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A quick overview

As this build uses mundane, any starter class can be used. Let's get it straight, how did I create this build? Firstly, I searched on the internet what seemed to be the most powerful weapons, the most effective, the most overpowered, etc... Some items clearly stated out of the line, even considering user's skill. These are the items I'll use for this build. You must be SL 148 at least, let's say you're level 150 (SM = +- 1M6 souls). I'm not saying it's the best build, but it's clearly a strong one. You can get all of the items on NG (first walk-through) using bonfire ascetic.


There are not good explanations out there so I'll give a little one here. This infusion greatly decreases base damage, removes the weapon stat scaling but adds another scaling that is based on your lowest stat. The point is that the new scaling is really strong. Your lowest stat is 20, the mundane scaling will give you a attack rating bonus of 170. You want to use the mundane infusion on weapons with bad base dammages and/or bad stat scaling (So you won't loose much but still wins the full mundane scaling).

Starting class

As said above, it doesn't matter.

The stats
The two main purposes were to have the lowest stat the higher possible (to get mundane damage the higher) and being able to dual wield a certain weapon (suspense !).

The armor

I choose the dark armor set because it has a nice skin (beat them with style :-D), it has a medium weight (25.2) and high dark resistance. It's nice because you'll meet a lot of hexers and with this armor, none can O.S. a few can two shot you and most of them will need 3 shots (I'm talking about GRS of course).

The rings

The two core rings you need are ring of the blades +2 and chloranthy ring +2. Do I really have to explain why? You'll have low base dammage, so any boost is greatly appreciated. Also, two shots of your dual wielded weapon will use something like 120% of your endurance. It is thus really important to recover fast to be able to roll away if you missed your target.
So, what to get as other rings? The most powerful you can get are illusory ring of a conqueror and illusory ring of the exalted. These two are really hard to get, especially the conqueror one, you can replace them with whatever please you but some nice ideas are Third Dragon Ring, southern ritual band or old leo ring. Their purpose is to overcome the weakness of the build.

The weapons

Everything must be infused with old mundane stone, except the sacred chime, we don't care about anything else than its weight : 0.5, the lowest possible.

MS makes you able to parry instantly. SD automatically converts riposte, guard break and back stab into a kill and it's easy to get one with this weapon, the frame is huge (ripost is 2000-2500 damage). if you don't expect to do a critical hit, stone soldier spear is a good spear to poke with being invisible or not (illusory ring). Be wary you'd most unlikely be able to stun lock with the spear, don't greed, just poke.

Avelyn, dual Avelyn, is maybe not the most powerful range attack, but surely the fastest possible O.S. you can get. No mage can trade with you, he'll be killed before his spell went out. At SL 150 (SM 1M6), around 80% of your opponents won't survive 6 bolts (1600-2000 damage). I suggest you use electric and dark bolts. I think it's the best combo to go through heavy armor or shields. Don't mind light and medium armor, you one shot them.


Sacred oath. It adds 50 attack rating and 75 armor. Again, you have low base damage but can hit many times so it's good to take.

You must use 5 skeptic's spice to be able to use it with the build. The best places to farm them is Bellfry Luna (3 spices and must kill gargoyles) and the first area of the shrine of Amana (2 spices but no boss).

How to use?

I hope you're not serious, it's like the easiest build to use. Just be careful with the endurance Avelyn uses (+- 60%) and the dual time (+- 1.5 second to dual wield so don't hesitate to use only one Avelyn if you can hit).

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