Cracked Red Eye Orb


Online play item.
Invade other worlds.
Defeat the master of the world you have invaded to acquire a Token of Spite.
The residual sins of those who have succumbed to dark temptations are contained in the form of the Cracked Red Eye Orb.

Cracked Red Eye Orb is a Multiplayer item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Used to invade the worlds of other players.
  • Invasion time lasts around 30 minutes.


  • Must be Human.
  • Must be in an area where PvP is allowed.





  • If the host dies, Invader receives 1 Token of Spite and gains souls 10% equivalent the cost of leveling up of the opponent.
  • If used in the Dark Chasm of Old, the Invader will spawn as an Abyss Phantom (NPC Phantoms are also hostile towards the Invader).
  • Small chance to be summoned by Looking Glass Knight anywhere in Drangleic Castle (got summoned while invading in Throne of Want.)


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