Amber Herb


An annual herb with an amber color so deep, it gives the impression of luminescence. Restores a small number of uses.
It is the mistaken belief of many that the flowers of this herb do not blossom. However, small white flowers do blossom during dusk when the moon is visible."

Amber Herb is a type of healing consumable in Dark Souls 2.




Restorative item.

  • When consumed, it restores (unknown) spell uses for all currently attuned spells. (Likely 25-35%)




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    • Anonymous

      I just farm wilted dusk herbs. Either through the memory or join company of champions for infinite respawn and body the desert sorcerres

      • Anonymous

        A good addition to this page may be that equipping Northern Ritual Band before using Amber Herbs (or any spell restoring herb) increases the amount of spell usages it restores, since it's percentage based. For example: Spells with only 2 base uses like Repair, get 2 uses restored from just an Amber Herb when equipping Northern Ritual Band +1. Very useful strategy while soul farming.

        • Anonymous

          Sold by Weaponsmith Ornifex for 1,600 souls in limited quantity (unlimited after killing Nashandra, but not in SOFS). I'm not a mage myself, but way to f*ck over mages in SotFS.

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