Creighton the Wanderer

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
? 1,450 Huntsman's Copse Creighton's Steel Mask

Creighton the Wanderer is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Creighton the Wanderer Information

He is a wandering swordsman from the land of Mirrah who was tricked and is found locked in a jail cell. Upon freeing him he will tell you who he is and what his goals for revenge are. He moves around the country in search of the man who backstabbed him.

  • Gives you the gesture "Fist pump"
  • Located in Huntsman's Copse, Shaded Woods and Brightstone Cove Tseldora.
    • Will only appear in Brightstone Cove Tseldora once both his and Mild Mannered Pate's dialogue has been exhausted in every location. Details below.
    • (Scholar of the First Sin only) After freeing him in the Huntsman's Corpse, you can summon him for the fight against the Skeleton Lords. His sign is in the cave with the skeletons, near the iron gate.
  • Though he claims to be from Mirrah, his armor description implies that it isn't even actually from Mirrah, but a replica, and his helm covers his face.


Huntsman's Copse. Found locked away inside the cell containing the Undead Lockaway bonfire. The Undead Lockaway Key is required to open the door.
Shaded Woods. Can be found near the Ruined Fork Road bonfire on the way to the misty woods. In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, Creighton is located at the Shaded Ruins, on the top floor of the right tower near the passage that leads to Scorpioness Najka.
Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Right before the Chapel Threshold bonfire to your left, there is a cliffside you can descend off of to land infront of a house below. You will find Creighton and Pate fighting inside.


  1. Creighton's Steel Mask



- When met in Hunstman's Copse

  1. Who are you?
    I thought you were that bastard for a moment.
    You've set me free. Now I can find him.
    The cheeky prick. He won't know what hit him.
  2. I am Creighton, of Mirrah. I travel from land to land to hone my blade.
    I've heard this land was full of danger. I thought it would suit me perfectly.
    I joined forces with a man on the way, but he was no more than a back-stabbing knave.
    He took the first chance he had to try and off me.
    I decided to set a trap for him here, but then I got trapped myself.
    I can't believe that I was so dense. Thank the stars that you came along.
  3. You be careful of him. Pate, I think he said.
    He wears this rather unusual ring. You know it when you see it.
    I've seen his type before. He kills entirely for the pleasure of it.
    I'm sure I won't be his last victim. The man's better off dead, I tell you.
    He's a slick talker, so don't let him fool you.
  4. Pate, the man with the strange ring. Watch out for the slimy rat.
    And don't you believe a word he says.
    I'll find the common footpad, and put an end to his roguery. Heh heh.

- When met in Shaded Woods

  1. Heh heh…Just wait, you dirty rat…
    Hm? Oh…Oh! I-I remember you?!
    Don't you scare me like that. I thought you were him.
  2. That bastard with the ring lives in Brightstone Cove down the way.
    I'm gonna find him and settle the score. Nobody insults me like that.
  3. For the good of the world, and for my own honour.
    I won't let that bastard live another day. Heh heh…

- When encountered fighting Pate in Brighstone Cove Tseldora
Damn! You're tougher than you look!

- When talking after helping him kill Pate

  1. …Serves you right…Hah hah hah!
    …Hah hah…Hah hah hah hah!
  2. …I did it…Hah hah!
    Thanks for your help. He was no pushover…
    Here, take this, and go to my bolt-hole down the way.
    What's there is yours.
    Just a small token of appreciation.
  3. You did me well.

- When talking after he kills Pate without player help
…Serves you right…Hah hah hah!
…Wait… …You weren't friends with that rat, were you?
Then jog on…You've no business with me.

- When talking to him in Brightstone Cove Tseldora after the player has killed Pate somewhere else
Oh, you. What do you want?
That bastard's run off somewhere.

- When talking to him in Brightstone Cove Tseldora after the player has killed Pate somewhere else, if wearing the Ring of Thorns
Your ring! That's his ring!
You're not friends with the bastard, are you?
Hand that ring over to me. He's no friend of yours. You can do without it.
Think carefully before you answer.

