Dual Avelyn Faraam

HP ??
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Dual Avelyn Faraam is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Dual Avelyn Faraam Information

An NPC phantom that appears in the Frigid Outskirts near the Pharros water pool ruin. He wears the full Faraam Set and is equiped with a Longsword in the right hand and a Puzzling Stone Sword in the left. Be wary since he also wields two Avelyns for ranged attacks.






Strategy Tips

  • --


Move Set

  • Regular one-handed sword attacks
  • Left handed strong attack



  • --


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      Hi everybody, I'm trying to find out how to change the title 'Dual Avelyn Faraam' into something like Faraam Warrior since this seems more appropriate and understandable (no offence). Or maybe someone else a suggestion for how to call this enemy? Let me know your thoughts and I hope someone is able to change the title and edit te page some more.

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