Scorpioness Najka

scorpioness najka
HP 5,911 | 10,047 (NG+)
Weakness Thrust, Fire
Resistance Magic
Immune Poison
Respawn NO

The Scorpioness Najka is a Boss in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). Emerging from the misdeeds of an ancient entity, Najka carries a frail soul that swiftly succumbed to madness. In engagements with this boss, characterized by largely predictable maneuvers, players equipped for mobility or ranged combat face relatively minimal threats. Bosses are unique and challenging Enemies that drop Boss Souls capable of being transformed into powerful WeaponsSpells, and Items for the player.


Dark Souls 2 Scorpioness Najka Information 

Scorpioness Najka is a BOSS in Dark Souls 2. She is found in the Shaded Ruins area of the Shaded Woods. To reach this fight, one must pass by many of the curse jars and lion guards, and for that reason it is a good idea to summon a phantom to assist immediately at the Shaded Ruins bonfire.

This boss uses largely predictable moves and poses relatively little threat to mobile or ranged suited characters. Melee oriented characters will have to try to be patient and rely on timing to win. Besides the signature moves shown below, the Scorpioness can also use melee attacks using her staff or legs. These are extremely easy to dodge and do weak damage; as long as you do not stay in her relatively small hitbox for long, you can avoid them easily.

  • Najka was born of the misdeeds of an ancient being, a frail soul from the beginning, that soon succumbed to madness.


Scorpioness Najka Location in DKS2

  • Area boss of the Shaded Woods, accessed beyond the Shaded Ruins bonfire, to the right of a giant basilisk and under a large archway


DKS2 Scorpioness Najka Drops


Scorpioness Najka Attacks in DKS2



Counter Measures

Homing Soul Arrow Scorpioness channels a spell which generates 5 bolts of magical energy which then seek the target. These bolts do heavy damage but CAN be avoided. - Sprinting to sides is a viable option.
Sting (Both) Scorpioness attacks with both stingers at once and there will be a moderate delay (3-5 seconds) in which she is unable to act. If you are hit with this, she grabs you and will inflict Toxic as well as take off a decent portion of your health. (She also takes reduced damage during the animation or the recovery time.) - Roll/run back the moment she raises her tails.
Sting 1,2 Scorpioness attacks with one stinger, and then the other, followed by a short delay (1-3 seconds) where she is unable to act. May inflict Poison. - Roll/run back the moment she raises her tails.
Burrow Scorpioness burrows into the ground creating an effect that the player can see. If she contacts a player in this attack, she emerges and does HEAVY damage, also knocking the player prone. If a player is not contacted she will continue to burrow for ~15 seconds and emerge. In either case, there is a moderate delay after she emerges (3-5 seconds) and before she begins her next move. - She is seemingly unable to burrow through the stone chunk in the room, and if she contacts it she will resurface and be stunned for a few seconds.
Homing Soul Mass The Scorpioness will cast Homing Soul Mass, generating 5 homing Soul Masses above her. These will go off after a certain amount of time, firing 2 at first then after a second or two, the other 3 will fire. She will then charge into melee and attack (or may use magic), causing the soul masses to fire as well. Note that unlike the Homing Soul Mass available to the player, the masses summoned by the Scorpioness will shoot at you from any angle, not just if you are in front of her. - This can be avoided via dodging side to side, though it is difficult to dodge all 5

This can be avoided via dodging side to side, though it is difficult to dodge all 5. (These will go off after a certain amount of time as well, firing 2 at first then after a second or two the other 3 will fire.)
Tail Sweep Scorpioness curls her tail horizontally along her body and then performs a sweep, which does heavy damage if caught by the whole tail but little damage if just by the tip.
The arc is about 270 degrees.
- It is easy for one to roll/sprint back to evade the attack.
- If the player stands close to her body, the tail will not reach him/her.
Tail Smash (If player is attacking Scorpioness from behind) Scorpioness will raise her tail and smash the ground behind her 2-3 times. - Avoiding attacking her from behind prevents this attack from happening.

Souls Awarded

Bonfire Intensity Souls Awarded
1 23,000
2 46,000
3 57,500
4 63,250
5 69,000
6 74,750
7 80,500
8 92,000
  • No changes to souls awarded beyond Bonfire Intensity 8.


