Titanite Shard


Titanite shard used to reinforce equipment. Reinforces equipment up to +3.
Titanite was discovered in an ancient layer of earth, and is said to be a gift of the gods. Titanite this size has very little power, but it is still a rare find."

Titanite Shard is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.






  • Can be bought from Blacksmith Lenigrast x10 at 800 souls.
  • Can be bought from Stone Trader Chloanne for 1000 souls. (Infinite supply after clearing Iron Keep.)
  • 1 is found in Majula, in a chest in Maughlin the Armourer's attic.
  • 3 can be found in Majula, in a chest on the Mansion's second floor.
  • 4 can be found inside the cave near the Skeleton Lords boss battle. The first one right after the bonfire behind the closed gate next to a curse jar, the other four after the portcullis, near the broken bridge.
  • 1 is found in a chest below the ballista room in Forest of the Fallen Giants, near the Cardinal Tower bonfire
  • 1 is found on a corpse Below the ruined building in front of a portcullis in Forest of the Fallen Giants, near Cale the Cartographer's location.
  • 1 is found on a corpse on the opposite side of the portcullis in Forest of the Fallen Giants, accessible from the Soldier's Rest bonfire.
  • 3 can be found on a body in the area before the Covetous Demon boss fight, where you jump into the grated area with the poison beetles.
  • 10 in Brume Tower. From the Upper Floor bonfire, huge the path then jump across the gap that contains an elevator. You will be in an area with several doors guarded by an Iron Warrior.
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Drops from:

  • Common drop from Undead Blacksmiths in Harvest Valley or Earthen Peak, near the second bonfire.
  • Common drop from Skeletons at the start of Harvest Valley.
  • Dropped by The villagers in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. (Lower drop rate than the Undead Blacksmiths, though there are more.)
  • Common drop from Crystal Lizard in Cardinal Tower bonfire in Forest of the Fallen Giants.

Weapon Cost:

Weapon 0 to +1 Weapon +1 to +2 Weapon +2 to +3
1 2 3

Armor Cost:

Armor 0 to +1 Armor +1 to +2 Armor +2 to +3
1 2 3


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    • Anonymous

      Got one to drop from the ogre in the river in the Forest Of Fallen Giants, near The Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire

      • Anonymous

        Why do they have more enemies that drop large shards than ones that drop regular ones, makes no sense to give so many ways of getting tier two when they’re supposed to be rarer

        • Anonymous

          Keep finding weapons I'd love to test out, but can't upgrade them because I'm not able to buy more yet. Was mislead into using more titanite shards to try out different weapons since I was able to buy large titanite shards so early on.. I played DSR and DS3 extensively and in those ones it's actually incremental which shards you can buy. The way it's set up in DS2 is annoying and doesn't make much sense. Why let people buy as many large ones as they want and then limit how many regular ones can be bought until way later in the game? Oh and farming isn't too reliable either unless you want to use a bonfire ascetic

          • Anonymous

            In SotfS at the "Crestfallen's Retreat" Bonfire. The Big Ass Troll drops Titanite Shards. Guranteed on the first kill. About 10% probably.

            • Anonymous

              I think you missed an area in majula that contains 3 titanite shards, in the map keepers home in majula, there is a chest upstairs that contains 3 shards.

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