Cosplay PVE Build

icon-lvl.png 250 icon-vigor.png 40 icon-endurance.png 35 icon-vitality.png 22 icon-attunement.png 30
icon-strength.png 30 icon-dexterity.png 30 icon-adaptability.png 26 icon-intelligence.png 45 icon-faith.png 45

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls 2.

  • Build Name: Dark Swordsman
  • Starting Class: Swordsman
  • Starting Gift: Any
  • Build Focus: PvE


 Build Equipment

  • Right Hand 1: Longsword
  • Right Hand 2: Dark Melu Scimitars
  • Right Hand 3: Dark drake wing ultra great sword (Mytha's Bent Blade for backstabs)
  • Left Hand 1: Dragonrider Bow
  • Left Hand 2: Dark Melu Scimitars
  • Left Hand 3: Dark black witch staff
  • Head: Alonne's Helm
  • Chest: Bone King's Armor
  • Hands: Engraved Gauntlets
  • Legs: Executioner Leggings
  • Spells: Great heal( for pve) Dark weapon or resonant weapon Affinity......
  • Rings: Dark Clutch Ring, Ring of Steel Protection +2, Stone Ring, Third Dragon Ring (Preferable but not required since this build is for Cosplay)


 Build Strategy

This is a very heavy Dark base build feel free to change it up to your liking. i been using this build for a very long time. its pretty light good DEF. and a high DPS and if you are a very skilled player you can make this work easy :D. please keep in mind you can always change it to match your play style.
this build is use for PVE and PVP
weapons( you can choose your own weapons this what i used)

Author's Note:

Overall i really like this alot.if you have any improvements please make them.( all weapons armor,rings are max upgrades)


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