Cale the Cartographer

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Health Souls Location Drops
860 ?? Forest of Fallen Giants Cale's Helm

Cale the Cartographer is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Cale the Cartographer Information

  • First found in a cave in the Forest of Fallen Giants (down the ladder at the second bonfire and through the hole with the tree root you have to run up). Talk to him and he will give you the key to the locked mansion near the pit in Majula. Exhaust his dialogue and he will move to the basement of the Majula mansion after you kill the skeleton(s) lurking below.
  • If you kill Cale before acquiring the House Key you will need to wait for his gravestone to appear at the site where he was digging. At the grave you will have to pay 3500 souls to speak to his ghost and get yourself the key.
  • If you wound Cale, but do not kill him. He will vanish as if killed and you will need to wait for his grave to show. This only works when he is in the basement. When you first encounter him in the Forest of Fallen Giants, wounding him (and not killing him) will not result in his death. He will still move to the basement after exhausting his dialogue.
  • Should Cale be killed before receiving his set of armor, he will drop his helm. You can get his helm by exhausting his dialogue after all the flames are lit! The rest of the armor can then be purchased from the Merchant Hag Melentia in Majula.
  • If provoked, he attacks the player with an Uchigatana.
  • Killing Cale before lighting all the flames on the map will make you unable to inherit his equipment (even if you revive him at his grave), thus making you unable to get the Curious Map achivement/trophy. Should this happen to you, the only way to get the achivement is to start a new game (or go through new game+), lighting all the flames on the map and without killing Cale.
  • After lighting all eight fires on his map, speak with him several times and eventually he will give the Cale's Set of armor as a gift. This will also unlock the 'Curious Map' trophy/achievement. To complete his quest you will need to:
    1. Kill The Last Giant
    2. Kill The Lost Sinner
    3. Kill Old Iron King
    4. Kill The Rotten
    5. Kill The Duke's Dear Freja
    6. Obtain King's Ring
    7. Kill Throne Watcher & Defender
    8. Obtain Ashen Mist Heart
  • Note: having the Ashen Mist Heart in your inventory is required to complete this quest, without it you won't receive his equipment even if all flames are lit on the map.




Forest of Fallen Giants. In a cave in the open area with giant roots and archers close to the Cardinal Tower bonfire. Talk to him until he gives you House Key, talk to him again and he will move to Majula.
Majula. In the basement of Majula mansion after you exhaust his dialogue, kill The Last Giant and kill all skeletons in the basement.




  1. Cale's Helm




- When first met in Forest of Fallen Giants
Oh, I'm sorry. I was just…daydreaming, I think.
My name is Cale. I am a traveller, like yourself.
I'm navigating the continent to create a map.

- When talking for a second time in Forest of Fallen Giants
Why cartography, you ask?
Well…That's a good question…
When I first came to this forsaken land…
…It was…um…hmm…?
Err…A curse…? Err…Something about a curse…
Hah hah…How embarrassing. I seem to be losing my focus these days.
But I do know one thing for certain. I have always been very fond of maps.

- When talking for a third time in Forest of Fallen Giants
I came to this land some time ago.
Drangleic, the lost kingdom… It sounded so romantic…
Have you seen Majula? There's a rather spacious mansion there.
I…I've made it my temporary home. A…As something of a squatter, I'm afraid.

- When talking for a fourth time in Forest of Fallen Giants
Inside the mansion, I found a strange map. Like none I'd ever seen.
I believe that it's a map of Drangleic.
Now I'm travelling the land to prove it.
Yes, yes, that's it! That's why I came to the kingdom!
Wait…No, that wasn't it…
Then what? I don't seem to recall…

- When talking for a fifth time in Forest of Fallen Giants
Were you looking for that map?
Wonderful! Then you're fascinated by maps, just like me?!
Shame on you, you should have told me before!
Here, take this! A key to the mansion!
What a joy to meet a kindred spirit out here…

- When talking for a sixth time in Forest of Fallen Giants
Incredible really, isn't it? Such a map, to be chiselled in stone…
Oh, but one thing…
I would not venture deep into the mansion.
I can't be certain, but… I've heard disturbing noises…
Something about it feels wrong… Just be careful, please.

- When talking for a seventh time in Forest of Fallen Giants
I'll be back in Majula soon.
Perhaps we will meet again, and discuss maps at our leisure!

- When talking for the first time in Majula
Oh! Hello again!
You've made it. The map, I presume?
Of course, take a good look!

- When talking again in Majula
Did you see the flame on the map?
It wasn't there when I came here before.
I don't know what explains it…

- When talking again in Majula
But there is something greatly comforting about that flame.
It seems to fulfil something very precious, deep within the soul…

- When talking again in Majula
I would not venture far into that hole.
It was blocked by a wall, something built long ago.
But it was crumbling, and I finished the job. Now a foul sound echoes within…

- When talking again in Majula
Even more flames have appeared.
I don't know what causes it.

- When talking in Majula after all flames on the map have been lit
It seems that all the flames have been lit.
It makes me feel…somehow…
Wait! What…am I doing here?
Who are you again?

- When talking in Majula after meeting Creighton once
Ah yes, there is something I wanted to tell you.
I was born in the land of Mirrah.
Mirrah is also the home of an infamous killer, a 'knight' in name alone.
He was locked in the dungeon for multiple murders. But shortly before his execution, he managed to escape.
And the other day… I saw a fellow with a striking likeness! And then!
And then…Wait…
Well…I think he looked rather similar…
N-no, it's true! I saw just such a man, I swear!
I believe his name was…Cr…Cr…err Cray-something…I believe…
They shared…some resemblance, I…I think…

- When giving equipment to the player
Fate brought us together for a reason.
Take these. And may they help you on your travels.

- When attacked but not aggroed
Watch it!
Stop that!

- When attacked and aggroed
I shan't die here!

- When killing the player
Are you…all right?

- When re-encountered after aggroing
Shoo, go away!

- When attacked and health is under 50%
How could you!

- When killed
My…my map…

- Unknown
That map…It's spellbinding..




  • ??
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      19 May 2020 08:43  

      It seemed like he tried to kill me with a boulder in the cave, so I was suspicious whether he'd end up betraying me somehow. Im disappointed in humanity.

      • Anonymous

        25 Nov 2018 09:32  

        So he never showed up I never hit or killed him and his headstone is not appearing which bonfire do I have to use a bonfire esthetic on?

        • Anonymous

          19 Oct 2017 15:59  

          Cake is my favorite character. He’s a foot soldier from Mirrah that somehow learns how to wield a katana! His armor looks cool too.

          • Anonymous

            08 Apr 2017 06:57  

            I have a bit of an issue. I used a bonfire ascetic at the far fire when he was in the old house. After that I have been unable to find him. Any Ideas?

            • Anonymous

              29 Aug 2016 04:59  

              So, I'm trying to get Navlaan's stuff done, there's only one rather big issue. Cale's helmet vanished from my inventory after I killed him and looted it. Aaanyone who knows how I can fix this, or am I just boned now?

              • Anonymous

                29 Aug 2016 04:59  

                To find him after you go halfway up the tree root jump onto the rooftops to your right and make your way towards the cave entrance across from you, once you enter be careful as a rock will tumble down Indiana Jones style from your left. He's located at the top of the cave system and you have to talk to him 3 or 4 times before he gives you the key. This guide decided to leave out about 20 *****ing steps in finding him which really pissed me off as I had no clue where he was after I was on the tree root. Hope this helps.

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