Straid of Olaphis

General Info
icon hp souls Location Drops
3,860 1,800 Lost Bastille Black Hood

Straid of Olaphis is an NPC in Dark Souls 2. Straid of Olaphis can be found petrified in a cell in the Lost Bastille. Once freed from his petrified state, Straid relocates to a room near the Straid's Cell bonfire in the same area. He is a powerful sorcerer from the ancient land of Olaphis, known for his expertise in magic and his disdain for the weak. Despite his gruff demeanor, Straid is a valuable ally to the player, offering them the ability to trade boss souls for unique weapons, spells, and equipment.


Straid of Olaphis Information in Dark Souls 2

  • There is a bonfire right behind Straid, which is accessible once you free him.. If you return to this bonfire at a later time, the mummies will respawn. You'll need to kill them, and Straid is leaning against the wall just to the right as you leave the jail cell.  The mummy aggro range is quite small, and if you carefully walk out from the bonfire while hugging the cell bars, you can talk to Straid without drawing any attention.
  • You can trade boss souls with him for Boss Soul Weapons.
  • Teaches you gesture Mock
  • You MUST have at least 3 Intelligence AND Faith for him to sell / trade with you (Not boostable). However, he will continue to talk to you and sell you things if you reallocate your Faith and/or Intelligence below a 3 with a Soul Vessel, as long as you talked to him with a 3+ Int at least once. May require minimum purchase or other condition.....
  • Talk to him after trading 4 boss souls and he will give you the Black Robe Set, which requires at least 16 Int to equip. The hood boosts your spell casting speed.
  • If Straid is killed, either by the mummies or by the player, he re at a cost of 14,000 souls. It'll take several visits for the gravestone to appear.
  • Drops Black Hood if killed.
  • The staff he wields is the Staff of Wisdom



Straid of Olaphis Encounters in Dark Souls 2

  • Lost Bastille. Located in the top of the tower closest to the entrance point to the Sinners' Rise, this NPC is initially found guarded by five Undead Citizens, and is petrified. In order to free him from his stony prison, a Fragrant Branch of Yore is required. Once freed, he is available to sell various sorceries, miracles, pyromancies, hexes, and the bonfire behind him becomes accessible.


Straid of Olaphis Drops in Dark Souls 2

  1. Black Hood


Straid of Olaphis Inventory in Dark Souls 2

Weapon Type Boss Soul Souls Notes
Warped Sword Weapon Flexile Sentry Soul 1,500 souls  
Arced Sword Weapon Flexile Sentry Soul 1,500 souls  
Giant Stone Axe Weapon Soul of the Last Giant 1,500 souls  
Barbed Club Weapon Flexile Sentry Soul 1,500 souls  
Gargoyle Bident Weapon Belfry Gargoyle Soul 1,500 souls  
Dragonrider's Halberd Weapon Dragonrider Soul 1,500 souls  
Roaring Halberd Weapon Skeleton Lord's Soul 1,500 souls  
Bone Scythe Weapon Covetous Demon Soul 1,500 souls  
Dragonrider Twinblade Weapon Dragonrider Soul 1,500 souls  
Dragonrider Bow Weapon Dragonrider Soul 1,500 souls  
Dragonrider Greatshield Weapon

Dragonrider Soul

1,500 souls  
Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword Weapon

Soul of The Pursuer

1,500 souls  
Pursuer's Greatshield Weapon

Soul of The Pursuer

1,500 souls  
Shield Crossbow Weapon Executioner's Chariot Soul 1,500 souls  
Smelter Sword Weapon

Smelter Demon Soul

1,500 souls  
Mytha's Bent Blade Weapon Mytha, the Baneful Queen Soul 1,500 souls  
Chariot Lance Weapon Executioner's Chariot Soul 1,500 souls  
Spotted Whip Weapon Demon of Song Soul 1,500 souls  
Toxic Mist Spell Royal Rat Vanguard Soul 1,500 souls  
Acid Surge Spell Royal Rat Authority Soul 1,500 souls  
Sacred Oath Spell Soul of Velstadt 3,000 souls  
Soul Shower Spell Scorpioness Najka Soul 1,500 souls  
Heavy Homing Soul Arrow Spell Ruin Sentinel Soul 1,500 souls  
Flame Weapon Spell Old Witch Soul 10,000 souls Defeat Lost Sinner NG+
Blinding Bolt Spell Old King Soul 10,000 souls Defeat Old Iron King NG+
Numbness Spell Old Dead One Soul 5,000 souls Defeat The Rotten NG+
Crystal Soul Spear Spell Old Paledrake Soul 10,000 souls Defeat Dukes Freja NG+
Lifedrain Patch Spell Darklurker Soul 5,000 souls Defeat Darklurker
Repel Spell Giant Lord Soul 5,000 souls  
Outcry Spell Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash 45,000 souls  
Sells Type
icon intelligence
Uses Slots Souls
Homing Soul Arrow Sorcery 25 10 1 6,500
Strong Magic Shield Sorcery 18 4 1 6,300
Cast Light Sorcery 14 4 1 3,000
Resplendent Life Miracle 25 2 2 4,500
  1. Unveil
Miracle 13 4 2 2,200
Sunlight blade (after clearing Undead Crypt) Miracle 36 1 1 12,400
Great Lightning Spear (after clearing Undead Crypt) Miracle 42 8 1 13,000

