Cracked Red Eye Orb


Online play item.
Invade other worlds.
Defeat the master of the world you have invaded to acquire a Token of Spite.
The residual sins of those who have succumbed to dark temptations are contained in the form of the Cracked Red Eye Orb.

Cracked Red Eye Orb is a Multiplayer item in Dark Souls 2


  • Used to invade the worlds of other players.
  • Invasion time lasts around 30 minutes.


  • Must be Human.
  • Must be in an area where PvP is allowed.



  • If the host dies, Invader receives 1 Token of Spite and gains souls 10% equivalent the cost of leveling up of the opponent.
  • If used in the Dark Chasm of Old, the Invader will spawn as an Abyss Phantom (NPC Phantoms are also hostile towards the Invader).
  • Small chance to be summoned by Looking Glass Knight anywhere in Drangleic Castle (got summoned while invading in Throne of Want.)


    • Anonymous

      19 Jul 2019 17:47  

      please revise the titchy gren part as i can buy unlimited amount of this item for 10,000 each in softs at ng++

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2019 16:20  

        What a *****ing joke you can't even get it back if host disconnect and it's rare as***** now I know why dark souls 2 pvp is inactive

        • Anonymous

          06 Nov 2018 16:42  

          You can also find a few in Aldia's Keep. You have to light all of the fires, kill the Spirits that spawn when you light one, go back to the bonfire, then get the key because skeleton boi decides he wants to one hit you but also give you Aldia's Key at the same time. The key will unlock the doors to the right, be warned, all of the chests are Mimics. One or two Mimics drop this item (at least for me) and I'm pretty sure a corpse can also be looted for some.

          • Anonymous

            24 Oct 2017 09:53  

            acho melhor toda a galera que compra o jogo na STEAM e nos CONSOLES pedir pra BANDAI FROMSOFTWARE fazer uma atualização do game e coloca pra gata que fica em MAJULA vender o RED ORB INFINITO dessa forma vai ser muito melhor e o modo ONLINE do game vai esta vivo novamente.

            I think better all a gal that buys the game in STEAM and in the CONSOLES ask BANDAI FROMSOFTWARE to make an update of the game and put to the cat that stay in MAJULA to sell the RED ORB INFINITO this form is much better and the ONLINE mode of the game will be alive again.

            • Anonymous

              26 Feb 2017 03:28  

              Killing the three micro-boars in Majula 13 times triggers the 2 regular boars to spawn in their place. Likewise, killing the regular boars 13 times makes a mega-boar spawn there instead.

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