Frozen Reindeer

HP 1,900/2200
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Frozen Reindeer is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Frozen Reindeer Information

A horse like creature made from ice crystals, with the horns of an antelope.

These enemies spawn at fixed points (quitting and reloading will cause them to respawn and rush at you from the exact same point; this method also confirms that there is a random chance of them spawning two at a time from the same point).






Strategy Tips

  • These enemies seem to be weak to Strike damage. A Dark infused Sacred Chime Hammer hit for ~800 damage on NG+, killing them in 3 hits.
    These enemies can be staggered with two hits from a Great Hammers (total 120 poise damage).
    The moonlight knight on GameFAQs points out that they can be pancaked with a downward great hammer attack (a la Large Club and Great Club 2HR2), provided the Stone Ring is used--but only when soloing!! I have confirmed this. (I digress. I had Vengarl and Abbess, I could "pancake" them without the stone ring, and with summons.)
    Edit: I this too, though didn't try with summons. I also tested infused versions with large club, and the reindeer seemed to be weak against dark (739 dmg with rob+1 and flynn's on sl 1) when lightning infused did barely over 500.
    Roll AWAY from the charging attack, not into it, as is usually the case with charging attacks.
    Edit by Loghriff: Try the Santier's spear with stone ring to stun to the death (just spam two-handed R1 with a sufficient amount of stamina). Tested on NG+ with a raw +5 Santier.

  • Their evades will do damage if they jump into a player.
    They only spawn when the blizzard picks up, so that the player generally can't anticipate from where they will attack. Killing enough reindeer in each area will cause them to stop spawning entirely, making the way to the boss considerably less dangerous. The stretch between the 3rd building and the area boss seems to have three spawn zones, making them spawn very frequently requiring more kills in the area than usual to stop their spawning.
    One reindeer spawns per spawn point per blizzard. If you take too long to kill a reindeer, when the blizzard picks up again, another will spawn from the same spawn point.
    - Note on spawning. There is are 2 spawn zones between the 1st and 2nd building, one zone close to each building along the way between them. There are another 2 zones between the 2nd and 3rd buildings, the first zone is closest to the second building, the second zone is a little over 3/4 the way there. There are 3 spawn zones between the 3rd building and the ramp down to the ice bridge at regular intervals.
  • Casting Heavenly Thunder nearby while they are fighting another player is mildly effective at wearing down their health, due to their largeness.


Move Set

  • Headbutt
  • Horn Swipe
  • Horn Swipe - Lightning
  • Buck
  • Lightning Field
  • Evade - Headbutt
  • Evade - Lightning Orb
  • Evade - Tour



  • --


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    • Anonymous

      28 Jul 2021 05:06  

      Imagine that these reindeer enemy's where having a alone knight riding them, and that there stepping of the reindeer, so that it could gank you with that reindeer everytime it smashed into you with it's charge attack. while also being accompanied everytime one spawns by one of those masked manikins.

      I Would have nightmares for days.

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2021 16:33  

        Fire smelter hammer +10 with 41 strength two hand R2 does pancake and almost Two shots. Wait for the get up or you'll have a very "pointless..." second swing. If you don't have a smelter hammer, do recommend farming.

        • Anonymous

          16 Apr 2021 19:15  

          Anyone who decided to put those ****heads in the most confusing and big level of the game needs to be fired

          • Anonymous

            06 Apr 2021 00:49  

            This place is STOOPIT. Anyway. Follow the glare, hit the wall, hug it, keeping your right shoulder to it at all times. This way you will only have one flank to worry about. You'll get there eventually, after having killed three or four hell horses. Learn how to roll away the headbutt or block it... it's half the fight.

            • 19 Dec 2020 16:31  

              Headbutt is the key for killing them.
              I used Gyrm Shield +8 for the tactics below and Greatsword +10 (respectively magic and dark infused but i think it didn't matter).
              ----> When the storm starts and you expect one to appear soon, get prererably full stamina, guard yourself with a shield and listen to the direction it's coming from.
              Then let it ram into the shield and get stunned for a sec. Immidiately use this time to R2 it once.
              After this strong attack it may get stunned again or it jumps away. In any case, you need to avoid all its next attacks (and refrain from attacking too) and replenish the more stamina the better for the next time it does the headbutt.
              Another headbutt, R2 and R1, reindeer dead.

              • Anonymous

                29 Jul 2020 04:39  

                After trying out the pancake method to really disappointing effect I can say that using +5 raw santier's spear 2H light atk spam was BY FAR a much more effective n satisfying form of revenge on these ****y *******s. With 2 summons (vengarl + feeva), n a lil caution n it's cake.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Jul 2020 04:39  

                  After trying the pancake method to really disappointing effect I can say that +5 raw santier's spear 2H light atk spam was BY FAR the much more effective and satisfying revenge on these ****y *******s. With 2 summons (vengarl + feeva) n a lil caution n it's cake.

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Jul 2020 09:21  

                    Honestly they could've made these things much more easy to deal with. They could've given any hint of a safe zone out of their Spawn range (you know, cast guidance miracle to see hidden messages outside the buildings in the blizzard) or a freckin map! It's not to bad to traverse this place when you know it's layout but I can't for the love of me, figure out where their Spawn points are. Oh, and remove the ability to always poisbreak me to the ground so I look like I'm getting r@ped by these like the horse demon from berserk.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Jul 2020 22:41  

                      After trying out the pancake method to really disappointing effect I can say that using +5 raw santier's spear 2H light atk spam was BY FAR a much more effective n satisfying form of revenge on these ***** ********. Couple of phantoms, lil bit of caution, n it's cake.

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