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  1. Head Bell Keeper Puppet
  2. Drifter Swordsman Aidel (NPC Summon)







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Shrine of Winter Walkthrough


The gate to Shrine of Winter will open once you've obtained the four Old Souls and lit four Primal Bonfires. The souls of The Rotten, The Lost Sinner, Old Iron King, and Duke's Dear Freja, need to be collected. However the Duke's Dear Freja does not necessarily need to die; when you speak to the Emerald Herald before the bridge to Drangleic Castle, she explains that the journey will be significantly harder. If you do choose to kill all four, be sure to "activate" the red orb in that boss room, after killing Freja. This red orb is actually the 'Great Soul' from the Freja, even if you kill her and light the Primal Bonfire, it won't meant anything unless you collect the Soul from the red orb.

Alternatively the above requirement may be bypassed by obtaining a certain amount of Soul Memory in your current playthrough. It is important to understand that this is not your total Soul Memory, but the Soul Memory obtained during your current NewGame playthrough. The number required to pass through the Shrine of Winter starts at 1,000,000, and increases by 1,000,000 for each successive NewGame, capping at 8,000,000 for NG+7. For example, If you start New Game++ with 3,000,000 Soul Memory you will be required to obtain another 3,000,000 to make it a gran total of 6,000,0000 Soul Memory for the Shrine of Winter to open in your current playthrough. Consuming hard souls from previous NewGames will contribute to the total Soul Memory required to pass through the Shrine of Winter in your current NewGame playthrough. 

NewGame State Souls Required
NewGame 1,000,000
NewGame+ 2,000,000
NewGame++ 3,000,000
NewGame+++ 4,000,000
NewGame+4 5,000,000
NewGame+5 6,000,000
NewGame+6 7,000,000
NewGame+7(cap) 8,000,000 

The Shrine

Inside the Shrine, you'll also find the portal that takes you to the Crown of the Ivory King DLC.

The path here is linear. After you go down the slope, turn right to pick up a Soul of a Hero. Head back and continue to follow the path until you approach two Roaming Soul and grab the Divine Blessing from the nearby corpse. Continue forward to find another corpse holding a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier, and a Human Effigy. After crossing the tunnel, follow the path up and defeat several Royal Soldiers. Note that the rain here is not only for visuals, but actually drenches you in water, which causes your fire resistance to rise, but your lightning resistance to fall, which should be remembered as some of the Soldiers will shoot lightning infused bolts at you. Behind the boulder ahead, you'll find a corpse containing 2x Holy Water Urn. Just before the bridge there will also find a Crystal Lizard, holding a very nice 3x Titanite Chunk, and a Titanite Slab. Follow the path across the bridge to reach Drangleic Castle.

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