Dark Orb

Hex 12
20 1 600
Dark Hail Hex 19
8 2 1,500
Dark Fog Hex 25
4 2 5,200
Affinity Hex 40
8 3 11,500
Lingering Flame Pyromancy   4 2 6,700
Flame Swathe Pyromancy   2 1 9.500
Ring of Knowledge Ring 1x 28,000
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring Ring 1x 2,500
Agape Ring Ring 1x 5,000
Rouge Water Consumable 3x 3,000
Forlorn Hood (must kill Forlorn once) Armor 1x 3,600
Forlorn Chest (kill Forlorn twice) Armor 1x 9,000
Forlorn Gloves (kill Forlorn thrice) Armor 1x 6,300
Forlorn Boots (kill Forlorn 4 times) Armor 1x 7,200
Greatsword of the Forlorn (Kill Forlorn wielding this weapon after unlocking entire Forlorn Set) Weapon 1x 10,000
Scythe of The Forlorn (Kill Forlorn wielding this weapon after unlocking entire Forlorn Set) Weapon 1x 7,500



Straid of Olaphis Dialogue

- When first met
Still a bit stiff, I'm afraid. Heh heh heh…
I must thank you, young traveller.
I am Straid. A wandering sorcerer of sorts.
I've been a guest for a very long time. But I don't think that anybody will miss me!

- When the player has insufficient INT
Cursed one, you lack intelligence.
Weak, so terribly weak…
Heh heh heh…

- When the player has sufficient INT and FTH
Very good, very good indeed.
Cursed one, weak you may be, but I, Straid, will teach you my spells.

- When talking to open interaction menu, without a boss soul
Souls! I need souls! You cursed fool!
If you seek my strength, bring me souls!
Bigger, stronger souls! Heh heh…

- When talking to open interaction menu, with a boss soul
Well! This is a most peculiar soul.
Very good, very good indeed.
Unusual souls produce unusual spells. Heh heh heh…
Well! This is a most charming soul.
Very good, very good indeed.
My power is yours! Let it serve your desires! Heh heh heh…
Well! This is a most twisted soul.
Very good, very good indeed.
Prepare to peer straight into the heart of magic. Heh heh heh…

- When leaving, having used his services
Feeble cursed one!
Do you really think you can manage the glories that are my spells?

- When leaving, without having used his services
Feeble cursed one!
Let's hope the magnificence of my spells does not deter you! Heh heh!

- When walking off without closing the menu
Don't just walk off, cursed one. Heh heh…

- Using 'Talk' option

  1. So, how long was I sat petrified…
    Long enough for the old kingdom to have crumbled, I see.
    Long enough for Olaphis to rise, fall, and fade away, evidently.
    Why didn't anyone wake me sooner?! Heh heh…
  2. Drangleic… I've never heard the name.
    Is that what they call this place now?
    Hah hah…Very good, very good indeed.
  3. The cursed ones were imprisoned within this land.
    Of course, you came of your own free will. Heh heh…
    The people feared the cursed ones like a plague.
    Some people would rather keep dreadful things out of sight, out of mind.
    In the end they swept them up and corralled them here.
    So very typical of meek minds, don't you think?
  4. Once people became aware of their own frailty…
    They seized anybody they found undesirable, cursed or no, and impounded them here.
    Whoever posed even the slightest threat, was removed. All so that they could sleep better at night.
    They even turned the great Straid into a stone! Hah hah!
  5. Many kingdoms rose and fell on this tract of earth; mine was by no means the first.
    Anything that has a beginning also has an end. No flame, however brilliant, does not one day splutter and fade.
    But then, from the ashes, the flame reignites, and a new kingdom is born, sporting a new face.
    It is all a curse! Heh heh heh!
    And it is your cursed flesh that will inherit the flame. Heh heh…
  6. Pyromancy was created by the ancient witch of fire.
    She harnessed the power of flame, and melded it into pyromancy.
    The witch led her daughters into war against the Old Ones.
    But legends are legends.
    What are you prepared to believe? Heh heh…

- When giving equipment to the player
Cursed one, take these.
Put them on, and please, stop being so weak. Heh heh…

- When attacked but not aggroed
Heh heh heh…
How testy, little cursed one!
You dare challenge me? Heh heh…

- When attacked and aggroed
Weak, so terribly weak…

- When killing the player
Hah hah hah hah!

- When re-encountered after aggroing
Come back for more, little cursed one? Heh heh…

- When attacked and health is under 50%
Ooh, you're tough, cursed one! Heh heh…

- When killed
Very good, very good indeed.



Straid of Olaphis Trivia

  • It is heavily implied that Straid made the dispelling ring as the ring description says "There is only one sorcerer who could have done this; a man from the lost land of Olaphis.


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