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Ruin Sentinels are bosses and endgame enemies in Dark Souls 2. ruin_sentinels.png Very tall and lithe, the Ruin Sentinel is armored from head to toe in what looks to be bronze. It has a narrow helmet slit, giving it a something of a robot-like appearance. These enemies are extremely fast for their size, and come at the player with a variety of attacks, many notable for their wide hit potential. There are three named Ruin Sentinels, Alessia, Ricce, and Yahim, who make up the the boss fight in the Lost Bastille: three Sentinels fought in a room: one on the platform near the entrance, and two below on the ground. See the Ruin Sentinel page for boss fight details and other encounters.

HP: 2,330 (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: 33,000 (Standard Game)
Weakness(es): Lightning, Fire, Magic
Drops: Ruin Sentinel Soul




Counter Measures

Overhead Smash
The Sentinels hold their weapons two handed and performs an overhead attack. This attack has accurate tracking, which makes it hard to evade by just strafing left or right.
- Dodging could be a viable option.
- It's possible to sprint towards their back and land a few hits.
Thrust and Swing
The Sentinels do a thrust attack followed by a swing. The thrust attack has a long reach and may knock the Character down to the ground.
- Dodging could be a viable option.
- Blocking is a viable option.
Swing and Smash
The Sentinels performs a swing attack followed by an Overhead Smash attack.
- Dodging could be a viable option.
Spin Attack
The Sentinels perform a hammer spin attack. Take note that it is possible for all three sentinels to perform this at the same time.
- Your best bet is to Block with your shield and take the chip damage.
- Dodging this can be very hard, but if you have kept your distance, back-stepping until it's done is a safe option.
Throw Shield
This attack occurs randomly. The Sentinel will throw their shield at the player causing a lot of damage if the shield connects. It will drain a lot of stamina if blocked. However, if the attack misses, the shield will become lodged in the wall. They might throw a second shield (or possibly more).
- You may avoid this by moving out of the way after the shield has been thrown, so that you can see the trajectory.
Jumping (Ground) Attack
Lunge Attack
The Sentinel performs a two handed jump attack.
Alternatively, they may do a quicker version of the Jumping Attack (Lunge Attack). They lunge forward, spin while in the air, then come down with a downward smash.
Both of these moves smash the Character to the ground. Note that all sentinels might perform this attack at the same time. Only one attack will register if hit.
- Dodging could be a viable option.
Jumping Attack
This attack only occurs if the player is still on the above platform. The Sentinels will perform a jumping swing attack to reach the player.
- Dodging could be a viable option.
- Keep your distance from the edge of the platform. If it's coming from the front (of the fog door), go to the right, and vice versa.

Souls Awarded

Bonfire Intensity
Souls Awarded
  • No changes to souls awarded beyond Bonfire Intensity 8.

NPC Summons

Pilgrim Bellclaire can be summoned for this fight. Her summon sign is in the open cell along the right wall.
(SotFS) Felicia the Brave can be summoned as a shade for this fight. Her summon sign is next the operable gate leading to the cell corridor, on the side with the lever. Thus, one must either open the gate or take the long way around to get this summon.


The fight starts on a platform with one of the sentinels; the sentinel will immediately attack with an overhead attack, so rolling or running sideways (risky due to hitbox) is ideal to avoid the attack and punish the sentinel. Fighting him requires patience, and baiting his overhead smash is the safest method to dodge and punish--be wary of the camera and side way attacks. Then the second one will try to approach the platform; standing on the ledge will bait him into doing his jumping attack, and the player can back off to the wall behind to avoid it and punish it. It is highly suggested that players immediately capitalize on that and try to chip him before the other one attacks. After hitting the second sentinel twice, the player should jump off to avoid fighting them on the same ledge. The following part is the most challenging: fighting two at the same time. The key to fighting two opponents, generally, is staying in front of them and forcing them to not use dangerous long ranged attacks, and to make them attack and stay in recovery frames so that the player can punish them safely without getting hit, had the other one tried to attack the player while punishing the first opponents.

Keep in mind the Ruin Sentinels are extremely weak to both Blunt, and Magic damage. If you have any blunt weapon at your disposal (the Craftsman's Hammer from the chest under McDuff, for example), enchanting your weapon with Magic Weapon or simply using an Aromatic Ooze will give you a lot of extra damage so you can dispatch them with ease.