NPC Summons

Manscorpion Tark can be summoned for this fight, provided the player has exhausted his dialogue in the Shaded Ruins. In order to speak with him, the player will need the Ring of Whispers from Sweet Shalquoir. His summon sign is located near the fog gate, to the left in the circular clearing.
Bradley of the Old Guard can also be summoned for this fight. His summon sign is located at the bottom of the ramp that leads up to the fog gate. You need to have killed all the ghosts in the Shaded Runs at least once. (Doesn't have to be all in one go) (Scholar of the First Sin only).



Regardless of your build, you will generally want to stick close to her to prevent her firing off her powerful sorceries. Bait her attacks backing off slightly to avoid then strike ether after she stabs at you with her tails or after she takes at least 2 swings with her sword. Her staff attacks are faster but are easy to block allowing you to stay closer. As soon as she burrows run to the stone slab. This is safe from being burrowed underneath however her tail swings after she surfaces may hit you if you are not careful. If you have to face her spells a good roll will dodge the soul spear and the soulmass can be avoided by dashing to one side. If you have help ether from phantoms or from Tark, it is best if one person stays directly in front of the scorpioness at all times leaving the rest free to attack at will. She is weak to fire damage.
Summon Manscorpion Tark: He can tank most of the damage and allow you to attack ranged and stay mobile *If she uses spells on him, he won't last long*
You can find Manscorpion Tark's summon signature just outside the boss fog. You must speak to him with the Ring of Whispers equipped beforehand and exhaust all dialogue. After leaving the first bonfire in the shaded ruins, leading out to where you are facing the giant basilisk, turn around and go to your right where a lion warrior is facing the building you need to enter. You will find him there.
It is possible to ride on Najka once she landed her both tails on the floor, run onto her back with the help of her tail and she wouldn't react to you at all.


Dark Souls 2 Scorpioness Najka Video Strategies:




Scorpioness Najka Hints in Dark Souls 2

  • Her tails can be cut, thus limiting her attacks. It can be done by hitting her tails after she digs them in front of her as an attack attempt; each tail has about 1,000 hp. Note that this might actually not be the most wise thing to do, because her tail attacks leave her very vulnerable. So as long as you can dodge the attack, it might be wise to leave the tails on to create an opening for yourself. (SUBNOTE: If you do wish to cut off the tail, ONLY CUT OFF HER LEFT TAIL, it is her first tail launched, and the animation still counts it when she uses her tail grab attack, THIS GIVES YOU MORE REACTION TIME TO DODGE.)
  • As shown in the above solo melee strategy video, it is possible to cause Najka's AI to loop somewhat consistently. If the player positions themselves very close to her tail (right next to her scorpion body, about halfway between her torso and tail) it will cause her to try and attack with it; provided the player is close enough to her body, it can be very difficult for her to land any of these attacks, giving the player time to make a few quick hits before returning to this position. The loop is fairly consistent but if the player does not get back to the tail in time Najka will usually do a very quick 180 positioning herself face to face with you. (Confirmed)
  • The Golden Falcon Shield is a really good shield for this fight as it can absorb quite a bit of magic punishment making it easy to block her spells (though, with a low physical defense, not good for melee).
  • Magic Rebel's Greatshield works best on blocking her magic since it has 100% magic damage reduction, also with a high physical defense.
  • Within the arena you can see a corpse with an item on top of a tree. There is no way to get that corpse down other than having her hit that tree. So do that before you kill her.(Item: Flame Butterfly).
  • When she tunnels she is only able to move through the sand. There is a small stone segment on the far side of the arena, opposite the entry. Stand on top of it and when she resurfaces she will be stunned for a few seconds. (Confirmed)
  • If you have Manscorpion Tark assisting you in the fight, he will prevent Najka from burrowing underneath him which allows you to use him as a shield for that segment of the fight.
  • She is very weak against fire damage. Use Charcoal Pine Resin before entering the fight. You can reapply while she's burrowing, just stand on the stone platforms.




  • It is possible to get the fog wall disappear before starting the fight. After getting summoned several times as a white phantom, I had this happen:
  • Sometimes as a shade when the host challenges the boss, you will get the message saying that host has left the area and you will be sent back. Happened to me a few times.



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