Roaming Soul

Roaming Soul
HP NG: 900
NG+: 1,500
NG+7: ?
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Roaming Soul is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Roaming Soul Information

Guardian spirits lurking in the thick fog of the central Shaded Woods. Their identites are completely unknown as they barely maintain corporeal forms and are almost invisible against the mist. Are they fallen soldiers of a war long past, or the remnants of a clan that once dwelled in this ancient land?

Best fought using weapons with a wide arc of attack so that they can be hit easier. Player can not lock-on. Area of effect magic, such as Firestorm, is greatly helpful. There are two variants, one with a sword and dagger, and one with a crossbow and dagger. however, they can be marked with the hex Profound Still, if you lure them to the forest entrance.





  • Awestone (Company of Champions)
  • Souls: NG: 450 NG+: 900 NG+7: 1,800


Strategy Tips

  • --


Move Set

  • ??




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    • After getting the Eye of the Priestess from the DLC, you can now see all "ghosts" in the Shaded Woods/Ruins.

      You can farm them all for Awestones since it's easier to fight them now.

      • Anonymous

        They seem to be pretty resistant against Thrust attacks. They are giving me a hard time with lances while they are almost get one-hitted by my ultra greatswords.

        • As a caster I've found these scrolls work quite well against them.
          - Hexes: (50 int / 35 Faith, Dark Cathia Chime)
          - Scraps of life does around 230 damage and knocks them on their back
          - Darkstorm can kill them in 1-2 hits if enough black orbs hit them, and knocks them on their backs
          - Pyromancy: (+10 Pyro flame)
          - Lingering flame is quite useful here, as you can lure them into a trap. and can kill them in 2 hits, also knocks them on their backs
          - Miracles: (35 faith, +6 Lightning Bellevine)
          - Soul Appease is quite effective, it can kill them in 3 hits, and has quite good range, and can be cast relatively quickly.

          As a Meelee fighter, any weapon that has good poise damage, and a wide horizontal arc swing is a must.

          I'll check when they become targetable, as I think I was able to lock onto them, without the Eleum Loyce item.

          If you hate the area:
          - you can just run through it: stick to the left wall for the NPC merchant, stick to the right wall for the next area entrance
          - or use Ironclad chest armor, or Jester's Robes or use Gower's Ring of Protection to negate or lessen the backstab damage

          • Anonymous

            I'm fine being unable to see them 90% of the time, my problem is being unable to lock onto them. That part is a problem.

            • Anonymous

              I'm not sure if this is true for the rest of the enemies in the game but after I beat the game, I found that the ghosts in Shaded Ruins had gained physical bodies, allowing me to lock on and defeat them much easier.

              • Anonymous

                At least we don't need a Transient Curse to fight these things like the ones in the ruins of Old Anal Rodeo in DS1

                • Anonymous

                  this is literally really easy to pass by though, all you do is just follow the left or right wall and just follow it down, keep an eye on the floor and if need be, use a torch to see the floor easier, then you can pass over to the lions and stuff

                  • Anonymous

                    Well, Im not 100% Sure, but I also don't see any reguards to it. But I was playing through SotFS and after I'd gotten the priestess eye, these guys were visable. Not sure if its because of something I did, or because of the eye, but they sure are visable, and I was absolutly terrified when they weren't. You just expect them to always be invisable-ish, and you never go through that area more than maybe two or three times as is. Someone wanna confirm its not just me bugging out?

                    • (Can somebody please confirm this? I've been leaving markers for every roaring tree I've hit. I'm confident that I hit them all, and I'm positive that I killed all the mist-shrouded soldiers as well. Nothing's happened. PSN: Mighty_Konz)

                      (I tried this in NG+++ and nothing happened. Cleared all the enemies out and marked and hit every tree. Pretty sure this is inaccurate information. --Cav)

                      (I tried it on NG+ with no luck. As Cav stated, this information may be incorrect. Perhaps there are additional requirements? ~Moonlight Matthias)

                      (Does not seem to work in NG at all, even after killing all the enemies to the point of no respawn, also marked all the roaring trees. As far as other requirements go I have killed Nashandra and just about every boss, I've also completed nearly every NPC questline, so I am not sure what the other requirements may be, unless it's a NG+ thing. I'll be giving it a try with bonfire ascetics to see if that makes a difference in NG, since the other testing was all in NG+. -Kyadeli, PS3)

                      (Update: After spending the better part of an hour killing the Roaming Souls at Bonfire Intensity 2 in NG (all 14 of them), I spent another half an hour wandering around the forest hitting every large, roaring tree until it yelled at me, and another ten after that just wandering in search of this Washing Pole wielder. No luck. It may be a unique enemy to a higher NG+ similar to how you have to go to NG++ to get WoG and the Chaos spell outside of covenant rewards. -Kyadeli, PS3)

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