Elizabeth Mushroom


Specially treated dried mushroom.
Creates a euphoric sensation when ingested, and restores a large amount of HP over time.
Saint Elizabeth devoted her life to helping the needy by concocting medicine and potions.
It's thought her great virtue was matched only by her sublime beauty, but who can say now?.

Elizabeth Mushroom is a type of healing consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Restores HP over time. (Restores 2000 HP over 44 seconds.)



  • 1 In a waterlogged chest in Shrine of Amana near the first bonfire.
  • 1 In a chest after defeating the Lost Sinner.
  • 3 under a table in the hallway near the Ritual Site bonfire on NG+. These can be respawned repeatedly and farmed using bonfire ascetics (need confirmation)
  • 3 Underneath the first dragon in Dragon Aerie on NG+.
  • 3 In an iron chest in Eleum Loyce near the area with the ballistas.
  • 13 Sold by Grave Warden Agdayne for 4500 souls.
  • Very rare drop from Dragon Acolytes in Aldia's Keep. Unsure whether it is only drop-able by the first one in the painting or all of them. (I have had them drop from the Acolytes in the room with the Giant Bug) Dropped at bonfire intensity 5. (Untrue, using Company of Champions, killing them in normal NG caused them to drop) Another dropped from the Acolyte that examines the corrosive creature (I got a couple from that one on NG+).
  • 2 on a corpse in Frozen Eleum Loyce behind a one way door near the area with several Ice Rapier wielding monsters.


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    • Anonymous

      24 Mar 2019 07:29  

      these can be farmed in NG, you'll pick up quite a few of them if you farm the dragon acolytes for dragon bone. just wear the mimic helmet, prisoner's tatters, watchdragon parma, go to the bonfire behind the illusory wall and from there walk through the door to fight the 1st guy who comes out from behind a painting. then rest at the bonfire and kill him again, it's faster than fighting all of them in my experience. same deal with shrine of amana just kill the guy at the 1st bonfire over and over for twinkling titanite. seems like the drop rate for PTB is around 20% and the rate for mushrooms like 5%. as for amana, the drop rate for twinkling titanite seems to be like 30% or more

      • Anonymous

        07 Mar 2019 15:00  

        It is dropped by all of them. I entered CoC so they respawn invinitely and all of them already droped it for me at least once.

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