- Answer "yes"
You killed him, didn't you?
Fair play. As long as he got what he deserved.
Here, take this, and go to my bolt-hole down the way.
What's there is yours.
Just a small token of appreciation.

- Answer "no"
I see how it is. You're another slimy toad!

- Talking a second time after agreeing to give him the ring
You did me well.

- When the player opens the trapped chest in Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Ooh, that'll leave a nasty scar!

- When giving equipment to the player
Here, these are for you.
You did me well. Just take 'em.

- When attacked but not aggroed
Hey, watch it there!
Why, you!

- When attacked and aggroed
Do you want some? Fine enough!

- When killing the player
Next time, you think before you pick a fight!

- When re-encountered after aggroing
Don't you ever give up!

- When attacked and health is under 50%
Damn! This isn't right!

- When killed
(whimpering and sighing; no subtitles)

- Unknown
Heh…Rotten bastard…




  • Cale the Cartographer claims that he saw a man that looked similar to a serial killer in Mirrah, and that his name was "Cray something".
    • Cale is first discovered in the same area that Mild Mannered Pate is, whose equipment indicates that he might not be what he seems.
    • Creighton's mask covers his face, so recognizing his face would be a difficult task, but his armor, weapon and physique might be easier to.
    • Creighton and Cale do not have the same accent; Pate and Cale do.
    • Creighton tells you that he thinks Pate kills people because he enjoys it.
    • Pate's spear's description states that he has been involved in countless battles, and also that he has something to hide. His armour's description states that it was pillaged.
    • Cale however says he saw a man who looked like a serial killer only after Creighton has been released.
    • Cale's explanation might be for in-game clarity, as to make sure the player has already met Creighton before being warned about a murderer.
    • During his confrontation with Pate he shows complete, nearly psychotic determination to slay the man, while Pate tries to talk his way out of it.
    • Pate has been described as a "smooth talker" and could be trying to play the innocent victim to get the player to help them during the fight.
    • If he was a killer, the imitation knight's armor would be a good way to avoid suspicion among passer-by.
    • In Creighton's dialogue he states that Pate wears a unique ring. During your first encounter with Pate though, he lies about the ring, claiming a man who was trapped left it behind. This may show that Pate does not want to be identified.
    • Both encounters with Creighton are only comprised of him warning you of Pate and what he plans to do with him. However both encounters with Pate involve him directing you to a very dangerous/trapped area and is then surprised when you survive.
    • While Pate does warn the player about traps ahead, he doesn't explain the full danger therein. (He only warns the player about the door closing behind them in the Forest of Fallen Giants, and not the small army of hollows inside.) Possibly to make the player underestimate the danger ahead, causing them to rush to their death.
    • It is worth noting that Creighton does not do anything to harm the player, whereas Pate sends the player into two different ambushes for "Treasure" (although Pate does explicitly warn the player what will happen if they proceed). Both of them booby trap the chest in the Brightstone cove, though.
  • His armour has the same family crest as Benhart of Jugo, though they are probably not related as Benhart's armor's description states that he found it, making it unlikely that he is actually of the same family as Creighton
  • If you have killed Pate earlier you can still get the ring by talking to Creighton in Brightstone Cove Tseldora at the cost of giving him Pate's ring.
  • He does not take the ring; he only wishes to assess whether you are Pate's friend. Just say you will give it to him and he will give you the key. NOTE: this must be the original Ring of Thorns. I accidentally sold mine after buying the Ring of Thorns +1 from Grave Warden Agdayne
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, the location of the second encounter has changed. you can now find him in the shaded woods ruins, in the right tower near the path to the boss.
  • In the original Dark souls 2 trailer it shows three Mirrah Knights identical to Creighton fight and lose to the Faraam knight.
  • Makes an appearance in Dark Souls 3 as an invader and as a part of a sidequest to help another NPC defeat him.


