Old Leo Ring is a counter damage boosting ring in Dark Souls 2.
old_leo_ring.png "The beloved ring of a dragon-slaying knight.
Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks.
After many years of use, the ring's face has worn down, but close inspection reveals an engraved lion."


  • Boosts Counter Modifier of thrust attacks by 12.5%
    For example: If a weapon has Counter Modifier of 150.
    • 150 * 1.125 = 168.75. -> Counter Damage increases by 18.75%.
    • 100 * 1.125 = 112.5. -> Weapon now deals 12.5% Counter Damage.

  • Weight: 0.5



  • The Old Leo Ring also boosts damage of Bows and Crossbows Counter Damage.
  • Strengthens counter of all thrust-type attacks regardless of the actual weapon equipped (thus affects thrusting moves of any weapon and even arrows).
  • Counter Damage not only benefits from physical damage, but is also affected by elementally infused weapons.
  • Does NOT affect ripostes and backstabs: they are not counter attacks and use different damage calculations.

    • Anonymous

      14 Nov 2016 15:14  

      The math equation to figure out the damage boost is wierd, it should be, for example 100*.125=12.5. Also, does counter damage stack with damage boosts from rings?

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