Captain Drummond

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
2900 2,500 Memory of Vammar Dragleic Helm

Captain Drummond is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Captain Drummond Information




Memory of Vammar. Accessed through the Withered Tree by where you first meet Mild Mannered Pate, if you have the Ashen Mist Heart.
Memory of Jeigh. He can be summoned here after speaking with him in Memory of Vammar and exhausting all of his dialogue.




  1. Drangleic Helm




- When first meeting
What are you doing here?
You are not one of our soldiers. And I don't take you for a mercenary.
Whoever you are, this is no battle to involve yourself in.
Whether you are guided by bravery, or brashness, this is no place for you.

- When talking a second time
I am Drummond, and the Lord has placed this fort in my hands.
Whoever you are, I forgive your trespass. But leave this place immediately.
Just mention my name, and no man will challenge your exit.
And even if you don't, by now, my men have not the will to resist.

- When talking a third time
Soon, the Giants will descend upon this fort.
It is revenge, for the Kingdom's misguided barbarism.
The venerable Lord built this kingdom to bring prosperity to His subjects.
What has transformed him so, I can not imagine.

- When talking a fourth time
Long ago, the King crossed the seas, pillaged the land of Giants, and brought back a "prize".
It was then that the golems materialised.
The Giants are no ordinary barbarians. A singular rage burns within their hearts.
My father, and his father, both fought the Giants on this very land.
The Giants have wills of steel.
They cannot find it within themselves… To forgive the misdeeds of our lord.

- When talking a fifth time
Did you see him? That towering monster among them.
That is most certainly their King.
He will be a thing to topple, hah hah hah hah, even if I should die trying!
My blade may break, my arrows fall wide, but my will shall never be broken.
Those who live by the sword will die by it, and I, Drummond, won't go down without drawing mine!

- When talking a sixth time
Be gone with you, this fort will soon fall.
Be gone, before the Giants are entirely upon us.

- When giving equipment to the player
Take these. I think you may just need them.
Don't ask me why. I just do.

- When attacked but not aggroed
How dare you!
Enough with this madness!

- When attacked and aggroed
You dare to mock me!

- When killing the player
What a waste.

- When re-encountered after aggroing
Are you determined to die?

- When attacked and health is under 50%
Hmph! How very sporting!

- When killed
I..I am…bested…

- Unknown
Matters are settled…




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