Great Heal

great heal
Spell Type



28 Faith

icon attunementSlots Used

1 Slot

Spell Uses



Large AoE Healing Spell.
Stand within a few feet of caster to receive healing.

Great Heal is a Miracle in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Miracle, you must use a chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracle.



"A glorious miracle only accessible to a small
minority of clerics. Greatly restores HP.

Only a select few have learned to recite this
epic romance in its entirety, but those who do
are amply rewarded."

Acquired From



  • The range of this spell is indicated by the circle it creates when cast. This spell is the second largest AoE heal next to Soothing Sunlight. Very useful in Co-Op.
    Restores a Large amount of health (more than Soothing Sunlight but has a shorter range) to the caster and allies within the cast radius.
  • Allies have about 2 seconds to get inside it's range after you finish casting it in order to also receive the bonus (Holding the casting key allows you to perform the first half of the animation and then pause until players are close enough).
  • There is a way to receive this spell twice in a play-through with only the 'Grave of Saints' In order to do so complete the Grave of Saints before having Gilligan place the large ladder. Upon doing this the whole of the Grave of Saints was reset, except for the Royal Rat Vanguard, allowing the spell, and other items to be obtained twice. (note: this needs to be confirmed, i just tried and it did not work for me)
    Alternately, you can use a Bonfire Ascetic on the Grave Entrance bonfire to get extra copies. Requires defeating the Rat Vanguard and his mob every time.
    Casting speed is slightly slower than Great Heal Excerpt.
  • Fourth Cast is given at 32 attunement.


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