Token of Spite

token of spite

Token recognizing that the owner has traveled worlds to defeat others.
When used, you are more likely to summon invaders from other worlds for a period of time.

Token of Spite is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2)Token of Spite, a mark acknowledging that the possessor has journeyed across worlds to vanquish adversaries. Upon use, it heightens the probability of summoning invaders from alternate realms for a duration. Employing it slightly augments the likelihood of encountering invasions. Multiplayer Items allow players to interact with each other in various ways, including leaving messages for other players to read, co-operative gameplay and competitive gameplay like PVP.


Token recognizing that the owner has traveled worlds to defeat others. When used, you are more likely to summon invaders from other worlds for a period of time. Simply carrying these tokens shows the bitterness of the grudges the holder has accumulated.


Dark Souls 2 Token of Spite Usage

  • Use slightly increases your chance of being invaded.
  • Can be used in statue bowls in Undead Purgatory to duel other Brotherhood of Blood covenant members.
  • Note: It does not consume the Token of Spite, one just needs to be in your inventory.


Token of Spite Location in DKS2

  • At the bottom of the Majula well, after the tunnel with the 3 mummies, climb down all the ladders and find it in a chest(right before the gutter)
    • Careful: If you destroy the chest before opening it, it will not have the Token of Spite, instead, you will get rubbish.
    • The item will respawn for every NG cycle. You can use a Bonfire Ascetic at the Grave Entrance bonfire for this purpose.
  • Can also be obtained by killing a host or blue arbiter during an invasion as a red phantom.
  • Heide's Tower of Flame, NG+, can drop from Black Phantom at the platform before the Boss, Dragonrider.


Dark Souls 2 Token of Spite Notes and Tips

  • If you wish to join the Brotherhood of Blood, you must have one of these in your inventory upon talking to Titchy Gren in the Undead Purgatory.
  • Other Notes and Tips go here.




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    • Anonymous

      I used to idle in Iron Keep, Huntman's Copse, and Drangleic Castle with the Token of Spite activate and not get anybody invade for upwards of 8 hours. This item is worthless because nobody invades with Cracked Red Eye Orbs in Dark Souls II. They either invade as part of the Bell Keeper covenant, duel in the covenant arenas, or use a Red Sign Soapstone on the bridge in Iron Keep.

      • Anonymous

        Playing offline, the one chest i accidentally destroy via misclick with twinblade and of course its the one that contains the only token of spite in the entire game you can get without NG, online play, or an ascetic so now i have to waste an ascetic

        • Anonymous

          Nothing like looking at your collection of almost infinite tokens of spite and sighing because you still don't have that red aura, Honestly screw arena farming. I Ain't spending time to get 500 wins in there.even if I won every single duel.
          Invading with orbs is way more fun out of the panic that the hosts get and variety of battlefields

          • Anonymous

            I'd really like to know how these invaders either turn invisible or manage to completely ditch the red aura. I've had several manage to appear out of nowhere and backstab me despite me watching the only possible entrance to a room like a hawk. And then they have the gall to do their little celebration dance like they actually achieved something.

            • Anonymous

              Am I the only one who thinks the Brotherhood of Blood rank should clearly have been tied to these? You get orbs for winning duels which allows you to invade which if you win gives you tokens to advance in the guild. The win/ loss thing is just awful, grindy and encourages going for the cheapest build possible to avoid losses. Even if they just made it so that losing doesn't set you back, that would have been preferable to needing hundreds of wins in a row bare minimum.

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