Easiest Way: Just prior to the grey mist, there is a spirit to summon in one of the cells containing a skeleton, which makes this fight significantly easier, as he casts Greater Soul Arrow repeatedly. After your destroy the first one, jump down and have one person tank the second one while 2 people attack the third one. If you can use lightning spells/weapons/weapon enhancements, use them because they are weak to lightning. Or simply kite the remaining two around while the spirit chips away at them, as with enough room and warning, avoiding the sentinels attacks is straightforward.

Bellclaire does all the work: Safe Requirements: Enough STR to two-hand a 100% physical block shield (8 for Drangleic Shield), summoning Pilgrim BellclaireEquip the Drangleic Sheild (or a 100% physical block shield, Drangleic is just the easiest to obtain along the way), and two-hand it. Enter the boss fog, block the first Sentinels attack, and then sit in a corner while blocking (lowering your block in between attacks, to regain stamina). Bellclaire will do her thing and blast the first Sentinel until it's dead.When the next two sentinels come down, jump down as well and simply do the same thing: get their attention, sit in the corner with your shield up, block the hits, and lower guard between attacks. You should be able to guard everything they throw at you. If they stamina break you, they both probably just attacked and will take a bit to prep themselves, giving you time to regen all your stamina. Bellclaire will get in range and start doing her thing, taking both sentinels down.This has worked flawlessly on many characters, usually involving taking 0 damage (except for fall damage). I have tested this with a Large Leather Shield (90% phys dmg, 40 stability), and lost about 800 health in total during the fight, so it can be done with a lighter shield. Just watch your health and heal when safe (after first sentinel/falling, and after a second sentinel dies).

  • Their lunging air attack leaves them quite open, however, dodging them early the moment they jump is advisable.
  • Use a fast weapon with small recovery e.g dagger, short sword, long sword, scimitar...etc.

Greatshield Strategy

If you acquired the Tower Greatshield from Cathedral of Blue a useful strategy for anyone with at least 15 STR is to 2-hand the shield and let the summonable NPC fight the Sentinels while you tank all of their hits. Since they only deal in physical attacks as long as you manage your stamina well you should be able to go the whole fight without taking damage as the shield has 100% physical block and high stability. If you lose aggro on any of the sentinels simply hit them with the shield until their focus turns to you.

Dark Hail Strategy

If you acquired Dark Hail, Dark Sunset Staff +5 and having at least 50 Intelligence and faith or above (both), it is possible to stagger within 3 blasts provided if all orbs hit the sentinel since each sentinel is counted as large enemies rather than huge bosses, Stone Ring and Abyss Seal may also help. however, it may only work at early NG to NG+2 (tested in Drangleic Castle encounter)

Craftsman's Hammer Strategy

The Craftsman's Hammer, which can be found in McDuff's area, is extremely effective against the ruin sentinels. Whether this is for all blunt weapons needs to be tested and confirmed. The use of this hammer and a 100% physical shield is dreadfully effective against the sentinels and allows for this to be a solo fight.

Drakewing Ultra Greatsword Strategy

Two handed strong attack executed from Drakewing Ultra Greatsword buffed with Dark Pine Resin can stagger Ruin Sentinels effortlessly.

Dual Malformed Skull Strategy

Powerstance strong attack executed with dual Raw Malformed Skulls can also stagger Ruin Sentinels effortlessly.

Video Strategies

Co-op(Fex, Cas and Dot)
NightHawk: Ruin Sentinels: Ranged, Sword & Board and Power Stance
Ruin Sentinels: Solo Melee guide (No Shield)
Melee/sorcery(two hand)
Miracles w/ Heide sword/shield
Melee(shield/two hand/SL1)
Melee 3-way Co-op
Step by Step Strategy Breakdown
(Fantasma702) Sorcerer's Guide SOLO
Bow only (NG+2)