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    • Anonymous

      24 Dec 2019 09:22  

      Sh!t i killed creighton instead of pate!!sh*t nooo!!does bonfire ascetic works if i burn it at the chapel threshold bonfire??help( ´Д`)y━・~~

      • Anonymous

        30 Nov 2019 22:01  

        Honestly just kill them and take there loot you get everything thay give you just earlier (currect me if wrong)

        • Anonymous

          08 Nov 2019 14:51  

          If you have armor and ring obtained from Pate equiped , when you meet Creighton in shaded woods, will he attack you? I think this can be unknown quote: heh rotten bastard!

          • 04 Sep 2019 08:28  

            Creighton's a thug and Pate's basically monotone Patches so there's no qualms about shanking these guys. For the most loot, summon Pate for the Last Giant (he has to survive the fight) and he'll give you his set when you meet him next, help Creighton kill Pate and talk to him so he gives you his set, and then kill Creighton.

            • Anonymous

              06 Jun 2019 15:30  

              Huh...a psychopathic killer with a helmet that resembles a hockey mask and swings a weapon that you could (under circumstances) consider a tool rather then a weapon...I've never seen or heard THAT one before!

              • Anonymous

                18 May 2019 00:30  

                Playing Scholar on console and am puzzled because I met Pate twice, got his soapstone and gear and exhausted dialogue. Met Creighton twice and exhausted dialogue and they are not at Brightstone Cove fighting.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Nov 2018 06:35  

                  Killed pate before talking to Creighton in shaded woods exhausted his dialogue but creighton didnt show up in tseldora, is this normal?

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Apr 2017 01:05  

                    My take is that Pate is right and they both were companions once and probably had been treasure hunters of a sort, cooperating long enough to even have a "shared" haul. They then had a falling out because Pate rightly deduced that an area was trapped and refused to go inside, Creighton then went inside and fell for the trap.

                    While Pate is honest, he isn't a good person and I'd say he's more neutral in his morals. After Creighton got caught in the trap he decided not to risk his own skin to save Creighton and instead took their "shared" haul for himself. This combination of being trapped and then Pate taking all of their treasure caused Creighton to blame Pate for the trap even though in all likelihood Pate didn't trick Creighton and he probably told Creighton that he thought it was a trap just like Pate later tells the player.

                    This one event causes both men to turn on one another, since both think the other's actions were that of a true psychopath. Pate feels that Creighton is overreacting to a trap he told him was there and Creighton feels like only a heartless psycho would not help him get out of the trap. The bottom line is Pate is not the kind of persons that would risk his own skin to rescue another and he assumes everyone else in the world would act like him in the same circumstance.

                    By the time the player gets to them fighting both are so determined to win this conflict that they both have really stopped caring about their shared treasure haul and are greatful enough to the player for helping them that they let the player keep the treasure. Pate in all probability boobytrapped the chest, since the key to the area with the chest has Pate's name on it. Pate says what he does because he's directed you twice into areas that were trapped and figured you'd handle it, Creighton says what he says because he knew that Pate probably trapped part of their shared haul and that's part of reason why he was so free with handing over the key. Both were kind of hoping the trap would get rid of you since neither really cares about the wellbeing of the player once they got the player to help them end their dispute.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Mar 2017 05:18  

                      Creighton is at the Ruined Fork Road in Ds2: SotFS PS3, just like the original.
                      I beat the game skipping his bonfire cage so MAYBE that makes things different but seriously guys, this is a wiki not 4chan, please don't lie.

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Mar 2017 05:29  

                        one thing i ust say is that the creighton wont dissappear untill you opened the left chest that triggers his last dialogue ( the one with the bomb and rusty coins in it ) so he can stay ingame :D

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Jan 2017 09:26  

                          Somehow i have done all of his and Pate dialogue, then i went to Tseldora...
                          Idk why, but what's left is only Pate spear and his ring, and i don't even saw those two fighting, even though it went well in my other playtrough..

                          My conclusion : Creighton won.
                          My original purpose : assisting Creighton and get the key.
                          My question : I don't even assist him nor i watch him duke it out with Pate. Where the hell did he go after fighting Pate?

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