Manscorpion Tark

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? 1,200 Shaded Woods Second Dragon Ring

Manscorpion Tark is an NPC in Dark Souls 2. Manscorpion Tark can be encountered in the Shaded Woods. He is a half-man, half-scorpion creature known as a "manscorpion," and is initially hostile towards the player. However, if the player has the Ring of Whispers, they can communicate with Tark and learn about his tragic past. Tark was once a proud warrior, but he was cursed and transformed into a manscorpion. 


Manscorpion Tark Information in Dark Souls 2


Manscorpion Tark Encounters in Dark Souls 2

Shaded Woods. From the Shaded Ruins bonfire, proceed straight ahead to the end of the bridge, then head left through the open doorway and climb the hill. Nearby to the left you will see a two storey ruined building, with cursed jars on both floors and in the basement. Clear the jars and head through the basement to a tunnel, which will take you to the room containing Tark.

Alternate route: Requres 2x Fragrant Branch of Yore. From the Shaded Ruins bonfire, climb the ramp next to the bonfire and turn 180 degrees so the player is facing the length of the bridge. Towards the left, the player can jump off, which will land them on a broken bridge. Proceed until finding a Lion Warrior statue - unpetrify it with the branch, then proceed past him to find the Body of Vengarl. After killing Vengarl, you will find a second Lion Warrior statue to unpetrify, which will open the way to Tark's room. This is much less dangerous than the other route as it allows the player to avoid any cursed jars, however this is also not an optimal use of Fragrant Branches, depending on the player's progression.

Note that summoning him as a Phantom removes him from his spawn location. Resting at a Bonfire will cause him to reappear.


Manscorpion Tark Drops in Dark Souls 2

  1. Second Dragon Ring


Manscorpion Tark Dialogue in Dark Souls 2 

- When attempting to speak to him without the Ring of Whispers equipped

- When speaking to him for the first time with the Ring of Whispers on
Human, are we?
This is no place for you. Be gone.

- When speaking the second time
Are you not afraid of me?
Humans rarely come here.
Those who do turn back when they see me.
Or make an attempt on my life.
But you, heh…are different.

- When speaking the third time
We once had a master. He created us long, long ago.
But he was born with a fatal flaw.
He resented those who had what he lacked, and became fully mired in hatred.
Eventually, he drove himself mad.
It was at the peak of this madness that he conjured up we strange creatures.

- When speaking the fourth time
Our master was a tragically lonely soul.
Eventually, his solitude eroded his very reason.
In the end, he never understood…
…what it was that he truly lacked.

- When speaking the fifth time
Nobody knows when we were born.
Or where our master has gone.
The only ones who even speak a human tongue are myself and my better half.

- When speaking the sixth time
I wish to ask a favour of you. I want you to kill my betrothed.
Once, I always found her at my side. But as time went on, things went awry.
She became violent, raging uncontrollably.
Eventually she came after me.
And we've been locked in combat ever since.

- When speaking to him the seventh time
We seem to be at a standstill. The wounds we exchange are never lethal.
I was born of my master's madness. Perhaps this is some curse.
I will be sure to assist you in return.

- When speaking the eight time
The past is a distant fog…
My name was Tark… That is all that I remember…

- When speaking to him after defeating Scorpioness Najka
You've defeated my better half.
This is my thanks. Take it.

- When speaking to him after defeating Najka
Long ago, there was a being with powers similar to ours.
The creature took the form of a spider.
But I don't know where it disappeared to.
Perhaps it was seduced by madness.

- When speaking to him after defeating The Duke's Dear Freja
What skill. You've defeated my master.
But our master never dies, only changes form, so that he may seethe for all eternity.
Brave human, you have yet to face your greatest perils.
Take these. May joy await you at the end of your travels.

- When speaking to him after defeating The Duke's Dear Freja and for future encounters
I have no gods to pray to.
But still I pray that your journey will be safe.

When attacked but not aggroed
Hrgkt! (no caption)
What are you doing!-

When attacked and aggroed
Have you been enslaved by madness?

- When attacked and health is under 50%
You wretched human!

- When killing the player
Foolish human…

- When rencountered after defeat
The mad will never be forgiven.

- When killed
Arrggh... (no caption)



Dark Souls 2 Manscorpion Tark Trivia

  • Manscorpion Tark trivia goes here…


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    • Anonymous

      Killed him on purpose. Balls to the ring of whispers. Gonna cheese the boss too. I'm a rebel - get used to it.

      • Anonymous

        his sign doesn't show up if you have the name engraved ring set to lord of blood, don't know if its for other gods as well.

        • Anonymous

          if you try to summon him with the name engraved ring set to lord of blood his sign doesnt show up. know know if its for other gods

          • Anonymous

            I killed him by accident. I saw a mutant dude, and immediately shot it with arrows because it looked like a mini boss. Man, I messed up big time

            • Anonymous

              Couldn't find this info anywhere.

              Does using a bonfire ascetic to respawn Duke's Dear Freja and killing it again award a second Black Scorpion Stinger from Tark?