  • The Sentinels in Drangleic Castle have less attacks than the ones in the Lost Bastille.
  • You can parry all the Sentinel's attacks, but for the jump attacks and spin attack, they will not be stunned, and if you parry the jump attacks, there is NO SOUND, and for the spin attack, the Sentinel's next spins in the attack will not do any damage.
  • If the player is a member of the Company of Champions covenant, they cannot summon the NPC mage to aid them in the fight; the summon sign will simply not appear. Abandoning the covenant will allow the summon sign to appear. See Online page for details.
  • Any of the three have a chance to randomly switch targets before a long range leaping attack. New target does not have to be causing damage or aggro. Keep this in mind when healing. (Needs confirmation)
  • Falling or jumping off the ledge before defeating the first sentinel will cause all three to attack the player.
  • There are 5 (4 on the first floor and 1 on the second, which is accessible from the room containing the ladder) illusory walls in the boss area, pressing X on PS3 or A on XBox 360 will reveal it: 1xTarget shield, 1x hush, 1x Rusted coin
  • Another strategy is to enchant a fast weapon with poison and get in some hits until the poison sets in. Since they have low health individually, you can play the defensive until the poison does its work.
  • This boss can be skipped if it's hard for newer players, but it is suggested that new players at least try to fight Ruin Sentinels before attempting this skip as they will encounter them again later. It requires defeating the Pursuer at Forest of Fallen Giants, Flexible Sentry at No Man's Wharf, and a Pharro's Lockstone. After defeating the Pursuer, take the bird's next to Lost Bastille. At Lost Bastille, take a left and follow the path until you obtain an Antiquated Key. Use the bonfire to travel to Lost Bastille's first bonfire. Head to the area where the two dogs are, passed the Heide Knight, and hit the planks on your right. Go through the locked door and follow this path until you come to an area with two chests. There will be a Pharro's Lockstone insertion on the wall right at the entrance on the right. Use it, hit the walls, and there should be an elevator (looks like a cage that you need to step inside) to reach to the top of Lost Bastille. This will send you to the area after the Ruin Sentinels fight. Make sure to get the Servant's Quarter's bonfire by heading downwards.
  • Scholar of the First Sin: To encounter this boss, a Fragrant Branch of Yore is required.

Drangleic Castle Encounter

See Drangleic Castle walkthrough for details on how to find this enemy. Once you enter the room with the Stone Soldiers, you must kill one next to each of the six doors in order to "soul-trigger" a door and gain access to each of the Sentinels. Once you trigger a door, it will automatically open, and the Sentinel will often aggro and attack. Each sentinel will stop respawning after being killed eleven times.

Drangleic Castle Sentinel

Weak to
Resistant to
Drangleic Castle
Lightning, Strike, Magic
NG Yes
NG+ No
Damage type
Status effect
Overhead Forward Slam
Often followed up by a 360 Degree Swipe, so watch out for that.
Jumping Forward Slam

Double Angled Swipe
Two attacks, one behind the other, each sweeping in an arc from high to low to high from one side to the other. If you can strafe or roll behind, the second swipe will often miss.
360 Degree Swipe
Single, horizontal swipe covering (completely?) 360 degrees around the enemy. Very tough to avoid.
Wild Spinning Attack
Sort of - causes invulnerability for rest of attack
Less common, the Sentinel will start to spin, simultaneously moving through the room. Shields up!
Ruin Set
Rare, esp. chest piece. Leggings seem to drop more often?
Uncommon-Rare Seems to drop about 15% of the time (Only when in Covenant of Champions)

Strategy tips
Type of character
Unless you are a very good dodge-roller, you'll be getting hit in these fights, so a %100 physical damage shield is recommended. Though the attacks themselves are fast, the Sentinels take a break between each attack, giving plenty of time for a hit, sometimes two. Luring them into the main room gives more room to fight, and gives you the option to retreat into the bonfire room -- they never followed me in there. Once all the doors are open, unless you want to fight more than one at a time, you need to be careful to avoid the line-of-site of the other waiting Sentinels. I was able to carefully use a range attack to pull one at a time from each room.
Shield turtling with 100% physical damage shield and circle-strafing is a reliable tactic. Strafing left seemed to work best for me. Get close, let the Sentinel attack, keep circling, and when the attack finishes, drop your shield and close from the rear. When they used the Double Angled Swipe attack, I could usually get two hits (with a halberd) between attacks; other attacks I could only get one and still get my shield up in time. Stamina management is crucial, and you'll periodically want to take a stamina regen rest between attacks.
Similiar to General, but once they take a break, immediately stagger the sentinel with 2-3 Dark Hail blast from zero distance.

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