Crown of the Old Iron King is a DLC for Dark Souls 2 (DKS2), released on August 26th 2014. The DLC was later bundled as part of the Scholar of the First Sin Edition of the game. All episodes were sold for either $9.99 a piece, or added as part of the Dark Souls II Season Pass for $24.99.  Requires Patch 1.07

Crown of the Old Iron King


Beyond the Iron Keep, set in a "Brume Tower" covered in soot and ash, players must bear through entirely new hardships.

How to access the DLC area

old_iron_crown_screenshot13_small.jpgAfter buying the DLC an item is added to the inventory, the Heavy Iron Key to access the DLC.
The player must go to the primal bonfire chamber in the Iron Keep and examine an obelisk to be teleported to the entrance of the DLC, a chamber with a locked door that opens with a key received for buying the DLC.

  • Players that don't have the DLC can be summoned into it by placing their signs in this chamber. The signs will show up inside the DLC.
  • Also worth noting that with the DLC installed, the tablet in Majula that normally says it is too worn to be read, will now give instructions how to enter the DLC.



 Crown of the Old Iron King Content




The entrance to the DLC has 4 stone tablets surrounding it, they each read something different.
They read the following:

    • "The forbidden is the path to the ancient king's domain"


    • "Trespassers will face adversity befitting a monarch"


    • "In the tower of the Old Iron King resides a Child of Dark"


    • "With water dry, and path amiss, woeful temptation is dismissed"

It is speculated that the Child of dark that is referred to in this may be another shard of Manus.


old_iron_crown_screenshot2_small.jpg old_iron_crown_screenshot3_small.jpg old_iron_crown_screenshot4_small.jpg
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old_iron_crown_screenshot11_small.jpg old_iron_crown_screenshot12_small.jpg old_iron_crown_screenshot13_small.jpg

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7 - iqqerZs screenshot.jpg

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    • Anonymous

      I kept playing DS2 because people said DLCs were better, and so I've reached this one. It's not better. I've beaten both Blue Smelter Demon and Fume Knight second try, so please don't bother spewing some cope bullshit like "mad because couldn't beat ***". Dark Souls 2 isn't that hard despite it very much trying to be harder than DS1. It reminds you of this at every step. Overall dogshit game, mediocre DLCs, coping and laughable fanbase.

      • Anonymous

        Recommend bringing a good bow for this DLC. There are a lot of places where you can take advantage of elevation and take out enemies at range/under ladders.

        • Anonymous

          The run back to Sir Alonne really makes me question if this game is worth playing. It's the typical Dark Souls content I've come to expect, more so tedious than challenging.

          It's clear what the devs are trying to do. They want that area to be co-op, so they make it very annoying to traverse alone. It's a ham handed attempt to stiff-arm you into playing the game how they want you to even if it's not interesting or compelling to do it that way. The bottom line is, they don't respect us and they are happy to waste our time on purpose. Sir Alonne is a really cool boss, but if I'm going to do chores I might as well do my laundry instead of killing Alonne Knights all day.

          • meanwhile: me:
            another chain? I'm going to it, a chest !, cool, wait for an invader? I found! why is he running? I'm going after ... MY GOD HAS A VERY ENEMY!

            • Anonymous


              PS, the crown fume knight gives you can be used to give back all the yearns you use.

              • Anonymous

                Some of the areas are flat out cancer, especially the room with the smelter warrior and idol with the warrior blocking the door.

                • Anonymous

                  The wheels and such on the roof are based on medieval construction technology, implying that Brume Tower is an incomplete structure.

                  • Anonymous

                    I can't find the dlc in the store and there isn't an option to quickly link to the page with the dlc. I need help because I have this same problem with the other dlcs.

                    • Anonymous

                      The description about the tablet in Manjula is wrong. I still get the "It's too worn" message. Do you have to get the keys to activate the text or is my game glitched?

                      • Anonymous

                        the texts on the walls should be read as thus:

                        "Forbidden is the path to the ancient King's domain."

                        "With water dry, and path amiss, woeful temptation is dismissed."

                        "In the tower of the Old Iron King resides a Child of Dark."

                        "Trespassers will face adversity befitting a monarch."

                        • Anonymous

                          difficult, very difficult, raged almost every single time, spent more than 7 hours just trying to finish this and still going

                          • Anonymous

                            Just finished this dlc fume knight was hell and only beat him cause of a lucky sunbro the smelter and samurai were wimps in comparison

                            • Anonymous

                              No other game or dlc drained my patience this dry for a really long time, they took the masochist meme way too far

                              • Anonymous

                                ended up rerolling characters because of the bosses in this dlc... went from mage to using a beefier ultra greatsword user. still difficult as all hell. Fume knight was easy enough relative to the other two...i wouldnt have beaten the last two without the summons. jesus, their damage and speed almost made me cry. seriously teared up because of their broken ass damage lol. my god i could go on done ranting.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Hard ass DLC. Sheesh, as a Souls veteran I'm not afraid to admit this DLC was VERY challenging and hyper aggressive. I'm not complaining, a few bad developer choices here and there. But yeah, this is definitely the hardest thing I've experienced in a Souls game thus far.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I would try it out before new game + for the opportunity to gain armor or weapons and begin upgrades mostly.. And to Iron King's question did you get the key (old Iron Key) from Forest of Fallen Giants bottom floor by the The Last Giant Boss and fire salamanders?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I have gotten the scholar of sin and completed the whole ga,e with the sunken king by defeating all bosses and talking to king venderick but it doesn't let me enter the dlc at iron keep just says closed what do I do

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I've noticed once you get the elevators working and go up two levels to a door that opens up to an Iron Warrior. After defeating him there are multiple doors in this corridor that open to, what I believe to be, an easter egg nodding towards Game of Thrones. Behind the doors are none other than the infamous sky cells Tyrion Lannister found himself visiting during his stay/trial at The Eyrie. Anyone else notice this?

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