Silver Talisman


A tiny charm embedded with imitative magic. Use to transform into something to blend in.
Use this talisman to hide from invaders. Only provides the most superficial camouflage, but sometimes that is enough to do the trick.

Silver Talisman is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Transform into an object in the current environment, similarly to the Chameleon spell.





  • You will break camouflage if you roll, interact, use items, gesture, or take damage. You can however operate summon signs without breaking camouflauge.
  • You can still block while camouflaged as long as you don't get your guard broken.
  • Falling will not break camouflage so long as your character does not roll when they land. ( only happens from falling from a high enough height.)
  • You can still sprint.
  • You will break camouflage if going from one area to the next. Ex: Majula >> Forest of Fallen Giants.
  • NPC summons are not fooled by invaders using silver talismans, and will attack them when in range.
  • Not all areas will have the same set of objects you may transform into. Some areas will allow you to blend as a rock or crates, while other areas you will blend as pottery or paintings.
  • If you use this talisman in Shrine of Amana you will turn into Elizabeth Mushroom (Proof)

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