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Frigid Outskirts  Map

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  1. Head of Vengarl
  2. Abbess Feeva






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  • Garrison Ward Key is needed to access this area. Access is at 5th bonfire, behind a locked door. where three hollows and one Rampart Golem are at outer wall. There is a bonfire and a coffin that takes player to the area.

Frigid Outskirts Walkthrough

This area is covered with a recurring blizzard, as well as Frozen Reindeer (Horse) spawning throughout the area, making navigation in this area extremely difficult even with the use of Prism Stone. It looks like the reindeer can be despawned permanently by killing them repeatedly--see the Frozen Reindeer page for tips on fighting them.

Conserve your Estus Flasks for the boss fight!! Try to use other healing items and healing Miracles as much as possible!

There are three buildings throughout the map with some loot; one of them about halfway to the boss contained a healing spring activated by a Pharros Lockstone. This was especially useful for healing NPC phantoms; although, you have to get them to stand down in the water. They have a mind of their own, but getting them to lock on to you helps: circle until their back is facing the spring, then walking toward it to make them back up into it. MUCH faster and cheaper than Great Heal.

Lud and Zallen are located in a clearing behind a fog gate, across a bridge, at the end of a fairly linear (from building to building) level. This path is generally to the left if you face the light. Going through the level, you should keep the light on your right side if you get disoriented in the storm, particularly after a reindeer attacks.

Hints & Tips

  • Basically there are 3 areas throughout the map where the horses will appear: 1) past the first ruin, 2) past the second ruin, 3) between the third ruin and the bridge to the fog gate. It doesn't matter where you are in that area, they will always spawn near you.
  • The horses will stop spawning at some point. (I killed about 17 horses after the first ruin until they stopped spawning, around 22 after the second ruin and roughly 30 right before the bridge. If you kill them one by one they are not that hard.)
  • If you wipe out all the horses, they won't respawn after dying or leaving the area.
  • The horses have a small chance (like 5%) of dropping a Petrified Dragon Bone.
  • Pass through this area can be hard, you just have to know one thing. The sun (the reflex that blinds you when is directly on your sight) is your guide; starting from the statues where you can summon phantoms, just follow the sun having it slightly to your right hand (at some point you will reach a wall, go forward close to it), following it will lead you to the right corner of the map (doesn't matter if you get lost, just find the sun and follow it), where the boxes and barrels mark the limit between you and the cliff; and there you go, follow the boxes (in the path there is a corpse with the ring of the living), turn to the right when you see the path to the fog gate (All the enemies will follow you to the fog gate, so be quick or kill them in the way). Also you can summon the phantoms for a little help, most of the times they will make it with full health.
  • Running to the Head of Vengarl and then moving in a straight linear path to across the area may be most effective. Vengarl will take aggro from some of the enemies and you don't waste time and on some cases hardly any health. Once you've made to the cliff, its the home stretch to the boss. You can wait for Vengarl (at the risk of enemies following you across the bridge) or go in and start the fight til he gets there. However, if Vengarl's health drops too low, or he dies, head back to the bonfire, due to the fact that the bosses will be stronger and you will have no support. Or simply find a friend to summon with.
  • It is possible to pass through this area in complete stealth without fighting anything. This is achieved by using chameleon/silver talismans to transform into an object, as such the horses will not aggro when the blizzard causes them to spawn so long as you stand still when the storm kicks up. They also don't seem to aggro if you move as slow as physically possible and keep a respectable distance from them, but be careful not to bump into freshly spawned ones in the blizzard and keep your distance from the roaming hollows, they tend to bump into you as they wander around. Warning: this method is painfully slow

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