionally due to a crit proc. And probably super annoying/surprising to have land on someone in PvP. I suppose it makes sense why they'd put this behind the only quest requiring killing an NPC.

          • Anonymous

            Does it work with running attacks of lances ? If so, is it nice to use with them (I use heide lance for instance)?

            • Anonymous

              "Tests show that actual critical hit chance is closer to 15%."
              Whoever did this test must have been INSANELY lucky. Using it myself with Ricard's Rapier, it really is around the 5% it's supposed to be.

              • Anonymous

                You can do good fashion souls with this. This + Grave Warden Bottom s + Red Lion Warrior Cape + Prisoner Hood (mouth only) look quite nice.

                • Anonymous

                  I love armor effects like this in ds2, makes the whole min-maxing idea alot more fun than in ds3, where you just get the best rings, spells, and weapons and that's pretty much it. At least in ds1 you had interesting mechanics like chaos damage scaling with humanity.

                  • Anonymous

                    "It seems that weapons degrade faster while Engraved gauntlets are used."
                    The fact that no numbers or anything are actually shown made me wanna test this, so i decided to count each hit with and without the gauntlets using my dual wielded blacksteel katanas. I hit the wall until they were in risk without the gauntlets and it was exactly 90 hits so i assume at 100 hits they would break, i hit it again until they were in risk with the gauntlets and again, 90 hits, exact same. idk if it's different on actual enemies or something but I assume someone put that there to avoid players abusing the crit chance on pvp or something, im a pve player so idc

                    • Anonymous

                      Using the Roaring Halberd and Dark Blade, crits cause me to 1-shot enemies I should absolutely not be 1-shotting. Absolutely insane damage.

                      • Anonymous

                        These were helpful for beating bosses. Especially combined with sacred oath and a resin or spell infused weapon.

                        • Anonymous

                          I'm so conflicted with these. The defense to weight ratio is really bad, but I plan to start using a twinblade and my friends have said I would be crazy not to use these with it. I'm only mainly playing PvE, and the Red Iron TB already does insane amounts of damage faith infused with lightning. Decisions Decisions.

                          • Anonymous

                            I never found these notably useful, most enemies die quickly anyway and bosses are a matter of pattern recognition and timing, crits arent very helpful, but poise sure is. These have no poise. Back to forlorn gloves

                            • Anonymous

                              It is actually possible to miss the chance at the key for the door. How exactly is as follows; You let Creighton and Pete fight WITHOUT intervening on one or the others behalf at their climax. If you then go talk to the victor you will only be offered generic dialogue and no reward. Go figure huh. Also as a side note - You gain Sin by letting this happen. Not that it's a big deal as if you followed through with the quest line...you intended to kill one or the other.

                              • Anonymous

                                completely exhausted petes and creightons dialogue both times and they just never showed up at tseldora, oh well, back to aurous glovies

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