Cosplay PVE Build

icon-lvl.png 150 icon-vigor.png 35 icon-endurance.png 35 icon-vitality.png 15 icon-attunement.png 2
icon-strength.png 25 icon-dexterity.png 50 icon-adaptability.png 32 icon-intelligence.png 1 icon-faith.png 8

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls 2.

  • Build Name: Ronin of Twin Blades
  • Starting Class: Bandit
  • Starting Gift: Bonfire Aesthetic
  • Build Focus: PvE


 Build Equipment

  • Right Hand 1: Bewitched Alonne Sword
  • Right Hand 2: Hand
  • Right Hand 3: Hand
  • Left Hand 1: Chaos Blade
  • Left Hand 2: Hand 
  • Left Hand 3: Hand 
  • Head: Alonne's Helm (Shadow Mask is a good alternative)
  • Chest: Alonne's Armor
  • Hands: Agdayne's Cuffs
  • Legs: Alonne's Leggings
  • Spells: None
  • RingsChloranthy Ring+2, Ring of Blades+2, Flynn's Ring, Third Dragon Ring (Preferable but not required since this build is for Cosplay)


 Build Strategy


You use your high adaptability and stamina to dodge any attack coming your way and punish with your chaos blade, using the longer sword to check those at a distance. Keep healing items on hand because of the chaos blade. An all around build good for pve and pvp 

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    • Anonymous

      I made some modifications to this build to optimize it. By choosing the swordsman as the starting class you can raise vit to 10 and get the maximum bonus from the flynn ring along with changing both swords out for 2 +10 blacksteel katanas. Also you could use the Alva set for slightly different stats, (I say different because there's only 1-2 points changed) for less weight.

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