              Or is it only possible to receive a second on actual NG+?

              • Anonymous

                The fact that so many people killed him thinking he was an enemy shows the mediam IQ of the souls fanbase is negative 10

                • Anonymous

                  How do you see this unique npc with no others around him, and before seeing if he even moves, shoot him even when you can't even lock on, and then continue shooting him...

                  • Anonymous

                    I came across big scorpion dude napping and didn't even let him go "hey!". I actually just googled "was I supposed to kill scorpion man ds2?" And it brought me here lol.

                    • Anonymous

                      Thanks to Tark, the Gyrm, and the Belltower Muppets, I had a dream where I was playing a Dark Souls game that had a race menu during character creation, like Warcraft. It was pretty cool

                      • Anonymous

                        tbh i think his master is aldia not seath. "he never dies, only changes form". and aldia keeps churning out these ugly weird creatures all over drangleic so it's pretty clear to me

                        • Anonymous

                          Something for the trivia section if someone feels like adding it.

                          Tarkus in Dark Souls 1 is likely based off the Emerson Lake and Palmer album cover called Tarkus depicting an armadillo tank. If you look at the whole original painting that the album covers based on, you'll see the armadillo tank and a manticore fighting each other.
                          The manticore reminds me of this guy, being a monstrosity with a scorpion tail.

                          Now i'm not saying this is fact or has any lore significance, but it's pretty convenient and cool. (Look up Tarkus in images)

                          • The Ring of Whispers is pretty pointless at it's base. It's just not useful since it doesn't reveal where an enemy is, just that there is one nearby. However, it is worth getting for this guy alone.

                            • Anonymous

                              I summoned him for Najka on my 2nd playthrough but he didn't give me the Dragon Ring right away so I just let Vengarl's body kill him. I wasn't gonna wait till Freja

                              • Anonymous

                                First time through the Woods and run across a giant half man, half scorpion you've never seen or heard of before? If you've played any other Fromsoft game, of course you're gonna think it's a dangerous enemy and kill it straightaway. Or at least, I did. Lol

                                • -Changed the Dialogues box.
                                  Previously it used Quotations marks to mark the words that Tark used.
                                  As well as fixing the amount of times the "When you use Talk" to specify when you get the dialogue
                                  -Added links to Najka and Dear Freja as well as the ring of Whispers in the dialogue

                                  • -Changed the Dialogues box.
                                    Previously it used Quotations marks to mark the words that Tark used.
                                    As well as fixing the amount of times the "When you use Talk" to specify when you get the dialogue
                                    -Added links to Najka and Dear Freja as well as the ring of Whispers in the dialogue

                                    • Anonymous

                                      He just disappeared when I used an ascetic at the shaded bonfire to get Najka's southern band ring. There goes my loot, I guess...

                                      • Anonymous

                                        so i just killed him without knowing he was an npc... whoops. does anyone know if using a bonfire ascetic will bring him back?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          "oh wow a manscorpion in what looks like an arena, finally a worthy foe!"
                                          "a message says ranged battle? weak!"
                                          *jumps on him and slashes him to pieces with muh dragnonslayer*
                                          *checks the wiki afterwards*


                                          • Anonymous

                                            I have a question. I just realised that he said he and Najka were created by a madman. We know that Aldia experimented in his Keep and eventually created abstract monstrosities. Were Tark and Najka also creations by him? It would make sense to me. I'm fairly new to DS2 so I'm currently figuring out lore. It would make sense to me.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              "Area with lots of cursed vessels" is really vague. Those things are everywhere. Does anyone have a more clear set of instructions?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I recently discovered that in the original game if you beat Najka solo on NG, then use a bonfire ascetic, you CANNOT summon him at NG+ level.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  "But our master never dies, only changes form, so that he may seethe for all eternity." Nice game of words here. He's definitely talking about Seath. "But he was born with a fatal flaw. He resented those who had what he lacked, and became fully mired in hatred" He's talking about Seath's lack of scales. "Eventually, he drove himself mad." What actually happened to Seath in his archives. Not to mention that Duke's (which was Seath's title) Dear Freja drops the Old Paledrake (another reference to Seath, who was white) Soul on NG+, which can be traded by the Moonlight Greatsword (acquired after cutting off Seath's tail in DS1).

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    this wiki is useless for example,

                                                    Shaded Woods. After the Shaded Ruins bonfire. When you enter THE AREA WITH LOTS OF , take a left. Tark can be found in a pit after going through the buildings here. lots of what ???

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      there was a writing on the floor saying sniper spot, yep I sniped the guy then followed the path with writings saying friend ahead and was greeted by one of those 1000 poise warriors. looks like this is the second friendly dude i killed (the other being the bug)

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Ok so this is what happened I talked to tark before the boss but when I got back from killing her with tark he was gone and after I killed the fredja he wasn't there either I want the ring and the branch please help

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          İ talked to him before bossfight and summoned him but he is gone from where i first talked to him and i really want that branch so where could he have gone?

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